Hermitcraft 6: Episode 115 – Mega Trading Hall

Hello everyone, this is Bumbo Cactoni (let this stay pls) welcome back to our episode on the hermit’s crafts and is episode 115 and today we are starting things off over by the little zombie small trade conversion center that we created in the previous episode of hammock craft and Well, I’m starting off today by saying that I eat I think this is bad We spent a lot of time on it and and we put a lot of work into the redstone development but I’ve been looking at some villager trading halls specifically this one biological geek boy I’ll link to that video down in the description because it’s a solid video. I’d suggest checking it out He explains all of his decisions in full, which is always nice But he he has taken a slightly different route to the whole zombie conversion thing and it’s a really really interesting one So here we have our villagers they make their way into the trade selection area This is something that we’ve already got this is where you choose the trade that you want you lock that in and then you send Them off into the actual trading hall himself and that if we take a look down here You can see we actually have we have a zombie just milling around Underneath and if we want to get our trades cheaper, so for example this guy right here, that’s quite an expensive trade We flick this lever here that will drop him down. This guy will make his way over to him and Do the work Eventually Oh bill here will be converted into a zombie villager. We can then pop him up We can shoot a potion of weakness and then give him the Golden Apple He will then be converted back into a villager and have super cheap trades And then also all of these guys will gossip saying hey Did you see Mambo converting that zombie villager back into a village and he’s a good guy and all of these guys Will drop their trades as well. It seems smart. It seems good. But most importantly this is the most important fact It looks really awesome. Doesn’t it look awesome It looks can you imagine these? stacked up on top of one another in my gigantic haul that I’ve created it’s gonna look nuts and also too logical gig boy, I Appreciate the redstone on glass I’m a fan so I am going to get right to work on this one Let’s test history to it to be honest with you. Um, I mean Have so much more space than I was expecting But I think two layers is probably the way that we’re going to go and we can split these guys up One block apart from one another I’m gonna have to check out the depth and things but whoa We’re gonna be able to fit a lot of villages in here. Oh, do we go double sides? Is that excessive? It could be excessive having two sides Staring mmm, but it would be really cool. And we are we are competing for two hundred diamonds here This is a pretty solid start as I’ve already captured a couple of zombies that we can use on the inside of this thing to Actually convert our villages. They’re not going to despawn they’re holding items. This is already looking really cool, isn’t it? I’m already excited for this now We’ve had to make a slight design change in that we’re not going to have the stacked ones anymore because they simply just don’t fit There’s not enough room height wise for them. But also 40 modules we can have 40 different villages in here I don’t think I’m ever going to need 80 villagers this seems like it’s more than enough So now after doing a little bit more progress on this thing, we’re working on the wondering villager units I think that’s what good to be calling these things because this is where these guys are just gonna be wandering about looking for villages that they can potentially kill off basically and I realize now that I said villagers during that clip instead of zombies, which haha I mean Are there any murdering villagers I suppose yes. Yes, they’re totally others the pillagers then I mean they’re not really villagers But they kind of look a bit like villagers. They’re like the villagers psychopath brothers. Can you remember the days before pic block? I mean I would say Genuinely, the pic block function makes my built about 50% faster than they otherwise would be especially when doing things like this I mean This is just perfect for pic Rocking you can just fly on through I’ve decided it’s probably smart to just focus on one side and Try my best to get that done and then use techniques that I’ve learned from that aside on the other side to hopefully build it A little bit fast there now I’m working on the redstone lines out the back, of course Placing all redstone possible on glass because everyone knows the redstone on glass is definitely the future I think all my rest contraptions are gonna be built out of glass from this point forth. But this This is actually I mean we’re approaching the finish here. This is going real smooth The only slight problem with using glass for everything is that it uses? Well, it uses a lot of glass Thankfully we have got stockpiles of it from that time I tested out my super smelter with a full double chest worth of sand, but still we’re flying through my resources here Regardless, It looks amazing I’m happy to fly through my resources if it’s looking this good and one interesting thing about redstone on glass Is that redstone is a one-way texture now, this was actually sent to me on Twitter I’d completely forgotten about this fact, but it’s What makes redstone on glass even cooler look, so you can see all of this redstone lines. It looks alright, it looks pretty cool but if we pop down underneath You can’t see the redstone lines anymore How sweet is that? I promised by our episode 130. I will have stops going on about redstone on glass just right now It’s very fresh for me. Anyway one bank of this villager trading hall has now been fully completed So we’ve got all of the pistons across the top you can see we’ve got our minecart rail complete with activator rail So this is what’s going to be putting on villagers out into the system. It’s all there It’s all kind of ready to go apart from the string, which I haven’t plot on the observers just yet I’m going to do that last but this is it. This is it. So now we have to do the other side You know what? I think third-person time-lapse it is and this one it is going to be super fast and during the super fast time-lapse I thought I talk to you about Kubo Kubo is my new golden doodle puppy I’m sure all of you’ve seen him on Instagram if you haven’t linked my Instagram is down the description he is he’s adorable he’s very very sweet and We have had him for exactly two weeks now and I got to say it’s actually been quite smooth I’m running on very little sleep That’s the only thing because I keep having to wake up in the middle of the night to let him out so he can do His business because puppies can’t hold their business for very long, but he seems to be potty trained I’ve taught him how to sit and we’re working on down. He just he can’t quite seem to get it He goes to go down but then he kind of stops halfway is a little bit strange. Also I’ve learnt they really hates this noise pfff Seriously, if I ever want to stop Kubo from doing something that I don’t want him to do I just have to blow raspberry him and he will just stop in his tracks and sit straight down. It’s actually quite useful Anyway, the second villager trading hall has been constructed. It looks nuts It’s also, little off-center If he is off-center, I will cry one two, three, four five one two Three four five. Thank goodness for that. I was panicking I have just thought though and people who are in the technical community You can answer this with the point of interest system with them facing each other is there a chance that a villager on this side here will think I can path fine to something over here and Then set that as their point of interest because that’s really gonna ruin things. Now the big question is and it always seems to be where am I gonna get all the string from because we need we need 80 pieces of string and I definitely don’t have 80 pieces of string or 17 pieces of string and that’s kind of cheating. I can’t take from there I mean, we really need like a general mob farm. There’s anyone on the server have a general mob farm I feel like they actually don’t but the good thing is we don’t need one because I can always just take from the community storage In sorrow I mean that’s what it’s here for, isn’t it? Okay so with this in a position to seemingly start operating I think it’s time to actually go back into this area and What I mean, it seems such a shame But it’s essentially tear out what we did in the previous episode of hammock craft There’s no easy way to do it I know we spent a lot of time trying to work out the best ways to do all of this stuff And I’m sure it would have worked well, but I just I really really like this village of trading Hall design so this is the one that I’m going to be going for and then I also want to have a little trade selector a Little bit closer to the trading hall, so I don’t have to keep going to and from areas over large distances Now I was originally planning on killing this guy but he is with his little squid face. He is very adorable. So I think If I can just I mean he’s got diamonds does make it difficult if I can just get onto this minecart rail Then we might be able to save him and move him into the new villager training hall. Okay He is now off so he is going to continue being part of the villager training hall And I think we can all agree. He looks rather lovely in there Squid heads squid heads on anything other than the squid is Alerus to be honest They they look pretty hilarious on squid as well. Please, please please be able to pick up items. They’ll be amazing. He’s already in there Yes, all that has made life so much easier So this zombie just spawned in here and now he’s in there forever of course for pure decorations sake we need to give him some form of head and I personally think that this I mean You know, I’ve got it lying around. I think it would be perfect. This one’s for you, my dude Suits you so now it is time for the actual village of trade selector So as I think I mentioned down everyone in the episode but also as I mentioned the previous episode of hermitcraft the way that we select the trades or the villager is we literally place down something like a lectern if we liked the look of the trade then we just trade emeralds with the villager and that looks those trades if you don’t like those trades then we break the Lectern replace it and the villager gets a whole new set of traits It’s a really kind of overpowered system But it’s also a really cool system is one that I quite like and it leads itself to all sorts of opportunities And we’re going to be using and abusing that in this room right here so that’s where that’s going to be going but we need to make sure there’s no Pathfinding to any of these because there’s also going to be a bunch of points of interest All along this area here, so we don’t want the village of this inside here to link up to those So we need to build up some form of piston door But before we do any of that I thought would be a good idea to actually hook up all the minecart rails So that goes across like that and one other thing that I’ve done is I’ve handed in this system right here once again to try and avoid some pathfinding instead of having a just a normal exit which obviously The villager would be able to pass find out off and go to all the other points of interest I’ve added in this little door that drops him through and then he gets taken up like this into the system I don’t know if this stuff helps they seem smart I tell you what else is smart, and I’m actually quite proud of its this piston door. It’s super simple. Okay? This is not magnificent in terms of redstone but what I like this is that it’s kind of Symmetrical and it has actually quite a nice opening closing sequence and it looks really really clean. I’m a fan I’ve also just had a brainwave not actually now that I’ve done it I’ve realized isn’t Angie that good of a brainwave but I quite like having I quite like having this zombie here So he’s gonna stay I am also now armed with two lecterns So I feel like we should just give this a go. I’ve got some emeralds on me. I’ve got some books I think I think we just give it a shot We see what happens and if it breaks it breaks One thing that’s definitely on the to-do list though is to add a button to request a villager actually on the inside of my training Hall as opposed to having to swim all the way out here to pick one up. It’s quite annoying Anyway, this guy seems to be on his ways gradually travelling along and Shoots he has gone through okay He’s died Not a good start is that really too far feign to fall What enough I means we found in the villagers defense It doesn’t look like they have any knees or at least I can’t see any evidence of villagers having knees and I imagine that sort Of drop would be very painful with completely bolt straight legs So I’ve added a little bit of like a water safety feature into this thing. Hopefully that improves him hopefully This new villager doesn’t die on impact if he does. I’m sorry. Here he goes Alright that sounded a lot more positive it didn’t sound like there was no death that was absolutely no death there This is good news. Now it looked like it was getting dark So I imagine that means he can’t pick a trade or at least he’ll look like he’s picked a trade But then he won’t change from there. Am I correct in saying that? I mean I don’t know one talk about If you can tell I definitely need to add in some form of clock or redstone lamp in here That shows me what the time is after a lot of waiting and wondering what is going on out there This guy is just lost his profession, which means that now we can we can start running through his trade So loyalty one load of rubbish Efficiency three But still not the best Possible core – also not bad. I mean some of these aren’t bad, you know I’m breaking – I’m kind of hoping for so touching or mending That’s really what I want to be or efficiency. Five Agri affinity is also good. Oh gosh, you know what though? I’m breaking three is genuinely really really useful But I feel like I would be missing out if I didn’t have an unbreaking through villages somewhere in here Come on zero to true game machine I need 24 Facebook. Oh So I’ve just combined to him and his trades Have gone back to this. Oh Man okay So it looks like we need to have all the resources on hand So that when we get that trade that we really like we have to lock it in straightaway Because clearly otherwise the dude can just change his mind It’s actually quite comical how little I seem to know about these trading systems. Come on Let me sleep so I can trade with my dude feather falling for this seems like a good way to go. I Think he’s now locked in He’s now my villager. Okay, so if we then hit this button right here he shoots off It wasn’t the smoothest Smoothest of entrances but He then and he seems happy and hopefully he still has his trade Feather falling for Excellent news now. Where is our zombie? All right, let’s sort this guy out So our zombie is currently all the way over here if we flick this leaver at the end Is he even gonna realize is he outside of the distance or? Is he gonna recognize it? Oh, no, we’ve got dim one, dude There’s a really nice villager all the way over at the other end He’s just asking to be right. I guess I have to kind of tempt him along here. Oh Yeah, there we go Here we go And Now we’re talking no still not interested good Okay. All right. He’s been converted fantastic. So if we now throw this potion of weakness Boom and Boom Happy days now I need to make sure that I stay in this area because if I leave or log out That guy’s gonna despawn and we’re gonna lose that trait. He’s back. He’s back. He’s back and Still ten emeralds Ten emeralds for feather falling for now. The good thing about this system is is that we can actually drop this dude down again and He can be converted into a zombie villager again and Then we can reduce his trades further. Oh No, I don’t have any more weakness potions. Thankfully. I actually did it in my other chest, but has he despawned? No, he hasn’t. Oh So now we wait again and let’s take a look. Shall we? One emerald for feather four And twelve bits of paper per emerald Oh The deals are flying, okay, so that is I think we can all agree that that’s pretty great. Isn’t it? I’m almost tempted to buy a few myself. In fact, that’s that’s just to be just to be sure I’m gonna double lock in his trade. I don’t I don’t think that’s a thing but there we go I’ve just done a trade with him So I think this means that we’re now official now, obviously, this is all excellent news But I tell you what’s even better news. This is this is the best of the best news actually Agree on is currently on holiday. He is away He is a way for the next week which means that I can successfully farm sugarcane without it being stolen within the first five minutes is It gonna completely changed my life to be honest with you lease for the week so I’m going to FK overnight and get as much as I possibly can and then hold it away somewhere and just To be certain I don’t get potatoes My inventory was stone it seems wise at this point 11 hours later. I always do this I always encase myself in something that I need a pickaxe to break But then now I never bring my pickaxe with me, right? Let’s pop out here. No jump boost isn’t helping I’m just out of range of jump boost. How ridiculous is that right? Let’s take a look then Nice that is more than I was expecting From one night. That is not bad in the slightest I’m impressed. I am thinking though over at the perimeter I reckon would be a good idea to build up a massive zero tic based shoe. Cane farm I just have to warn the members of the server Because I imagine Probably wouldn’t be probably wouldn’t be great to run over long periods. Now, I’m very curious is my village is still there He is he is survived the night. He was knock. Oh my word. Oh, I think I just blocked a shot. I Think I reckoned that I Think that shot would have actually hit our villager and potentially killed him, but I think he caught the bottom of my feet Let’s see how many emeralds this guy wants to give me before he locks out all of his traits. I Mean, I don’t really know how the new system works to be honest with you. Ah Really you gave me 16. Oh I forget so He replenishes his trans and also gets new ones. I totally forgot about that Okay, let’s unlock everything that this villager has to offer. Oh eight emeralds for a nametag. That is not bad And that if we do, in fact, hang on I’m gonna do that because if we do that We can then rename this villager so that if he gets turned into a zombie in some kind of freak accident he’s not going to de-spawn and Also if he just gets too and into a zombie because of this dude down here then I log out the server We’re not actually going to lose him because he’s been renamed smart. Welcome to the village’ trading homeless to subscribe. How can I help you? So if we take a look here, we’ve actually we’ve made him a master He is now a master trader And also I got to say I’ve gone through my entire inventory of paper pretty much. Let’s just do the final ones That’s it. We’ve got over two stacks of emeralds. I am liking this new villager trading system. We’ve got bane of arthropods You’ve got respiration. None of those are particularly ridiculous Cursive vanishing is quite cool to have but all in all oh this is gonna be crazy Once you get all the villagers in we’re gonna have it’s gonna be so useful So there you have it ladies and gentlemen that is today’s episode of hermit craft pretty proud of how much you’ve managed to get done if you can hear some shuffling in the Background that is because Kubo is currently in the process of stealing my shoes. What are you doing? What are you doing? anyway I really do hope you enjoyed if you did please use to that like button if you really loved it that make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys remember and I’m out. I’ll see you later Jorma lap, this is your time to shine dude. Oh Well, I mean clearly you’re not quite cut out for the silver screen yet but one day

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