Exporting to EndNote from Ovid databases such as Medline

This video will show you how to export references
from Ovid databases into your EndNote library. In this video we will use Medline, but the
same principles apply to all other Ovid databases, including PsycINFO and Embase. First of all make sure you have an Endnote library open. Go to the Library homepage or to the IT and Libraries tab in the Portal. In the search box type Medline or the database you want to search. Medline should be your first result, click on the link and this will take you through to the resource. After entering your ISS username and password you’ll be taken to a list of the Ovid databases we subscribe to. Select the database you want to enter today we’re using Ovid Medline. You should now be on Medline’s advanced
search screen Enter a search term into the search box, and click Search When your results list appears, you can choose which results you want to keep. You
can tick individual results or tick the box to the top left of your list of results to
export all of them. This isn’t always possible if you have a very large number of results. For this example, I’m going to export the first five results. Click on the Export option on the bar above your main list of results. This should open
a window. Click on the drop-down menu called Export to and choose EndNote.
Under Select Fields to Display, choose how much of each reference you want to keep. For
this exercise, I’m going to choose Citation + Abstract. This will export
details of the author, title and source of your results, as well as the summary paragraph.
Then click Export Citation(s). This will import your results into your Endnote library If you are ever prompted for an import filter,
you need to scroll down the list you are presented with and select the database you are using,
e.g. Medline (Ovid). Instructions on import filters can be found on p152 of the Endnote
manual which is on the library Endnote support pages.

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