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well in 2008 there was no more houses being built the film industry really started booming around here and we got into that and it's been a blessing for me and my family for sure while in school for fashion I was told that would have to move to LA or I would have to move to New York being a homeowner in Georgia I really didn't want to uproot and have to leave home and the film industry has just really saved me in the film business it's kind of like building a house you have to have carpenters you have to have plumbers you have electricians you have to have someone help you pick out the colors the appliances now the furniture you know all that is encompassed in the film industry so we hire a lot of vendors that come in and they do all this you so after working with about 30 different productions over time I paid attention to what their needs were what their warehouse space needs were what their office needs were Melling Avenue stage works came about really kind of by luck stumbled upon this building in the southside of Atlanta from the evolution of where I've come from from doing short term leases ending up with a building I now own a part of was pretty amazing transformation we're a building material supply retailer and we've been in business since 1990 late 2008 we felt soft things really start kind of coming apart at the seams 2009 pretty much stopped that's about the same time that we had some acquaintances here in Tucker that are involved in the film business I can also say that's what kept us in business through the two thousand nine ten and eleven when things were just awful the production business has been good to us it's kept us busy kept us from laying off employees it's kept us going basically it started off at probably 15 to 20 percent of our business at times it's 35 to 40 percent of our business now the film industry has been a phenomenal partner for the lifecycle Building Center when we began our operation started working with a TV project and they became our largest single customer to date there's a tremendous amount of material that comes out of film projects and we're able to capture that material and distribute it back into the community to organizations since 1998 I've been doing this I began in a theater and then moved into a film in 2005 if it wasn't for this I would not be making the money that I make now and be able to afford to do the things that I am able to do Hey buy my house have my car take care of my family it's keeping people employed people are coming here in leasing apartment staying in hotels eating at restaurants so overall is really really doing a great thing for the economy here in Georgia well in this particular show at the highest point I made we had over 100 guys out here just in the building part as early as five years ago we were eight people and since we started getting involved with the Georgia film tax credit we have gone from eight people from the initial year of the tax credit to now we have 150 employees the tax incentives for the film industry have been a great boon to the movie industry and by the same token the movie industry's been a great boon to the economy for the state of Georgia I've worked on 20 to 30 productions in the state of Georgia since 2005 we've been everywhere Valdosta Griffin Georgia st. Simons Island Blairsville helen georgia all over the state of Georgia I've worked on The Walking Dead Season three and four I've worked on the originals I've worked on the game on BT as well as devious maids seasons 1 & 2 it's not that the people that are making money are out of state it's not a bunch of LA people its Muslim people that are here they're all residents of the state of Georgia and they've lived here I've even had friends out in LA say we're all even struggling to find work try and go somewhere else and that's why I chose Atlanta if it wasn't for the film industry I don't know where I think I'm not sure that we would be here today after almost a hundred years of business had it not been for getting a bear big share of this business over the years and experiencing the loyalty and goes both ways it's really been good for us I got to tell you I love the film people you you

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  1. There is literally no information out there whether this program is successful for students to become employed. It just seems like a big money shift from top-down with tax credit, kickbacks and unobtainable promises. We're becoming more and more a society where people that HAVE money are the ones benefiting and the workers fight over table scraps.

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