Forget College, Learn a Trade

hey guys if you're a keen observer you might notice that I tease our friend Alex quite a bit especially when it comes to doing things either the slow hard or expensive way this is why Alex look at this nevertheless one of the best parts about summer is our trips to the beach before sunset we live about 15 minutes from one of the best beaches in the country so we have the privilege of going out whenever we want after work for 45 minutes whims we talk about life business success happiness or nothing at all Alex started a construction company about a year and a half ago and yesterday we are talking about a problem he was having on one of his job sites kind of safety gear do you need ouch there was a subcontractor not fulfilling their obligations so he was having to go through and call everyone else that was scheduled to work on that job and push them back a week or two I asked him why don't you fire the guy and just hire someone else to finish the job and his answer surprised me he said in our area at least there's a shortage of skilled labour he said all the people that are working on his jobs are in their 40s or 50s and there's no one really coming up behind them to take their place there's no young go-getters competing for his business and he basically said he would write a blank check to anyone who could get their act together and come and get this job done on time and then we talked about college and how there seems to be no shortage of college graduates with little or no prospects for work now we've teased the idea of doing an is college worth it video and this one isn't it we haven't prepared yet for that but it occurred to me yesterday that if you're young and if you're serious about extreme early retirement learning a trade might be the quickest path to wealth not only will you potentially earn more money if you do it right but you'll have a four-year headstart on someone in school now studies do show that someone with a degree will earn more over their lifetime but I'm not sure if that's the case if you're not interested in working to a traditional retirement age now I thought that was a pretty profound epiphany but it turns out this is already a thing in fact a few Google trade school versus college the blue collar revival or whatever you want to call it is actually drawing a lot of attention even in the last few months maybe we'll be ahead of the trends for once on this channel but it makes sense learning a trade is genius for a couple of reasons first there will always be a demand people will always need electricians and plumbers and roofers and drywallers and you can't outsource a trade over see very easily and not only that you don't have to pay to learn how to do it you're often paid to learn as an apprentice or just working your way up through a company but why bother working harder if you can earn more if you get your degree well treinta the simple dollar calculated that according to studies the average tradesman earns eleven thousand dollars less per year than someone with a degree but because they have the four years of school and all the student loans to pay off it will take them up to twelve years to catch up to the tradesman if you're committed to save a high percentage of your income that leaves very little margin but that's assuming you'd be working for someone else and that would not be the path that I would take real money is made by working for yourself and while I don't think everyone is cut out to be business owners I do think anyone can be their own boss you don't need to go out and hire ten employees to be successful simply being able to set your own schedule and benefiting from the ridiculous rates that tradesmen are able to charge per hour would be enough I would think to give you an edge over a degree average service calls in my area are at least $75 to $200 an hour now of course you have to account for self-employment taxes and your own transportation and all your own tools and bookkeeper and everything that goes along with owning a business but I still think it's very lucrative and this is not to say that college is wrong for everyone or even most people I just think it shouldn't be an automatic next step after high school when we have this pesky law of supply and demand we have to live by call this video whatever you want Mike's predictions for the job market in the future or college versus trade or even just advice I would give my 18 year old self but my point is if you're young and financial freedom is on the top of your list of priorities forget college learn a trade or at least consider it what do you guys think let me know in the comments below bye you

30 thoughts on “Forget College, Learn a Trade

  1. Doctor, lawyer and engineer need diplomas, anything else can be done with licenses and certifications. Now, an engineer is the hybrid of all jobs because you are a leader right from the get go and if you also get the license or certification to do a job a tradesman does you get raises and bonuses from jobs because there is a shortage of skilled laborers and evolve into a tradesman that stays with companies for 3 to 4 years instead of just for 1 project and at the end of the day you are the reason a company keeps taking on more projects and receives multiple investments, because you can be part of a team that can do any job in that market. Finally, if you aren't in a market that necessarily needs a huge infrastructure to compete, you can stop working for others and start your own business like consulting, "mercenary work" which is getting hired for months to do a job at a higher cost because of the reputation or rare skills only you posses, etc. A cool thing about degrees is getting to work a cushy job like university professor, investigator, consultant or just your signature alone for validation, inspections and training programs, an engineer never stops learning but an engineer also never stops earning. If you wanna learn something physical and just do that the rest of your life, learn a trade; mental? get a degree. Also remember the other hybrid jobs that exist in farming, construction and real estate.

  2. I went to college late in life and it was amazing. HOWEVER, I highly recommend starting in a trade, learning about the biz and notice what higher levels there are. THEN, consider more training. College would then be part of a series choices you make, rather than the FIRST choice you make.

  3. I am from IBEW Local 223
    I went to Community College for electrical engineering to pretty much just say that I went to college. But I knew that I was going to be in the trades so after I was done with my degree I applied for the union and then making more money I think than both my parents combined and they are pretty successful in their own right

  4. i wish i saw this years ago.i already lost time in university and now im thinking of not going back now.i cant get a job so i want to learn a trade.

  5. My dead grandpa left me money and I went to college with it but I failed and ended up in loan debt anyway because I slacked off by playing magic the gathering in video games with highly intelligent nerds who I was jealous of because they could do crazy shit like charge people for video game tournaments and sell modified computer shit man yo like

  6. What you can get a degree and open your own hire your own self just like trades like if you open your own practices and stuff

  7. Hey umm what I went to college for is more of a trade anyway because I can do it without getting hired the only problem I had in my personal success is my girlfriend was a drug addict and she kept throwing all my computer applications away

  8. I like the adice man! Thats a great point with the student debt, and the 4 years in college. Thats not asssuming a masters degree, and thats probabally assuming that the college major is doing a solid major like finance, as opposed to a lower paying major like theatre or art.

  9. the thing about trades is that most of them wear out your body, not always and not for everyone but for most people it does 🙁

  10. I've come to learn that most employers do not "truly" care/want you to have every qualification for their position openings. They like people to be in a sorts a type of clean slate so that they can train you to be exactly what they want you to be. Ignorance of some things is usually preferred by business owners bc they want to not feel obligated to pay you more. So they end up picking the slightly less qualified person and train them to be what they need. That way they can get around having to pay people what they are worth. So where does that leave all these people that have degrees at looking to make a more prosperous life for themselves? That's right, usually over looked bc they are quote on quote "overqualified". So if job opportunity is what you are wanting, it's better to be a little less educated than the rest.

  11. WARNING Just a warning to everyone that wants to get into a trade almost every employer wants 2 years of experience and is not willing to train you they all just kinda expect you to get the experience but won't help you get it you basically gotta get lucky or know someone I've been applying for 8 months with no luck they basically said open this door I said how they say with the key I ask where the key is they say it's behind the door

  12. Trade schools are becoming as expensive as colleges now, and fewer and fewer companies offer apprenticeships, which are more the way to go in certain trades… Eventually, this all will become another "career trap"…

  13. I’m 23, I got into Plumbing right out of high school and quit 6 months in. I got offered it again today at the same company 5 years later. It’s such a good feeling considering I worked only 2 months last year. Now I have an opportunity to make money, and learn about something at the same time.

  14. Really shitty advice! I wonder how many unsuspecting morons have DRANK your disastrous snake oil?? Not going to color GUARANTEES an upper limit in your earning potential and keeps you firmly footed and sinking deeper into poverty as you watch inflation and rising prices kill your soul!!

  15. I'm a truck driver…challenging yeah bit frustrating hell yeah but pays amazing,one of my recent checks, $1,600 put that up with the rest or what I had saved up BOUGHT myself a really nice truck to car payment nothing but insurance and gotta real nice place. If you can handle the challenges that come with trucking. I'd say go for it the demand is high chances of getting employed are pretty good if I do say so myself

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