32 thoughts on “Farm bankruptcies surge as China tariffs hurt industry

  1. Supply and demand. The demand for these crops is just not there. Stop growing it and sow something else. Farming is a business, run the business properly and adapt to the supply and demand balance or perish. Foolish farmers need to get out so others can do it right. We don't need to continue over production of the commodities that are not profitable. They pile them up into small mountains because there is no place for it to go. This has been the situation for many generations. The tariffs have nothing to do with it. Farmers have been bankrupt for many generations now.

  2. Well, so much about easy to win trade!! At least one thing is clear he managed bankrupt them too so it works the same way with “ art with bankruptcy” new book coming soon!!

  3. Trump lost a billion dollars. Now farmers can't afford to stay afloat thanks to his horrible tariffs crap. What people don't realize is that American companies has to eat some of the cost (imports) and then have to raise prices on consumer goods. Now, Trump is leading us into an actual WAR with Iran. New this was going to happen when he was running for president. I'm NOT a Hillary Clinton supporter. I never was and never will be. I'm NOT fixated on Obama and thinks he's the savior of all man kind. I"m NOT part of "the left". I'm just a human being who has common sense and knows right from wrong. Trump has been WRONG (Helsinki, being Putin's puppet, trade wars hurting farmers & consumers, did NOT bring coal jobs back. Did NOT bring GM jobs back. etc, etc, etc,). His supporters are not willing to look at the REALITY of what Trump's decisions are causing. It's sad and scary. Whether it's a Republican or Democrat, we need better leadership that is inclusive and intelligent.

  4. China is already buying a lot of farm lands in America. This is a good strategy for China. Target the red states rural areas and buy their land.

  5. Bloody hell that was quick!!! Tariffs only just gone on and already bankruptcies ????????? Leave it out!

  6. (1) US does not have money to buy things because rich people become richer, small businesses are suffering; (2) politician does not know the business but doing shows, shame! (3) US is isolated knows nothing about other worlds; (4) US will become more and more difficult because it always presses small countries and brings war to other countries, i.e. US has too enemies; (5) US essentially is an exporting country, however, US uses gun to ask people to buy its products, bad! if the world does not buy from US, then, this country will bankrupt;…solution: be friendly and respectful, make friends with the world.

  7. Is safe too say Donald Trump destroyed America divided with racial tension putting Americans against Americans he started an economic war with China that he's losing. Lol Because he's a idiot make America great again huh what are loser American farmers are suffering because of Donald Trump's policies . Don't deny it the American farmers were better off under Obama policies vote Trump out he's not good he's not smart under him China will take over as the world's number one super power ! The American farmers are going to need immigrants to help them to increase their profits if those immigrants are smart they will not take those jobs until the Republicans apologize to them and the Trump Administration better cough off money for Puerto Rico they deserve that money especially with those people are giving the US Treasury billions in return and they are getting less before they get tired and go independent they have earned that right also it's so much abusement that people can take

  8. The ag industry cannot continue with it's 1940 model anyway, it has to change. Farmers have come to believe they can live in enormous debt continuously and never have to pay it all back. Subsidy abuse is rampant, billions are being stolen from the American people, millions of illegals are being hired by these farmers-killing the economy. A change is needed where accountability is required and debts paid.

  9. Dumbass farmers can go to hell. I feel bad for the farmers that are not evil people but this is for the ones that have hate in their hearts.Remember one thing, it wasn't black people or a black president that did this to you. It was a white president that did.

  10. Farmer please stop it China is not the only country. .you farmer have been to comfortably …drop it!!!

  11. Who say: trade wars are easy to win ? I think was Trump right ? Hahhahaa now it’s not so easy to win. Seems the Americans they do not realize how much china buy from USA ! They really did not know that ! USA shot itself in the foot !

  12. Sounds like Donald Dump is 'winning' this war; as usual war is always subsidized by the farmers.

    Continue on, feed the cow

  13. Our family used to purchase corn at the market, however we don’t like to spend those money anymore , the corn we ate was horrible. Anyone know what had happened to it?

  14. Those who declared bankrupt, ask Trump how to become a billionaire. I am sure he is obliged you since you are his stunt supporter.

  15. Not sure why China needs to buy from America, they also have big piece of land in the middle, which they can farm many many times……

  16. Don't worry US farmers. Trump's trade deal with China is including farm trade taken from Canada in retribution for the US arrest warrant of Huawei cfo, and is being given back to US agriculture. Nothing like a massive amount of backstabbing to get those US exports going.

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