50 thoughts on “Harley-Davidson CEO: A motorcycle shipped to India has a 100% tariff

  1. Honestly American engineering just sucks anyway. We Indians prefer Japanese or Indian bikes as they are reliable, comfortable,cheap, efficient and did I say reliable. Even American cars in India have very less market share in comparison to Japanese,Korean and Indian manufacturers. Companies like ford and Chevrolet used to be popular before 2008-2012 but since then Indian,Japanese and Korean products for the win!

  2. Trumps decisions are made with mindset of white supremacy or american supremacy ..its had nothing to do with ethics or moral neither economical

  3. fk America and Israel we hope both rat infested shiTholE's gets hit with RussiAs satan SS-2 and IndiAs AgnI V' america can gaG' a fat dk kneepad wearing hermaphrodites.

  4. so?America tariffs are 350% japan706% south korea 807% australia163% we should raise the tariffs even higheR'

  5. Getting a taste of ur own medicine. America had long been practicing tarrif staregy to grow home made products and now if some other countries do the same u call it unfair.!! FK OF TRUMP

  6. Short term tariffs meant for protectionism is good for the locals to play some catch up. Long term it just destroys domestic productivity and cause foreign trade issues. Both developed and developing nations do it. I think the discussion should focus on negotiating the terms length and other options so everyone benefit from competition. Trade war and blanket hatred speeches is just stupid and causes more pain to average people. The people up there won’t be affected at all. Even used politically, Sanctions and trade wars have a history of producing undesirable results and cause a lot of pain to average people.

  7. You people will amazed to know on imported cars here in india government charge 109.7 percent tax thats why we people cant afford luxury cars.

  8. Trumph is right
    India needs to cut taxes
    Its just Too much
    Last year kawasaki sold a lot of zx10r cos of low price,if the prices of harley come down it would sell like hell

  9. The Engines on the new 2019 H-D Softail Deluxe are exceeding 750 degrees making the motorcycles too hot to ride. After 25 miles-take one for a test drive and see if you can reach 26 miles. Straight ahead or stopping and starting…burn your leg-seize the engine-all things we DON'T want to endure while trying to enjoy a ride.

  10. This C.E.O. is a fuck head, really Harley no longer American, Keep the company here, send that shit head out of the country. No more American jobs leaving, so dont sell ur stuff to them, make them come here and buy here.

  11. You can buy a good car in India for $20,000, much cheaper that Harley Davidson. Harley bikes don't have a lot of buyers in India because of it's price. People in India who love motorcycles prefer Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Bajaj etc. Motorcycle brands like Harley Davidson, Indian, BMW are considered as a luxury.

  12. Harley is like anything else if you enjoy to own something you will pay any amount for it , boats, cars, shoes ,clothes one person will think it's ridiculous to pay for , harley is a lifestyle, unless you ride a motorcycle of any kind you won't understand ,alot of change is coming with the baby boomers dieing and Millennials and Generation Z not caring about these lifestyles, it's called times are a changing , I must say thank the harley gods I was able to be part of a lifestyle that is hard to explain to a 99 percenter

  13. well why dont they setup a plant in India that way they wont have to pay tax or is it just too much of a hassle to make a ton of money without benefitting the country you want to sell in😁…

  14. I wish Matt Levatich would focus on their brand and keep up with the times. I have an ultra limited that has 44,000 and would like to get a new 2019. $29,200 for a new one?!?! really HD? You are not listening to your customers and still providing a stripped down bike compared to what you get with a competitor. You are slowly pushing your customers to say Indian because you get a lot more for your money. Matt is sitting back on HD laurels and figure we are just going to keep paying top dollar just because.

  15. Welcome to my world (Australia). The tax here on things like a Harley makes it cheaper to buy Japanese or even a nice big car. A cheap Harley will cost about $30,000 new, and that can go up to around$70,000. Motorcycles are COMPULSORY (in a free country), but the reason…60% tax. So the government makes a fortune out of helmet sales, so they make it compulsory to wear one. THEN… on top of the 60% tax that they don't tell you about, there is also a 10% Goods and Service Tax, so you end up paying GST on the tax. And politicians wonder why they are not popular.

  16. Hardly Davidson will not exist in another 10yrs! Only elderly people ride,polish these over hyped,over priced heaps of shit!

  17. in india fuel effeciency matters a lot, even the bikes in pleasure riding category have to give atleast 30 kilometers per liter i.e approx 19 miles per 0.264 gallons. even if the tariff is slashed down completely it will bring down the price of harley's entry model to 300000 rupees which is $4250 excluding Goods and service tax which is at 28% for bikes above 350 cc. you can buy a car at that price in INDIA. INDIA's per capita income is approx $ 2000 US. ofcourse India has a high income inequlity so per capita income is not a conclusive factor so as to determine weather harley davidson bikes can be sold or not but even if i am an HNI (high networth individual) i would rent a harley rather than buy a harley as its not the most suitable every day use vehicle.

  18. There is a 100% tax on Harley's imported into India. This is to protect there Indian made Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Two of the smaller Harley's are wholly made in India and the Indian government is just trying to support there local industry. What Indian in India would have to money to import a Harley with a 100% tax anyway. This Harley CEO should be telling us why he decided to give the job of building Harley-Davidsons to the Indians in the first place. Lots of American jobs lost there. It is so that they can have the same motorcycle built for 5000 dollars in India and then sell it to an American customer for 16,000 to 18,000 dollars. They are just greedy bastards. Buy a Polaris Indian while they are still being made in the good old USA.

  19. Hey mister greed you still here your over priced all your stuff is made in another country don't see me crying there's other bikes have a nice time don't let the door hit you in the ass

  20. These countries are doing these high taxes or tarrifs on Harleys because these Bikes are better and sell more then the others they have there. This is their lame idea on how to level the playing field. I say if they tax us 100% then tax all their stuff the same no matter what the item is ! If we import their clothes into America , then tax it all 100% and go from there. Lets be fair ?

  21. If Harley were built in Canada,I wouldnt buy one.Im Canadian and have bought three since 2008.I lovs Harley and I love your country.

  22. This guy is a BS Artist Blah Blah, ask him how many millions he gets in perks salary, expenses yearly, once again blah blah and blah

  23. Standing up for the USA is the goal and why should the tax payers have to keep paying more and having less money year after year no thanks to the Democrats .

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