Guide to Shopping ads on Google: Set up your Merchant Center account

I’m going to help you set-­up your store in the Google Merchant Center. To do this, you’ll need to create a merchant center account and verify and claim your website. The merchant center is where you manage your product info and update changing inventory to show up on Google. To get started, go to First up, fill out all your info. Your store name will be displayed next to your products on Google so be sure it matches the name on your website. This email address will be tied to your site verification. For your web address don’t forget to include the prefix or you could end up getting an error message later on. Everything good? Awesome. Now the important stuff verifying and claiming your website. Skipping this step would keep your products from showing up on Google. From your dashboard, click business information then click website You’ve got several options for completing your verification. I’ll walk you through the recommended way but you can explore other options by clicking on the help center link on the screen Click on the link to download the verification file. You or your webmaster will need to upload it to your website using the method that works for you. Including a site admin tool FTP or terminal or shell access To make sure it worked Click on the link shown You should see a message that confirms you’re now able to access and modify your page. You might notice that your website is still listed as unclaimed, don’t worry claiming your website is final step. Click verify and claim You’re the proud new owner of a merchant center account Time to celebrate. Check out our next video to learn how to upload product inventory into your Merchant Center account.

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