Fox News poll shows 52 percent of voters oppose tariffs on Mexico

21 thoughts on “Fox News poll shows 52 percent of voters oppose tariffs on Mexico

  1. The tariffs do work why do you think the countrys who have the tariffs put on them always hate it

  2. Polls are worthless! Most Americans know nothing about tariffs or tariff impediments. Why poll a group which has almost zero knowledge of the subject?

  3. This is a perfect example of how polls are full of you know what??? Does anyone take polls seriously???
    This is bogus bull poop!

  4. I feel good when I buy something Made in u.s.a. No more chinesse junk at least for another 100 years pls finally a president working for all americans not for chinesse corporations .God bless the U.S.A.

  5. If only the wall was but back in the early nineties. We would all have career factory jobs with great benefits and insurance. We would all own homes and we would have plenty of jobs and low cost rentals for our kids.

  6. I wanted our Government to tariff Japan 40 yrs ago,these tariffs are far to Low double them to start

  7. who was polled? I suspect it was corporate farmers, Wal-Mart executive's, and toy store sales executive's . name the company's those CEO' s work for, and I promise to stop buying their products.

  8. I used to answer polls all the time. After Trump ELECTED PRESIDENT only once. Answered in favor of Trump, no more polls. What?

  9. thats because 57 per cent is how many illigals are here that should tell you folks somthing like there might be to many maybe

  10. Fox News need to stop reporting actual news or else, Trump will rename them Fake News and make their rating drop.

  11. Yes, and more than 50 % will welcome giving money to the correct elected officials and agencies out here rather than watch them go to corrupt state police agencies…

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