one guy is nice one guy is not and they're starting in a brand new show on A&E called barter kings these guys can take a small little item you might think insignificant and end up with a super package of coolness so we said we got to talk to these guys before they actually hit the air on A&E the gentlemen join us right now I believe we got Steve and Antonio good morning car good morning con well good morning to you guys I've got to ask the Premier's just around the corner how you guys feeling a lot of excitement here awesome it's the the tensions building cuz we're about 36 hours away from the premiere and I'm flabbergasted this is think this is awesome patel's Steve and Antonia how did you guys meet and get this whole concept rolling well we met back in 1995 I sold this guy a car and he was a pain in the butt that's not selling apparently I still AM a pain today but the relationship grew over the years and in 2005 we started a couple business things and noticed people had stuff I mean people were accumulating stuff because they had so much money the economy was so good and in 2008 we asked a couple people what they were doing with their stuff and they said nothing they can't sell it nobody has money nobody's buying it and here we are we decided to start trading that is a great story but now that we have the great story I need another one Steve how did antonio get to be known as the shark because i do very little talking and like unlike steve he did he does most of talking he's the nice guy i get in get out i try to make my deals as fast as i can and you do well and steve what made you so nice i I won't do a trade or if somebody's feelings or personal property it is is sentimental to them I won't do a trade even if they want to do it I get attached to the person not the item whereas he's attached to the item and not the person so if anything is nostalgic or sentimental whatever this guy just gets it done and moves on and I have a hard time overcoming that so I make sure it's a super good win-win where he's just interested in like a win-win well no doubt about it sounds like you guys complement each other well now I'm curious Antonio what does it mean being a junkyard kid you know what my dad owned the junkyard growing up so I was in there at actually I was in there at age 2 just rolling around inside the junkyard so I mean with car parts and every kind of thing you could think of he owned a huge junkyard all right where you've got our attention but prep us a little bit at what did you start with what item did you start with and what we were you trying to work towards well this was an interesting one because this was kind of first time that we were on camera doing this and it was a free-flowing deal but I just got a hunch and I picked out some Elvis Gold Records and I said you know what I'm gonna see what I can trade these for and see how far I can get me and I want a speedboat for the family and this thing was the most amazing series of events you've ever seen and it all worked so well that I think we were sold on trading before but after this we're definitely sold on it now and I just wanted to see what the biggest thing I could come up with so I started with a laptop and worked my way all the way up to a lifted f-350 truck oh geez that is incredible but before we let you go can you guys give all of us maybe two tips on how to barter better my tip is patience is the first you have to have patience and you have to be willing to deal with rejection so patience and persistence would be my tips and mine would would be never feel guilty if you win the best item and what do you think my best it would be I always always know your item yes never go in not knowing your items certainly great tips thanks for joining us I look forward to the premiere thank you very much you're gonna love it certainly to cool guys I let you know reality shows are getting cooler more dynamic more unusual but this is a show I would tune into we'll have to check it out barter kings we'll be right back here I get connected because we love leaving you and the no so glad you got to check out that clip but listen we've got plenty more going on here and get connected our TV show my friend and I are gonna give you a glimpse of all the fun so take it away the Sun shines bright as it moves across my face I feel the light and everything is in its woke up feeling great they was made for me love is good the way it should the way it was meant to be well join us and we'll get you in the know check us out and get connected at Cohn tv.com and be part of the movement

31 thoughts on “Hilarious! BARTER KINGS

  1. This show is plain stupidity!!! What barter!?! It was used by our ancestors during the ancient times because humanity did not invent Money!!!!  Cash!!!! Currency!!!!  Now!!! In the modern era!!! barter as a major business!!!! C'mon!!!!

  2. ya rite there is no way ask any one that weels and deals only way these guys trade is if they rip some one off is only way they will they trade

  3. This is how Craigslist bartering works in the real world. People screw with your Craigslist site. I find it hard to believe that the tattooed Audrie Hepburn looking chick works full time listing on Craigslist. You do a lot of driving. Do not expect the people to drive to you. Lots of wasted trips.
    It takes months to do trade streaks. I trade for things that need restoration. Do people to trade perfect condition items for lop sided deals? Yes, It happens but again… they are long shots.

  4. I have been bartering for two years. I always have 70 items listed for barter. Out of 70 items, I will trade or sell 2 items per week. 50% Of the deals are cash. It is difficult to have a trade streak of six deals or more. A lot of the same items have been collecting dust for years. To do 6 consecutive trades within a month is next to impossible. The high value differences in Barter Kings are long shots. It has happened with my barters but the ratio of a home run deal is 1 out of 50 trades.

  5. this is the biggest load of Sheeet on tv at the moment…. I swapped a $100 drill for a $4000 ride on mower??? WTF?? Oh nice show with the scissor lift leaking 'CLEAR' hydrolic oil guys… its water fags! Hopefully what I heard in the industry that this is the last season as they have been cut!!… – THANK GOD! I was thinking about trading my cat for a lambogini…

  6. Trading UP is based on perceived value. You have something that you don't value because you don't want/need it but someone will. Altruistic values are at play here to. 🙂 Kiinzel helps people achieve their bucket list or big goals through trading up! 🙂

  7. The show is more funny then the bartering part. I am really ticked off because everyone has now jumped on the "Trade Up" bandwagon. You go to craigslist now and no one tells you what they want or need all they say is "What do you have to trade or how much cash you got" and everyone and their damn mom wants to trade up. How can any one trade if they all expect to trade up.


  9. this show has helped out alot, ever since i watched i ive been hookednd mad good trades….an broke 2500 pressure washer for a new laptop with webcam/ torn carpet dual 15"speaker box for a like new PSP GO/ rusted up 1600watt amp for a brand new xbox 360 with 10 new games


  11. every reality show is scripted to a certain extent but that doesnt mean they are fake. mgarandsniper what are you 10 yrs old saying you thought trades were supposed to be even a trade is a trade no matter if its worth the same or not sometimes its not about how much something is worth but how much something is needed or wanted. lastly (thaught) is spelled thought. and DWcriticism must be a hater.who drops the F-bomb that many times and gets that mad over a tv show what a loser haha

  12. Yeh, that was another one….either these people making trades with the "barter kings" are incredibly lazy (since their reasoning for making the trade almost always is because they need the item right now) or most likely, these folks are part of the show.

  13. I have a friend who's dad works in the barter kings department on a&e. Everything that is just them is scripted and acted out. How ever when they go to trades and deals it's all real no BS.

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