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hey everyone Boone here from premium beat.com today I'm going to show you how you can export YouTube ready caption files directly from within Premiere Pro let's get started so you have a variety of different methods that you can add subtitles or captions to a YouTube video and a lot of those methods take place on youtubes website but I want to show you how you can add captions within Premiere Pro and then when you export your video it's going to export a little file that you can simply upload to your YouTube channel so let me show you how we can achieve this so I have a test clip here it's just me talking for about 11 seconds so let's have a listen hello my name is Jason Boone this is test of subtitles in YouTube so now I'm going to talk really really fast I'm talking really really fast how do the subtitles look okay so there's a couple of things I want to see I want to add my captions here and I a couple of different spaces here because I want to see exactly how if I can leave some space and how these subtitles are going to look on once we're all on YouTube so let's go ahead and start to create our caption file so the first thing you need to do is click the new item button and you'll see there's a captions option right here so I'll click on captions now not to dive too deep into all the technical jargon here but you have four different options now the two main ones that you can use are cea-608 or the teletext I've had some problems using the 708 and I haven't really found a way to use open captions but both of these other options work so I'm gonna go ahead and stick it stay with a default of 608 I don't need to change anything else I can select okay and now I'm going to grab this caption file and drag it straight down here over top and then I'm going to drag it out to the length of my clip here and now you can see we have one little section here and this is basically one section of subtitles so let me show you how you can work with this I'm gonna double click the caption file that's going to bring up the captions window and now I can start to type in here so let's take a look hello my name is Jason Boone so let's just start to type these in here hello my name it's Jason Boone and now that sentence ends right here so I can drag the edge of this first subtitle and then play right there now working with captions can be a little confusing because if you look right now you're not seeing it on the program monitor let me close this you're not seeing anything but my caption files here everything's turned on so what you have to do is go to this little settings wrench button here and then there's a closed captions display you click enable and I'm still seeing nothing well you have to go back and then you have to adjust the settings and okay 608 that's set correctly now we might just need to refresh it oh there we go but sometimes if it's not set – you have to actually specify so if I were to pick 708 you have to specify it otherwise it won't show you it won't even display those so now I see my captions that I can continue I'm gonna double click here and now I'm gonna add my second caption here boom this is test of subtitles in YouTube this is test subtitles in YouTube I could grab here drag this out Jason Boone this is test of subtitles in YouTube okay now one thing I want to make note of I type this in and we're seeing it's running off here and we can't see the edge of it now if we were doing a burn in which a burnin is when we export this we can have weakened there's a button we can press in export settings where we can have this burn in and you'll see it you won't have an option to click it it's just going to show you the titles up on screen at all times so we don't want to do that but if we did want to do that we'd have to reformat this but for the purposes of this video and for the purposes of what we're doing exporting a file for YouTube this is really irrelevant so you don't have to reformat this unless you're doing a burnin or unless you're sending this to an actual broadcast TV station so if I were wanting to change this I could just go in here and hit enter and you'll see it'll reform out here but again I don't have to do that if I don't want to okay in YouTube so now I'm gonna talk it okay so then I said so now I'm gonna talk okay let's see here I'm gonna move this one over here you can see it can move these around pretty easily so now I'm gonna talk really really fast I'm talking and I want to leave this gap here just as an experiment to see how it turns out I've seen make sure everything works smoothly once I'm inside YouTube and for our last one let's see what I say really really fast I'm talking really really fast how did this up really really fast I'm talking really really fast really really fast I'm talking really really fast again look here it's running off but we don't have to worry about that because we're exporting this as a file and it would be just fine fast how did the subtitles look in fact to illustrate this I'm gonna just add all the rest of the text here how did the subtitles look okay so our captions are ready we have four different ones here on our caption file now another thing when working with captions is you have to worry about the export settings okay so let's say I'm exporting this for YouTube I'm going to go down here and select YouTube 1080p HD and if you look here there's a captions tab it might default a video but if you go select captions it's not exporting any captions right now so if I just export this it's gonna totally ignore my captions so I need to drop this down and I have two options as before I said I can burn the captions into my video which is going to keep it's going to show the subtitles up at all times but we don't want that we just want to create a sidecar file now I'll provide a link in the article here in the tutorial the description of this video that will show you link you to all of the formats that YouTube accepts one of the main ones is SRT so I'm going to switch the file format to SRT and this can be left alone and now I will go ahead and export this okay the export is complete if I go over here and look I have my mp4 file that's ready to be uploaded to YouTube and then I have an SRT file here that's ready as well so now let's go over to YouTube and see what we have to do okay I'm inside YouTube now and I have I'm in my video editor if you look over here there's a button for subtitles and closed captioning I'm going to click on that and now in this window we can see add new subtitles or closed captions I'm going to drop this down and select English this brings us to a separate window here and if you look I'm going to select cancel it's asking us to upload the file here I'm going to select cancel if you look here there's something that some of these subtitles have been automatically generated and if you look there's this cool editor where we can retime this and we can manually type these in but I don't want to do that I want to go ahead and upload our file that we created so I'm gonna click upload file and it gives us a warning that it's going to overwrite what we have already which is just fine so now I'm going to select subtitles file choose file and now I'll grab that SRT file open and then upload and now you can see I have the four different caption files here and there in our timeline here so now let's have a look hello my name is Jason Boone this is test of subtitles in YouTube so now I'm gonna talk really really fast I'm talking really really fast how did the subtitles look okay and just as I said before on the captions within Premiere Pro the the titles ran off and the formatting was bad but here once I uploaded the file the information looks good here and if I need to make any changes I can just click on one and change this here add an S and now I'll select Save Changes and everything is good to go I hope you enjoyed the tutorial be sure to check out premium beat for high-quality royalty free music and sound effects for all of your media in video projects

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  1. I were frustrated because my subtitles were cut off, but you explained how to correct that. Thank You very much

  2. Mate thanks for your tutorial, I am trying to keep the text in the center and I can do it but when I return to check it, it comes back to the old position, do you know why?

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