Farmer Hurt By Trump’s Trade War Challenges Jim Jordan For House Seat

Republican representative Jim Jordan has found
himself a new challenger for his seat in 2020 now, this man is not somebody who’s challenging
him as another member of the Republican party. He’s not going to primary Jim Jordan. What he’s going to do is run as an independent
against Jim Jordan, and here’s the thing. This isn’t just some Yahoo off the streets
saying, you know what, I’m sick of Jim Jordan. I’m sick of everybody. I’m going to run for president. No, or excuse me, house representatives. This is a man in Ohio by the name of Chris
Gibbs, and Mr. Gibbs is a farmer, a soybean farmer, and he’s a farmer who has been financially
devastated by Donald Trump’s trade war. Also happens to be a soybean farmer hurt by
Donald Trump’s trade war, who up until not that long ago, was a Trump supporter and the
president of his local Republican group, but he is now, according to a lengthy, a writeup
in Yahoo news has now renounced the Republican party, resigned as president of that little
local chapter of the GOP and no longer supports the president or the Republican party. Now, he’s not a Democrat. As I said, he is an independent, but he is
a victim too. He is a victim of Republican policies and
he’s tired of being a victim and so he wants to run- uh is formed an exploratory committee
to run an independent bid for Jim Jordan’s house seat. A couple quotes from him and from this Yahoo
news article, some that I agree with, some that I don’t agree with. He says the discourse that we have in the
United States now between the parties and in Washington in particular, someone had to
stand up. Somebody has to say- stand up and represent
real people and the only way I thought I could do that is as an independent voice. Now I do agree that we need more regular people,
more everyday people running for Congress. That is exactly what this country needs. I disagree that we don’t have anybody doing
that already because we do. We do. We, we have AOC, we have Rishta Kya Kehlata. We have Ayanna Presley, you know we, we have
Bernie Sanders, we have Rocana. These are people who are speaking up for regular
people. There’s not enough of them though, and that’s
why I do think we need more. We need all of them to be this way, so I agree
with him on that, but I also disagree that we don’t have anybody doing and the voices
aren’t many, but they’re there. Oh, he continues. The Trump administration’s failed on China. Hands down. We lost 30% one third of our soybean sales
right off the bat because of the trade war and there is no guarantee that’s going to
come back and he’s right about that because they have lost so much money. They have lost such a big market and because
Donald Trump says this trade war could trade war could continue indefinitely. They don’t know if it’s coming back. They don’t know if it’s going to be in six
months. They don’t know if it’s going to be in six
years. They don’t know if it’s going to be ever,
it’s somebody has to stand up to put an end to this. He goes on to talk about the fact that the
Republicans simply aren’t standing up for them. They’re not doing their jobs. They’re not out there actually advocating
for the average American people because the Republican party doesn’t care about the average
American people. And he’s sick of it. And here’s the thing, I may not agree with
Chris Gibbs politically on most issues, but what he’s doing is the right thing. And not just because an independent bid from
a conservative leaning person could be a spoiler for Jim Jordan and get him out of the house
for good. That’s, that’s a positive. But more people need to follow this lead. And we have seen so many people do this over
the last few months, average everyday working class Americans saying, I’m have had it. I’m done with this. People aren’t representing us. I’m running for Congress. We need more of that. We need more of it on the left and the right
and the independence. It’s not going to hurt anything. It takes a lot of time and it takes a lot
of effort and it takes a lot of dedication. Something, a lot of people in this country
simply don’t have the offer. And that’s not an attack on them. It’s the truth. We don’t have the time. We can’t afford to do these kinds of things. So anyone who does say, I’m going to make
that personal sacrifice and stand up and do it, whether they’re on the left, right or
center, we need to applaud them because this is a big step. It is a big commitment and it’s a big financial
obligation for these people. They’re putting their life, they’re betting
their life on these runs, and at the very least, we need to congratulate them for taking
that big step that some of us have always been a little too scared to take.

77 thoughts on “Farmer Hurt By Trump’s Trade War Challenges Jim Jordan For House Seat

  1. Too little, too late. He was part of the problem. Hopefully Jim Jordan loses, but a former republican isn't the answer.

  2. We need more farmers, teachers, and doctors/scientists in Congress who can fix the problems Republican politicans have caused over the past 40 years.

  3. Good. I'm glad that some Trump supporters are seeing the con artist that Trump is. Hopefully, Jim Jordan loses in next year's blue tsunami.

  4. How did Jim Jordan avoid going to prison for knowing what his head wrestling coach was doing when he was his assistant at Ohio State University?

  5. There are banana slugs and cats that would make a better representative than the pedophile-friendly Trump-friendly Nazi-friendly Gym Jordan. Ohio, flush the turd please, he's stinking up the office.

  6. While Chris Gibbs goes after Jim Jordans on the campaign Trail. We should all just turn a blind eye to Jims discomfort and abuse from Gibbs

  7. So a guy totally okay with all the lies, child separation policy, money wasted on dumb ass walls, international humiliation, racism gets hit in the wallet and suddenly has a change of heart. I mean I will still take him over Jim Jordan.

  8. Pelosi is the one not bringing forth bills you idiot,USMCA, blame the right one! You demonrats just want to roll over and over for China as they still us blind. You liberals suck!! You have to hold out for the best!! Obummer was a money give away system, TRUMP 2020,wise up stupid.

  9. The Republican party has never cared about ordinary people. You are a millionaire billionaire they're your best friend of your'n ordinary schmoke forget it

  10. Republicans talk shit about socialism to help the poor! But are trying to bailout the farmers with16 billions. They got around that same amount at the start of Trump’s tariff war. A war that we are losing!!!

  11. i get that its supposed to be a good thing but the subtext is still pathetic: he only cared what trump was doing when it hurt him. he supported everything else.

  12. The Republican party has never cared about ordinary people. You are a millionaire billionaire they're your best friend of your'n ordinary schmoke forget it

  13. We need to get rid of the Crony capitalist War-police-State PLUTOCRACY of the Republicans.
    Vote them all out. Cease their stolen assets. (you know, the money they stole from America since the Nixon and Reagan era.)

  14. I mean, he has his heart in the right place, but he needs to understand that there are people on the Left actually do care.

  15. We need to abolish the Republican & The Democratic Party establishments ínstate term limits and eliminate millionaires contributions and lobbying in order to free our democracy from these corrupt criminals.

  16. We are winning the trade war that the Democrats surrendered and handed over to China starting with Bill Clinton.

  17. I am glad he is running however it seems that Republicans don't make these moves on the part of others only when it affects them.

  18. Jimmy boy the sex agreeing sex criminal frumpy trumpys booty kisser needs to go..he is sickening…go crook go..beat him royally please I would say spank him but he might like that too much….

  19. I simply am at a loss for all the hype the cult is buying into. Best economy, best on everything. Rolling in money and America never been so good, under Trump. Farmers on welfare, more jobs? Looks like more jobs. As people use up their unemployment insurance and go on welfare, these people are taken off the jobless roles. Looks like they are employed but no, on welfare. This is lie the trolls are buying into.


  21. Best of luck to you, but Jordan won't be in office much longer since the investigation at Ohio State is getting deeper and his number will be called up soon.

  22. I hope Mr.Gibbs wins and in a big way. Farmers have been devastated by Trump and the Republicans all over this country. It’s a damn shame and they work their butts off. People in Ohio, get rid of that sycophant ,Trump ass kisser embarrassment Jordan!

  23. Its not left vs right. It's the elite vs the 99%. The elite have for generations convince poor and middle class people that BOTH parties are for them in one way or another when both parties are trash. Only a few politicians are worth anything in Washington.

  24. That's great news. When he loses he'll finally have the time to participate in his aiding and abetting pedophile defense. Despicable, spineless thing that he is.

  25. What Trump did was to make the recipients of soybean exports from America look for alternative sources to the US. Countries that have benefitted by taking the market share that Trump lost are not going to give up on the huge benefits they have gained by Trump's action. Those suppliers can say to their customers that they are a reliable trading partner which courtesy of Trump the US no longer is. As a consequence it is likely that those markets will be regained only after years at the earliest but very possibly never regained at all. At best US soybean crops will probably only obtain lower prices than before Trump's action even if they get back into the markets they previously dominated.

  26. Gym Jordan is in a severe gerrymandering district! RepubliCON Governor DeWine will never get rid of really bad gerrymandering in Ohio!

  27. Good on him. Without our Farmers we just fall over and Collapse. Everything comes from the Land and if you're hurting our Farmers they're our bricks and we just collapse. I remember a Farmer crying Poor Mouth until I yelled out YOUS NEVER TELL PEOPLE ABOUT ALL THE GRANTS AND SUBSIDIES YOU GET NO ONE ELSE DOES! He was speechless and Gobsmacked and left the Rally he was speaking at! So? Please don't think I don't know those things OR the fact he was a Trump Supporter…But…This man can Reallly hurt Trump and his criminal Administration because he knows everything crooked there is about them! The Rust belt got Trump over the line in 2016 if you Fully understand Gerrymandering and the COES in an Election Clinton won by in real terms by some 4 million votes. You mark my words this Guy will REALLY hurt Trumps chances of re election. This is very interesting Folks.

  28. @Jason Lou Gym "Wrestling Coach who can't protect ANYONE, not EVEN from a Pedophile" Jordan has always been a JOKE for his ENTIRE LIFE!! He's a poor excuse for a human being, never to be seen or heard from ever again!! PERIOD!!

  29. It's about time get that little weasel out of here and plus Jim Jordan needs to go answer for those kids that got molested while he stood by and did nothing SMH 😡

  30. Well, we will be able to have lightbulbs that don't make us look yellow and, at the most, have to flush twice !! So this farmer is a traitor. MAGA /s

  31. I hope he wins Jim Jordan should be in prison for his Ohio State stunt and I think we are tired of hearing his mouth

  32. Go, Chris Gibbs! This is what makes America great. When people say they've had enough and jump in and try it fix it for themselves and others. You're a patriot.

  33. Jim Jordan is a jerk and a bully..but he yells because no one pays no attention to him, he is not important enough to waste time on. Yelling is the only way for him to garner attention for a few seconds in a day..he should be ashamed of himself….

  34. Maybe Ohio will vote for a farmer that wants to end the trade war and someone who will stand by and allow a monster to commit sexual assault on college kids.

  35. Even if he was a republican in a primary against Jim Jordan, I still would support him. This jordan guy is a despicable human being didn't take any action when that monster at OSU molested 177 young men.

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