Home Based Business Ideas – How To Pick The Most Profitable One

hey there Aaron Chen here hope you’re
doing well if you’re watching this video right now then you’re doing a bit of
research online on home based business ideas okay so you want to be based from
home you want to grow a business but you have no idea what to do you’re just kind
of searching you know looking around trying to figure out what’s gonna really
work my name is Aaron Chen I’m an online entrepreneur I’ve been online for nine
years eight of those nine years I failed miserably tried lots of different
business models so over the next few minutes I’m gonna talk to you about some
of the options that I tried and why some are better than others and hopefully
this is gonna give you some really really good ideas for your own home
based business ideas okay and then you can use for yourself and you can pick
whichever you know options that I spoke about all right so first couple of
things that I started about nine years ago is I started in MLM network
marketing which is also known as multi-level marketing right that’s
basically huge businesses like Herbalife MonaVie Amway where they basically have
a type of product sometimes they have multiple products and the way that it
works is you recruit your friends and family or other people that you might
not know you bring them into your organization and you build what they
call legs and the more people that you put into your organization hopefully it
gets to a certain point where it reached it reaches what you call critical mass
and then it continues to grow by itself and then you create you know residual
income for it’s for yourself and you don’t actually have to do that much work
anymore okay so that was you know the way that it was sold to me anyway
in principle network marketing and MLM is great and it works but the problem is
is that being able to recruit that many people into your downline as they call
it is extremely difficult okay and I’ve been in four different MLM companies
when I first started and I recruited probably about 15 to 20 people but once
I hit 15 to 20 people it started to get very very difficult right and so I moved
on to the internet because I did a lot of research on YouTube just like you’re
doing right now and I figured out that actually you can build a network
marketing company online right and you can start to attract people that you
don’t actually know personally okay like you know beyond your friends and family
there has to be a way to bring people into your business right and so I
started to do it online but I soon realized that
you know constantly just recruiting people and not selling the products
because that’s what tends to happen you tend to just focus on you know bringing
people into the business instead of actually selling the products it starts
to become a problem right and and the problem is is that even though network
marketing companies usually have some great products sometimes especially the
newer network marketing companies when they focus so much on just recruitment
they start to have a lot of problems with the government and with with law
okay and regulators so a lot of these network marketing companies they they
end up being shut down by the by the by some of these you know the big
government’s depending on what kind of country you’re in so I’ve been in a
couple of network marketing companies where they shut down after one or two
years okay so I thought to myself you know it’s a great home-based business
and in theory it works but I don’t want to focus on recruiting people and I
don’t want to be in a business model where eventually it’s gonna shut down
you know it’s kind of like building your business on a bed of quicksand okay it’s
not solid and so you know you want to build an online business or home-based
business where it will last forever you know you want to build a business that
you can pass on to your kids and your kids kids right you don’t want something
that’s a flash in the pan you know here today gone tomorrow
I didn’t want to build an income source like that right so I continue to look
around and I I next tried something called affiliate marketing right and
affiliate marketing is if you’ve never heard of it before is you can do it
online or offline but it’s very powerful if you do it online okay and all it is
is you’re taking somebody else’s product that means that they’ve created and
you’re reselling it to a group of people that need to solve some sort of problem
for themselves and then when you sell that product you as the affiliate
marketer you get a commission okay and usually that Commission could be 50 60
70 80 % of the purchase price sometimes even a hundred percent right now there
are two types of affiliate programs there’s physical goods like Amazon or
Javy Norman or you know a lot of these big retailers in shopping malls and
stuff like that they all have affiliate programs okay but I don’t like to focus
on physical goods because the the commission structures using very very
small so you earn of small amount of money I prefer digital
products right so if you go to big affiliate market places like jvzoo or
Clickbank literally you can go on there today you can google it and you will see
hundreds of different products that you can sell online and when somebody buys
it all they have to do is go out go to the membership site and download the
information right and usually the information they download this through
PDFs or videos ok and so this is one of the best businesses that you can get
started in right the problem with affiliate marketing is that it can
actually be pretty complicated to make those sales if you don’t really know
what you’re doing ok so that was kind of the second thing I tried and I and I I
knew it was good but I kind of struggled in it a little bit and I didn’t really
know what I was doing and so I made a little bit of money and then I didn’t
really make that you know that much money from it and I decided to kind of
move on ok and so after that I tried you know selling ecommerce you know I
started I wanted to set up my own store I I sold like physical goods on on fit
on Facebook you know and and I tried a few other different business models
after that like top tier sales as well and you know even push-button software
ok and what I found was that out of all these different business models right
network marketing MLM affiliate marketing top tier sales ecommerce you
know for selling physical goods of your own you know creating your own products
I even tried that I’ve created two or three of my own my own products and I
tried selling them as well and what I realized is out of all of these
home based business ideas, there was only one home-based business that I thought was
the best okay and it was for these reasons first of
all I realized that I needed a home-based business where it needed to
be powered a hundred percent by the internet by technology okay because you
could start a home-based business where you know you’re you’re creating physical
goods and you’re selling it from your garage right or maybe you know you could
be trading your time for money where you’re maybe you’re stuffing envelopes
from home that’s also home-based business but it’s not online right
that’s an offline thing so instead of going to the office you’re working at
home but your visit we actually doing something right there
are other home-based businesses where you are outsourcing your services to be
paid every time you complete an action right so for example websites like
Fiverr comm is a marketplace where a lot of out sources from all over the world
can give their services and then every time they complete a service you get
paid five bucks right now that to me didn’t really make
sense because you can’t leverage your time right you’re limited by how much
time you have so if you have 10 hours in the day you can only do ten hours of
work every single day even though you’re based from home right but to me there’s
no leverage okay so in the end I found that I needed a home-based business
where I could be at home I could leverage technology and I needed to be
able to sell some type of product right I didn’t want to recruit people I had to
be you know I had to be selling some sort of good a physical good so that
it’s a legitimate business and it wouldn’t get shut down by the FTC or by
some governments or whatever right you need to do it to be something that’s
super solid okay and so the most solid business model out of all those business
models that we just spoke about is basically affiliate marketing it’s the
most legitimate you’re selling physical sorry you’re selling yourself you’re
selling products okay you’re not trying to recruit anyone you’re actually
selling products and it’s a hundred percent online so you can do it from
anywhere in the world the problem was I couldn’t figure out how to do it
properly okay because what I was doing was I was just driving a lot of traffic
and leads to the affiliate program and that’s actually the worst way to grow an
affiliate marketing business what I realized after eight years of doing you
know all these different businesses is that with a fillip marketing you have to
be able to pick a very very good affiliate program you have to build what
you call a wrapper around an affiliate product so that you’re completely
branding it yourself and then you have to drive a lot of traffic to the wrapper
and build a relationship with your list okay and by doing that that is the only
way that you’re gonna stand out from thousands hundreds of thousands and
millions of other filip marketers in the marketplace because most affiliate
marketers are just sending traffic directly to
fill it offer and if you do that then you look like every single other Philip
market around the world and people are not gonna buy a product your conversions
are gonna suffer and you’re gonna end it you’re gonna end up spending a lot of
money and then you’re gonna go broke and then you’re gonna quit and you’re never
gonna succeed in building a home-based business okay so if I can give you any
home-based business ideas today the one thing that I would say is building a
strong affiliate marketing business is one of the best things that you can do
for all the reasons that we spoke about okay and if you want to check out my
affiliate marketing business and how I do it all you have to do is click on the
link right below this video you can see a little link there it’s gonna lead you
to my website you have to enter your email address inside and then on the
page after that I talked a little bit more about how I actually built my
affiliate marketing business step by step and I show you you know exactly how
I did it and you can just straight up copy it okay so let me know what you
thought of this video give me some comments below if you thought this video
was helpful at all give me a thumbs up okay let me know what kind of home based
business ideas are you gonna try have you ever tried a home-based business right you
know what do you think about the whole idea of trading your time for money you
know I don’t think it’s a good idea you know would you much rather leverage
technology tools and systems and create a business way you can leverage your
time and generate as much income as you want okay let me know what you think and
I hope to speak to you soon all the best in your home-based business and I look
forward to hearing your success story in the very very near future
take care

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