Final Cut Pro X: Text Flicker Effect with Scale & Tinted Video – easy beginner tutorial

Its Ben Halsall here and this quick
tutorial I’m gonna covering how to create this flicker text effect now this
tutorial is inspired by a YouTuber called Le Sora who makes some great very succinct Final Cut Pro tutorials should definitely check them out I’ve left a
link below in the description and essentially what we’re gonna do is take
the surahs tutorial and add in some extra effects in there to add some more
texture into the project as well as showing how you can use blend modes and
the colorize effect on your video as well so this is what we’re going to end
up with or something similar and we’re gonna start off with this original video
here which I’ve already stabilized so if we look up to the inspector on the top
right and if you don’t see the inspector just come to window showing workspace
and inspector and you’ll see the inspector up there and essentially I’ve
checked the smooth cam stabilization just smooth this handheld footage a
little bit before we had the text over the top of it the next thing we need to
do is come to the top left where we’re gonna grab the title and then we’re
looking for the the basic title so we’re gonna scroll down here and find our
basic title if you have a long list of titles and you don’t want to look for it
there then you can also use the search flow just type in basic and it will show
up there pretty quickly and we’ll drag this down to the the timeline so
essentially what we’re gonna do here first of all is add the text and some of
the blend effects to the background so that we can have a little bit of
transparency in our text so I’m going to grab the Blade tool first of all the
shortcut for the blade is B and we’re going to use this a little bit in this
tutorial for a couple of things and I’m gonna then jump back to the Select tool
just so I can delete some of the extra part of this title that I don’t need and
then we’ll highlight our type come up with the inspector again and we’re
looking for the show the text inspector button up here and we’ll type in our
text so I’m just gonna type in the word Panama which is where this reef break is
and then for this text we’re gonna add a 2d style to it so we’re gonna use the
grunge effective so once I’m had of this I’m going to
scroll down here so I can see my basic text options and all I want to do is
kind of ramp this up in size almost as big as I can so it fills the screen and
you can see we’ve got other options in here which we don’t really need to
change for the moment but what we will change under the video options so if we
come to the top of our inspector here I’m looking for the little film strip
we’re going to change the blend mode of this to darken
we’re going to change the blend mode of this to lighten which is going to let
you can see here the sky and the rocks and stuff show through that type so
every we move it we’re going to have a little bit of that background showing
which is gonna be nice it’s gonna let the waves kind of show through a little
bit so let’s just Center this here and one thing we’ve done already come on the
video layer below is we’ve dropped the opacity or the transparency of that
layer just so that video pops out a little bit more so this is what we have
for the moment and what we’re going to do is we’re going to slice up the
beginning of this clip so we’re going to come to our timeline and zoom right in
so to zoom in I normally use command and plus just a zoom right in until we can
see the individual frames you can see as I’m moving along my timeline there here
I can see those individual frames and now we’re going to jump back from the
blades or so we’ll tap the B key or grab the Blade tool from our list of tools
here and then we’re going to slice this into different sections and as we move
through there we’ll see we can slice this up really
easily just coming along frame by frame so once we’ve sliced this into five or
six sections we’re gonna jump back to the select all and now quite simply here
what we can do to make the flicker effect is we can highlight holding down
the command key each of these individual elements and then just tap the V key and
what that will do is mean will end up with an effect like this where the text
flickers on which is quite nice but I want to look at how we can modify
that a little bit so one thing we can do and tapping the V key is just enabling
or disabling the clips there so if we re enable those know these three clips
selected we can actually modify those three clips at the same time so if I
come up to my video options I can change the opacity of those three clips we’ll
just put the playhead over the top of one of them so we can lower the opacity
so we can have that flickering but not becoming completely invisible so you can
see it still flickers but we’re getting a slightly different effect
and then now if we move through each of these frames from one at a time I’m just
going to deselect them by clicking in the gray area on the timeline if we come
up to our transform properties we can come through each of these clips and
then nudge the position of alternating words so you can see here now as I do
this when we play this back through and I’m kind of nudging them up to the left
and down to the right and then for the final one before we drop into position
we’ll go right across to the right hand side and then up to the top right and so
what you’ll see here now is that we get a little bit more movement in that
flicker effect which looks pretty cool so the other thing we can do here as
well to accentuate this a bit more is if we highlight these clips one at a time
we can also scale them and if you scale them bigger it will produce a cool
effect but we could also do we can experiment with these in different ways
for each one is we can squish them or stretch them out so we’re gonna get they
have a distorted effect as we move through those different bits of text and
I’ll just nudge these interser into a different position so we get some nice
movement in there so it’s really gonna look like the text is flying around the
screen and then pulling back into position as we move through there so if
we play this through here once it’s rendered you’ll see we get this nice
flickering that kind of jumped around the screen a little bit is revealing the
background and we can modify and play with that as we move through now if we
want to finish this up one thing we can do as well as if we highlight this type
and we can copy it or come to the end of that type menu and then we can paste it
on and it means we get a flicker on and a flicker off we’ll just let that render
so it plays through nicely so you can see we have the flickering of those
different effects and we also have the flickering out of that effect as well
come to the background the last thing we can do is just add the
colorize effect to that layer now if we add colorize will have more intensity if
we bring the opacity back up so I’m going to bring my opacity back up and
then I’m going to map to an orange here sort of blacks and then it’s going for a
little magenta or purple here and if we increase the intensity you can see we’re
gonna change that quite dramatically so I’ll actually leave it up here and just
modify these colors a little bit things can get quite like a Dell acquit Lee
here which we don’t quite want but we’ll she will go for a blue or magenta it’s a
little bit closer to the color we picked before and push the intensity up a
little bit more to almost 100% so now if we come back to our type here you can
see we’re going to dance that type across this colorized video which is
going to look quite good so I’m just going to hold down shift and tap said
it’s like a view my entire timeline so you can see a couple of different color
options here in the first option I chose and my scale options there were a little
less dramatic in my first version so you can play around with that have some fun
and see what will work so thanks checking out this video and
take a look in the links below for the inspiration for this video as well and I
look forward to seeing you on the next tutorial

3 thoughts on “Final Cut Pro X: Text Flicker Effect with Scale & Tinted Video – easy beginner tutorial

  1. Great Ben – thanks. I you bad TV effect at the moment to get something like that. This would be great if the chopping up bit could be automated across a few titles.

  2. Hi ben Thanks for a good FCP tutorial, i like your slice thumbnail style. What the app to make thumbnail like that. I see tech YouTuber like MKBHD, Brandon Harvard use that kind slice thumbnail style recently. i would thankful if you make a tutorial about that, thanks!

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