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Hey guys and welcome to our new flight report. Today we’ll fly with Finnair with the A330-300 from Helsinki to Chicago in business class Before that, we got here with Finnair with the A321. It was a very interesting flight The video is already online. Just click on the “I” and you can watch it. Now we’ll go to the lounge of Finnair but just if it’s not overcrowded there. That’s because I had read before that it’s going to be very crowded. But we will see. All the things you can expect in the business class of Finnair, we’ll show you after the intro. Helsinki’s airport looks very up-to-date. The paths are short almost like Berlin-Tegel. No, not quite. In Tegel the paths are much shorter. But first we go to the security check and passport control, respectively. And then we’re already outside the EU. So who’d have thought it? There’s a business class lounge – the normal one for every business class customer. And there is a premium lounge for everyone who has a social standing with oneworld. They have a gold status with British airways. The emerald status is the highest one. That’s why we can visit this lounge. I think we also could go in this lounge even though we would just fly economy class. In this Finnair lounge there are so many delicious things like traditional finnish dishes. I don’t really know what it is. Probably beef with potatoes and this small bowl. wonderfully served but the best is this rose champagne There’s the normal champagne and this rose champagne like Qatar has. cheers! Unfortunately our flight is delayed Its postponed from 2.20p.m. to 4p.m. It means we have to wait 1h and 40minutes. But I could use this time visiting the sauna. Because in fact, the Finnair lounge in Helsinki has a sauna. Lets go see. Knowing that there’s nobody in the sauna we can take a look Nobody’s here. And its very hot in here Here if you can see this. I think that’s a very cool idea Just spend your time in the sauna. But I don’t really want to because I would have to take a shower and…no. It would be too intricate. But next time, when I fly with Finnair again, I’ll try it. Maybe here’s a public holiday because nothing is going on here at this airport but in advance I read that it’ll be very overcrowded. What are your experiences with Finnair or with Helsinki airport? Write it in the comments. So after the economy boarding – it is so that the Airbus A330-300 is splitted in 2 cabin parts We are sitting in the back. I do this with pleasure because Mostly there are a lot of free seats, like today. I’m alone with Dominik and another passenger in the three rows of the rear cabin. The disadvantage is that there are a lot of people walking by but it doesn’t matter But we’ve got a lot of silence I’ll just say cheers for a good flight! We’re starting in a moment and if you want to watch movies during the flight here’s a pressure-sensitive monitor but I already showed you this And here’s the remote Looks the same as other remotes. In order that I can operate the monitor with pushing buttons Or if I want to call the stewardess I can turn the light on and off too Its normal. This is the remote for the seat I can change into different positions or have a massage These are the shortcuts for the lying or lounge position So, what do I got in my seat here in the bussines class of Finnair in the A330-300 First here’s the pillow. Its soft and big The Amenity kit with the same design Its fabric with green color Whereby Finnair uses blue and white The headphones Down here are the slipper, home slippers or whatever you want to call them Size L There you can also host your shoes That’s it. I couldn’t find the board menu cart I think I’ll get it later And thats the rear cabin 3 rows in a one-two-one configuration Its like Malaysian Airlines or Austrian Airlines On the right side there are just single seats alternately in a one-two-one configuration Thats how the two-two-one or one-two-one configuration comes Finnair also has new Airbus A350-900 Unfortunately they don’t fly to Chicago or to NewYork I think the business class seats are the same as those which have been in since the beginning. because they look very used but they are in an up-to-date configuration namely every seat has an aisle access Except those which have the twosome configuration But you can take a look on seatguru thats an app or a website where you can see the seats and according to your wishes you can book a seat Right away the flight will start in the A330-300 from Finnair towards Chicago but before it will really start I’d like you to push the like button if you enjoyed this video Follow our channel Then you’ll be always up-to-date The best thing is to activate the bell you’ll get a notifictaion when we published a new video Otherwise you can rely on it that a new video will be published every Wednesday at 5p.m. and on Saturday at 11a.m. Where you see the older business class is the old monitor He may be a touch-sensitive monitor which does not work right now Nevertheless, it works. But he is very stiff. you can adjust it variably thats it. another feature is the table Whereby he looks very similar to the Malaysian Airlines one But I’ll show it to you later in detail With instrucions Ah yes, thats how it works On this flight there are no noise canceling headphones And no bose headphones On the flight with the Finnair A350 there were bose headphones. I’m sure you’ve noticed one. There’s no blanket. Yes. On every seat the blanket is in the overhead bin This is the blanket. unpack directly That is the blanket. Very cuddy and soft big enough to sleep here relaxed, but I have no lust for it, because it is a day flight We started at 4p.m. Normally at 2:2p.m. And we’ll arrive in Chicago at 3 or 4p.m. local time Just during the day right after the start the menu card was handed out With the drinks card and the wine card I’ll show you in detail in the fade-in There’s a very interesting gin tonic with cranberries I’ll try it. Otherwise there are just the normal champagnes Maybe here’s the rose champagne too The rose champagne was really delicious! From Josef E. If there are slippers you should use them! Because the toilet isn’t the cleanest place free of liquids on the floor slippers help immensely This is the toilet of the A330-300. Here in the last cabin there’s just one. In the front cabin there are two toilets But all are the same size which is rather small There are not many Amenity kits A few towels, soap of course but thats it. I was quite short in front of the plane at the toilets and suddenly the champagne is already there and greetings from the galley What is this? Dominik knows it definitely I dont know. There’s a big selection e.g. as a starter two possibilities As the main dish three possibilities dessert three possibilities There’s also a cheese plate During the flight there are snacks And before the landing there a light dish Dominik is right. I’m going to change my order Because Finnair is known for its good fish which is served during the flight It’s is normally a problem to serve good dishes I’m really excited because here you can get the graved salmon Do y’all know it? This one is specially made I heard that the salmon is buried in a crust and then taken out of there. And then packed accordingly But it’s very well drawn through. I am excited Let’s take a look into the amenity kit I’ll make it short so that you dont have to be bored First I’ll get the table out. I’ve done it before: this is how you get him out. fold-out. I can also turn it. Turn like this. It’s not that easy This is the amenity kit The usual is in there. Blindfold, creams, toothpaste and earplugs That’s it. To show you the seat, I sat into the last row of the left side Because there is a single seat That is perfect for demonstrating It’s a recommendation for you if you want some privacy You have the throne Whereby the throne is in front of me where left and right tables are and you are sitting in the middle That is what they call it. Enough of the words, now I’ll show you the seat and the lying surface That’s the lying surface. It should be 2meters long But I have to take a look at home I show it to you in a fade-in How long and how wide the seat is The seat distance in general All the details now on the right So I’m really pleased now of Finnair and their service So probably we just have luck because the stewardess is just responsible for us Because here’s nobody except us and another guest We have a very good service. I changed to the fish. That is the graved salmon With a fresh salad, oil, salt and pepper etc. Look at this glasses Chrystal glasses or at least they look like ice glasses with trickles on the bottom Its a very good design by Finnair So the graved salmon is definitely recommendable Awesome, fresh, very delicious. This is excellent too It is smoked salmon Unbelievable my research was worth it. The result: Finnair has actual the best fish in an airplane First dish and the main dish were very delicious The salmon with the skin – very good preparation Now the ice cream and then I’m completely pleased Then I probably go into the horizontal Or I’ll work a bit because it is still sunny I could cut the video and then go into the horizontal We have light turbulence Even the stewardess has sat down It started a little jerky Now it is okay But you never know exactly This is so bad Maybe you have the same problem but if you have the opportunity on Wifi in the plane but it won’t connect to your smartphone You can’t find anything… But I have Dominik here The expert for Wifi and technic He showed me how it works I’ll show it to you in a little video And now the Finnair Wifi-Page opens and I can finally connect The best thing: One hour is for free! I have to admit that I slept a bit I was a bit tired a short power-nap 30 minutes Now I am going to start cutting the videos my last video has to get finished because I didn’t prefabricated for next Saturday And I ordered a very special drink gin tonic from Finnair I am excited! And for the small appetite in between there’s a small snack bar between the both cabins With small gums or nuts, chocolate, the very known nourishing fruit juice I never tasted it probably I have to and some crisps Do you prefer when it’s bright like in our cabin I think we have luck or do you prefer when it is dark like the anterior seats? I guess everyone’s asleep there but it is a day flight Just write down in the comments what you prefer. Let’s suppose it is a day flight I just worked the whole time since now But I’ll show you now how the entertaining system from Finnair works Here in the menu navigation, there are the movies. 5 pages full of movies Almost every movie can be watched in german The selection is very good a lot of new movies Older movies rather few… oh.. Harry Potter And this movie is not available in german… But the most of them Furthermore, there are a lot of games for kids, music or the map This is what I like the most Approximately 2 hours left Right away starts the late service The light meal 2 hours before the landing Maybe just a salad or a small sandwich And then we finally arrived It was a nice flight so far A small resume in between The food was really delicious. The fish was *kiss* Very good The seat is comfortable. I did not sleep. Dominik is asleep by the way Let’s see what he says afterwards. He sleeps since 3 hours so it must be very good And the service is top! I just talked about it, and now he’s awake. Good morning! This was a very great service, the flight attendants were so nice. You can ask for if you are on a flight There are airlines, e.g. Qatar also did it, which hand out feedback cards. You have to write down your name, the employee who was the best one just for praise him or her I think it’s going down well. I have something different than Dominik He chose the Indian variant You can see it on the menu card I got the chicken with risotto Looks awesome! Wait, I’ll show it to you This was an announcement here! that we have to pick up our luggage So, what should I say? The flight with Finnair in the A330-300 was perfect Even though the business class and the seats were a bit older Yes, the seat from the A350 would be the better choice In return the service was phenomenal The dishes were super delicious and…yes. I hope you enjoyed this video The people have to run here Push the like button, subscribe to our channel and see you in the next video Bye!

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