High Stakes Poker with Chris Moneymaker! (Part 1)

we film and stuff special guest
appearance by mr. Burton they can’t see me
this isn’t this lighting isn’t black people friendly who’s talking check out
his YouTube channel the drawing dead best editing in the game thank you I
appreciate that I don’t know how you do it dude look
here your stuff is like like what you do is heart I know like it’s some ways a
lot harder I’ve known I mean like you don’t have all the fancy tools and all the screenshots yeah the import/export
that’s yeah that’s that’s that’s really impressive the one good thing is it’s
convenient like I can do it yeah you got everything in your hand on the plane
right – chillin playing online I’m just yeah or live I got to pull around hard
drives and all kinds of memory requirements and rendering issues and
all kinds of stuff but you know we get it done to each their own Ian we get it
done the entertainment for the fans free entertainment yeah because it’s not like
we’re getting paid for this shit tens of dollars per video dollars of dollars per
video you heard it here first I ate a Casey’s pudding in the booth I’m
gonna get D monetized own family hello we are bringing you a very special
Stones live tonight I am joined by the one and only mr. Damon Burton vlogger of
the drawing dead vlog we have a like something extra special Chris Moneymaker
is on this table tonight a few of you guys may have heard of him we also have
Jeff boesky vlogger extraordinaire gently factly he’s in the game and we
have the one and only Mike big P puzzle it’s a half pillow half no-limit hold’em
mix so you know if you get bored with two cards we’re gonna give you four
tonight yellow trying to get a snap at them
ducks who are you asking for wanna buy mine for John yeah I have it I haven’t
done it yet to a good night of gambling I buy in for
$1,000 blinds are 5:5 with a $10 mandatory straddle we’re playing round
by round we’re currently on pot limit Omaha apostles under the gun plus one
with King Jack Jack 5-1 suit he makes it $30 mark puts in the call with the
double suited somewhat disconnected hand of King Jack 7 3 still pretty standard I
expect this to be a big action game not much folding especially on a live stream
the mailman puts in the call on the button moneymaker
tips the waitress for his duck tacos and actions back to me and I pick up pieces
with the Queen 3 suited to the spades I love aces in pot limit Omaha especially
with this action I think there’s only one move here and that’s pot make it a
hundred and sixty to go I actually wish I had like 500 my stack so I could just
jam any flop when I get one or two callers but I have a feeling this isn’t
gonna get through much and I’m just gonna build the pot so hopefully we flop
a set a flush draw trip Queens a wheel or a real low board paired type of board
where it’s you know deuce deuce five and then we can just get it in well we don’t
want to see is like a Jack ten nine or a seven six five type of board where
they’re flagging ranges which consists of really any four cards are gonna hit
the flop and our equity is gonna be very low if not almost drawing dead two sets
streets even two pairs apostle came here to gamble he puts in the call actions
back to mark and he’s like well I didn’t come here to fold so let’s uh let’s see
what the flop is of course I’m out of position so they kind of know what I’m
up to and they probably are putting me at aces
my other two cards they don’t know but they definitely are putting me on aces
or some sort of Broadway rundown like king queen Jack ten Jack ten nine eight
so we’re four ways to a flop and here comes the flop 655 dollars in the
middle six five three which looks pretty innocuous at first but I’m really
thinking wow I’m just gonna pot it for 655 and you know call it off against two
pairs sets straights combo draws six seven eight nine I’m not doing very good
against that either so I check it to kind of see what my opponents do you
know hoping to get two cheap showdown that’s not very likely to players check
behind me and the button checks the turn is an eight a card I don’t like now
hands like a lot of two pairs get there eight six seven nine makes the straight
pocket eights so plan is to check and evaluate not really loving how I played
this hand I think it might just be profitable to just pot it on the flop
and just if you’re beat if you’re beat one thing that I didn’t have going for
me with the pot flop line is backdoor spades I think I even double-checked my
cards I think if like the three was a spade I think I go for it for that extra
you know 5% backdoor equity part of me might have been scared money I didn’t
want to go broke this early and have to reload you know I got a few grand in my
pocket but this is a big game I don’t play cash games that often possible bets
4:30 which I assume is for value I think he’s recognizing that the checks
behind on the flop or week he’s putting all of us on mainly over cards and he
wants to deny our equity and get value from his pocket jacks with the 5 back up
he gets one fold the mailman somehow has Kings which I wish you would have just
repotted pre I would have had him crushed he folds now it’s back on me and
I’m like wow now we’re heads up I might just have to go for it I got one pair
with no real draw bottom pair draw do I just shove here for effectively a min
raise with one pair ultimately I think better of it and fold pocket aces okay
oh yeah Cheetos had a bad feeling about that one
oh no oh wait I just saw the replay right I’ve said aces are doing on the
PLL yeah oh yes yes we just saw it tell us what it was a tragedy I mean I should
have just jammed the flop oh just like a pot size bet left but I’m like these
guys are playing in you too I mean odd to them all having like jack-hai run
downs and not like four five six seven that just crushed that blob I’m drawn
dead I got no backdoor spades not for me but thank you oh yeah so I know I even
was afraid he’s like thin value betting just bear over a pair on the turn she
still has so much equity it just really hurt my feelings to see that on the
replay yeah yeah I’m gonna Jam the flop gonna check jam the turn but just pair
aces he’s losing good on that wed of award
there was no flush draws i had that going for me but it’s tough spot I don’t
know maybe long-term it’s a bad bad fool but oh just wanted it on that totally
understandable see if people are in the chat learn like this is good King Jack ten
nine excellent almost as good as in a lot of ways the
very next hand I pick up a monster on the button King Jack ten nine of course
we’re gonna raise it up to the thirty five dollars we get three callers and
the flop comes all low cards we do have the nut straight draw
it’s a gutter ball and the backdoor spades when action checks to us we do
have to be weary once again on these low boards we got the big cards
due to his blocker effects odds are they got the low cards checks through in the
turn of the Queen a great card gives us various straight draws pretty much all
to the nuts so it’s good to be drawn to the nuts in Omaha apostille bets 90 just
under just under pot size and gets an immediate call I’m probably kind of
putting on one of them on a flush draw maybe one of them on two pair or a set
Queens up is possible we don’t block any of these combos so when it comes back to
us we’re definitely getting a good price to draw it or our straight wish it was a
monotone board but we’ll play clubs on the river accordingly let’s see what the
action is we put in the call over 400 dollars in the pot it’s still a little
shook from the last hand and a 10 hits the river I don’t like it’s a club but I
do like that it gives me the nut straight apostle starts thinking about
it and puts in the check mark sitting there with the jack seven a 5-4 pretty
much squadoosh is he gonna Bluff at it he has no club blocker he doesn’t have a
jack blocker and he eventually thinks better of it checks it over to me now
the question is do I value betting how much I could value bet small say 150 to
try to get value from two pair but I think these guys are good enough that
they’re not going to be calling with two pair when the flush hits the board when
I over call the flop so although it seems like a pretty nitty check I think
it’s pretty standard just to check a lot of times I’m going to lose to a low
flush in this spot yeah I’ve done that
and that’s how you have a daughter what from doing an Asian accent so doing it
anyway pocket jacks for Jeff boesky from the big blind okay I’m getting
laser-focused in here let’s let’s get this going so possible from under the
gun plus 1 at the a sign of Hearts went ahead and opened 220 now Geoff Bowes
who’s gonna 3 bet pretty large here 7 & a half
x2 pocketjet with pocket jacks fossils calling this gets everyone else
to fold out King 7/10 only one over card to Jeff’s jacks impossible and position
Paulson position I think I would have liked to seen a continuation bet they’re
from from Jeff he’s kind of impossible the green light here unless Jeff has
just has it in his head to kind to kind of call him down this is what I was
gonna say I like the check from Jeff here okay so I think that this except it
is trouble something more troublesome when he checks back because it is such a
wet board I understand it but against apostles specifically I think trying to
play a bloated pot against him out of position is just like a hard spot for
anybody especially with the hands is kind of vulnerable like pocket jacks and
so I can understand but he’s giving you know possible just every option to
realize his equity just should feel comfortable now though but I will tell
you this about Jeff again I said we talked for a few minutes before the
stream he didn’t know text again a third time he didn’t know my pasal he had just
kind of heard stories you never met him they met like minutes before this this
started so if he has some of that in his head the legend apostle he might just be
kind of you know playing a little slower just trying to get possible some rope
it wouldn’t be mad at that at all yeah I think on the river there he could have
gotten some first value but just like because powell is so adept you never
know like so is he gonna put me to the test here because apostle that that is
possible scam $10 straddle still on action folds to rich in the hijack who
makes it $40 to go with east nine of hearts we got the eight seven of hearts
on the button pretty standard call could three bet
John goes for the trap just calling East King out of the small blind I don’t know
if he thinks there’s going to be a squeeze from behind and he wants to back
raise or he just wants to play carefully floppity sore a king a post flop does
come jack hi rich whiffed and we have nuts straight draw action checks to rich
who eventually puts in a seabed 105 dollars is the price he doesn’t have
much equity ace high might be good sometimes but he’s an action player he’s
in there to mix it up I don’t think it makes much sense to raise here I think
we’re just gonna call in position try to hit our straight or Bluff on future
streets depending on the run out we could definitely represent a set or a
club draw depending on how the action goes King gets the turn another brick
for Rich is he gonna continue to barrel that’s the question he knows I got
something but will I fold that something he lines up a bet of 220 dollars now if
we call this we’re gonna have just over a pot size bet left for the river think
we’re getting okay odds to chase this is really putting the pressure on Jeff here he does find a call at if he has a plan
if he misses which he does and he can take this away with if this goes Shaq
Jeff should be betting here a good portion of the time I mean that flush
draw coming in rich can’t like that rich definitely would not check if he does
make a flush draw in this spot he does check Jeff Haas to bat here
he should know it’s the only way he’s gonna win this pot eight high is never
gonna be good he can easily be representing a flopped
open ended flush draw straight draw and he does bet oh he moves all in
impossible for rich to call here good job Jeff whether this works or not this
is a definitely a long-term plus evie play that’s one thing you guys you
always have to keep that in the back of your mind you’re always trying to make
plays that are long-term plus expected value that doesn’t mean they’re gonna
work every time we’re here with a thirty five to fifty
year old Mexican male playing at stones gambling it up that’s right you’re still taking pictures with blinds s55 with a $10 mandatory
straddle apostles first to act he bumps it up to $40 from now playing pot limit
Omaha he has the ace ace King 7 double suited a beautiful hand Steve puts in
the call with pocket tens 8 for mailman folds rich he puts in the call action
folds to me in the big blind I have Queen Queen Jack ten with hearts a very
pretty hand probably a little bit too weak to be three betting out of position
though when the flop comes ace queen three I’m ecstatic
we got middle set we got the backdoor flush draw
we got the nut straight draw now the question is how to play it apostle is
very aggressive we’re gonna check it to him of course in flow see how this
action plays out he puts out a bet $110 the other two players quickly fold which
is kind of a tell that they just got nothing on this board so what does
apostle have you could have a hand like ace king Jack 10 East King Queen 10 ace
3 4 5 I put in the call and the turn is a 5 so this is a good card for me I
don’t think he has many 2 4 in his range but he will to have a lot of Ace 3 ace
five a squeen rarely pocket threes but only hand we’re losing to clearly is
pocket aces so now the question is when he bets $200 and I have $1,500 behind
what’s my best play do I just call and go for the river check Jam the main
problem with a river check Jam is that a seasoned player like apostle knows that
this is going to be very rarely a bluff of course it depends on what the river
is but I think our better plan is to raise it now try to get as much money in
while our hand equity is high like I said we only lose to one hand we want to
deny equity from hands he could be drawing with he could have the king-high
flush draw he could have two pair he could have a lower set so we want to get
it while the getting’s good so our best plan I think with relatives
to act sizes is to pot it let’s make it $1,000 to go and go with it if he shoves
were calling it off if he calls were shoving any Rivers let’s play over a
$3,000 pot on the stones live stream I announce pot and he looks disgusted
that’s a good sign now we’re hoping for a call let’s casually put our thousand
dollars out there let him know we mean business while he contemplates his
options he eventually says all right let’s just get it in how many times do
you want to run it I’m all-in I say doesn’t matter he says doesn’t
matter to me I say all right whatever twice let’s just run it and let’s see
what the first-run brings boom a five we got a boat
the second rivers in offsuit nine we show our set of Queens and he shows top
set of aces and scoops us for a huge pot the feeling is horrible but the only
thing to do is reach in your pocket and pull out another thousand dollars to get
back in the game the table silent I think they were all rooting for me but
it wasn’t meant to be guess I’ll just talk it up as a cooler
my other option was to check hall turn check colony River just to keep the
bluffs in his range I think I went with the right play if I didn’t turn equity
with the flush draw I think would have been an easier check call but it is what
it is let’s try to run this thousand dollars into something much bigger the
games still good the stream is still alive let’s get it

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  26. 3:35
    Creating a medium sized SPR with AA single suited is probably a bad move (or at best a VERY high variance move). But now I see that this SPR is only a bit over 1, so this was good. As for this flop… Its close. It is very low, so should miss some ranges. It's probably a good idea to just shove the flop since your EV against your opponents is probably OK, but with THREE of them, you will certainly be drawing nearly dead sometimes. A lot of these players seem to love garbage like KJJ4, (and it's much easier to get dealt one of these turds instead of a quality wrap) so that means it's even more likely your opponents don't like this flop. If the flop had a flush draw, I think you just have to shut down with aces, or maybe try betting your blush, if you have that suit.

    This is the kind of situation you can and should analyze in advance. i.e. When to jam with AA** on a variety of flops when your SPR is low. This is very likely a very mathematical sort
    The problem checking this is that you more or less have no choice but to fold to a turn bet and you can expect one, and you simply cannot realize your equity if you check.
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    I agree, jam this. You are only behind AA. and still have outs. You would REALLY need a huge read to assume you are behind. Far more often than not he has some equity that you need to make him throw away.

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