36 thoughts on “Graham: I'm all for tariffs if it fixes immigration problem

  1. Raise tariffs anyway and only incrementally decrease the tariffs as Mexico slows down and stops the invasion!!

  2. I pay a lot of attention when men speak like Linsey Graham.
    I bet Schumer wear panty's I can't hear word he said, What what what Schumer what.

  3. Thank you Graham I was worried. I'm still not sure he's MAGA but he's up for re-election in 2020 so he's going to behave until then at least.

  4. Blaming Mexico for the problem of immigration is no different than blaming your neighbor for letting somone break into your home .It's nonsense to penalize another country because America can't enforce their own borders.

  5. The way to stop illegal immigration is to fine or give jail time or both for the people or businesses that hire them. Problem solved.

  6. Senator McConnell better be backing our security at the border! In one month 140,000 illegal invaders came across our border, that is equal to our Troops at Normandy Beach. Mexico is responsible for the deaths of hundred of thousands of Americans and can hardly be thought of as a friendly country!

  7. They hate all republicans and sometimes have a right to. Ryan was a traitor to the party and photos and evidence with him, dems and mullahs and many other crimes is damning! Trump is better than all of you do nothings, with few exceptions, have ever been. A handfull in Congress have done their jobs and the rest a there with their hands out waiting to run for President. WE HAVE IT ALL! THE HAMMER COLLECTED EVERY WORD, MOVE, ACTION, CONVERSATION EVERY DEM OR REPB MADE OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS AND WE HAVE THAT NOW INCLUDING ALL THE NSA AND OTHER INFORMATION. ALL OF IT! Worry now boys and girls. sm

  8. Today, with 60,000 Mexican troops headed to the border, it seems the dems are full of crap again! Who's kidding who? sm

  9. We need a new selection of congress..Schummer is making NO sense * Trump will win to do with Mexico**.I totally agree with you Lindsey! .. ** Pelosi making NO sense, wants trump to go to Prison .. Dems have Lost the Plot****Pelosi is totally damaging her own Dems
    Pelosi's and Nadlers Lies,are disgusting, regarding our dually elected President ..They are using the Media to the Max like Muppets
    for their own selfish agenda, to help take down, an honest President.. This Has Now Gone.. ***Past the point of no return***….Pelosi is being totally insane Toxic and dangerous, along with Nadler ..Spreading such false, Criminal, damaging, statements , They have caused .. Presidential Abuse and Harresment ..Breach of Presidential Priviledge and Privacy.. spreading lies and vicious attacks online, which can be seen and proved..The more they attack the president, the more credibility they will have Lost in 20/20
    God bless you Lindsey, thankQ, keep up the good work, have a happy day !

  10. trumps not the problem – he is just a clown doing the bidding for you Graham, McConnell and the other Republikans who should be removed from office (and your owners).

  11. Its time to flip this idiotic President from power along with his criminal GOP henchmen like Lindsay Graham and Mitch. The time is right for this Country to elect its first female President. Welcome President Elizabeth Warren!!!

  12. Trump has used this before. Hit them in the purse. In the end, this is all about money. Trump knows money and what it can do.

  13. I'm amazed Lindsey can formulate words with all that presidential jizz, in his mouth.
    Term limits….its the only way

  14. Tariffs on Mexico are dumb. Not building a wall is insane but Dems only like walls around their houses. Tariffs to try to reduce the problem are better than nothing.

    I will not vote for ANY Democrat until they help fix our immigration catastrophe.

  15. Mitch McConnel must educate his bunch of Idiot GOP Senators to be like the DEMORATS stick together and vote as one Voice .

  16. Is Schumer Kidding. HE does everything he says he's gonna do. SHUT THE BORDER DOWN AND ENFORCE LAW!!!!!

  17. It's the Demorates fault, they are the party that sent the message for all of the Mexican people to come to the United States.

  18. Well then let's get Pelosi, Schumer, shiff, and the rest of there goones out of office they don't belong here.

  19. I happily will pay more for good veggies and enchiladas to STOP the invasion of our culture and nation!!!!

  20. Tariffs and large fines on employers…if this doesnt work then the only thing left is "Full Metal Jackets"…..they are invaders…not immigrates…

  21. This fight needs to be weaponized the border needs to be closed to human traffic goods can still pass with the tariff until we have months with zero people crossing our border!!! Tariff tariff tariff start putting a fee on all personal remittances to Mexico these people have been paying lip service for year's

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