Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 142 | Telugu Comedy Web Series | by Nagendra K | TeluguOne

Oh God, those neighbour aunty & uncle Keep fighting always Have been seeing it since my childhood! Hey They will have 1000s of things, why are you bothered? If they have 1000s, they can divinde it among themselves and stay happy right? Teacher Teacher… Teacher… What dear? Your house is beside our house right? Lets go together, come! Okay come! It’s your sister’s wedding in 3 days right, why didn’t you tell me? My dad gave me the card & told me to tell, but I wantedly did not tell! But why? Anyway you will come for the marriage right? I thought, I will give you then! Did you jog this afternoon? You are sweating too much? This is sweat is not because of the jogging I did It is because of tension! Why are you getting so tensed bro? I took loan from a few people Thought of giving back in a week, but I could not! They are outside the house And if my dad comes to know about it, he will beat me badly! I am not understanding what to do!!! Hey, hey you don’t go out Oh God! I told you not to go out right? Did they tell anything? Don’t worry bro, they have left! Ohh, they left? How did they go? After listening to my words, they got scared & left What was so scary in your words? I told them that, my brother has come from China last week so come & meet him! Wow bro Dad come soon, we are getting late for the movie! I am coming right? God I forgot my helmet, go & get it soon When we are getting late for the movie, why do you need helmet? If traffic police sees, he will ask helmet & license What are you talking daddy? Who are we? Junior fun bucket fame celebrities Ammu – Daddy People will ask us selfie but Why will they ask helmet & license? Come we are getting late! Okay, come! Hey where is the helmet? Sir please sir Where is the license? I don;t have money as well.. You don’t have RC too I came here for a friend sir Sorry sir, will not come again sir! Hey, stop stop stop… You are fun bucket fame, Ammu – Daddy right? Yea But why are you going in 2 wheeler in this scorching heat? Wait I will arrange our vehicle I will arrange our vehicle We do not have this celebrity feeling We are casual always Yea… You are great sir Sir, sir, sir. Just one selfie please Selfoe itseems Its okay, make it fast! Thank you sir, thank you! Hey you move aside, don’t take free selfie! Hey where is the helmet Sir please sir Where is the license? Do not have money as well.. You do not have RC as well! I came here for my friend sir Are you cooking up stories? Will not come next time! Hey stop stop stop… Where is the helmet? Do you know who are we? Remove your license & I shall let you know We are junior fun bucket fame Ammu – Daddy! We are celebrities Celebrities? So will you roam without helmets? Keep the vehicle aside first You said they will not catch us because we are celebrities.. It was an expectation but I did not think it will happen like this in reality! Because of your wonderful studies, they have given TC even in this school! You need not go to school anymore Sit at home & learn cooking Daddy, if not this school some other school Which school will give you admission? What are you talking daddy? Who are we, junior fun bucket fame… Stop stop.. We already experienced in the earlier bit! Because he roams on the roads, may be he did not see our videos I guess He might not know that we are the celebrities Thats a point! What work will principals have? They just sit in the office & watch youTube, facebook or tiktok So he might have seen us somewhere surely And will know that we are the celebrities You are funbucket celebrities Ammu – Daddy right? Come in, come in, come in Did I not tell you? Yeah! Lets go! Why have you come to our school? Are you going to do any event? I am planning to join your school Yeah You will join our school? If you join our school, our school will reach greater height because of you are celebrities Fees? Ammu joining our school is only a big fees for us And if you want, we will only give you return fees Yeah I need a separate bench & a fan Yeah Separate fan, will install an AC for the class Then exams? Why will you come & write exam in the class? Our teacher will only come to you & conduct exam for you! Yeah Then slips & cheating? Why do you have to write seeing slips? Teacher will be telling from beside & you just have to write! For the sake of handwriting! Yeah Who are you? Do you sell goggles? I got my daughter so that she gets admitted in your school! You are Ammu right? Yes yes You are her dad right? Yes yes He recognized us! Yeah Get out now! Should go out? Not like that sir, join my daughter in your school sir! Then we will have to shut this school & sell eatables outside Did you get even a single mark, how should I join you in my school? Sir we are celebrities Celebrities? So, they won’t study? I understood! We can survive in expectation but not in rerality! Come… What happened, why are you so dull? Mother bet me bro What did you do that she bet you? I told, I will not go to school! That is why she bet me! But why did you say so? My teacher is not liking my handwriting bro! She wants me to write more clearly Can’t you write then? If I write like that, my teacher will come to know that I am poor at spellings!! Look how he is coming like a buffalo… Shameless fellow I have not seen a shameless person like this! I am ashamed to tell that he is my brother! ** Abusing ** What are you murmuring? Murmuring, don’t make me open my mouth. I will beat you!! What did I do? In a friend’s partry you sat to eat in the first round & got up after 4 hours… Will any human eat like that? Do you know what is written in that wedding card? What is written? Dinner from 8:00 to 11:00 Everyone were just eating and getting up I was the only one who ate till 11:00 & came now!

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  1. Last drama copied from TikTok
    Shame on u guys
    Own ga cheyyachhu kada
    Enduku copy cheyyatam
    Better luck next time 👍

  2. Where is queety ప్రజ్ఞ…. Next episode లో ప్రజ్ఞ ని తీసుకునిరండి 😕

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