100 thoughts on “Hong Kong’s white-collar workers trade laptops for Molotov cocktails

  1. Go manufacture or buy guns and that way you stupid rioters can have an advantage over the police.. since America is so willing to brainwash you idiots.. ask trump to supply you idiots to fight like in video games.. THAT IS… IF YOU IDIOTS DARE TO DO IT.. China will NEVER yield to violence.. so leave and go to America or U.K. since you idiots carry their beloved flags.. SOAR HAI to all of you idiots.! Get guns and get real..!

  2. You want to be more aggressive than usual . It okey then but you must accept the consequences what the police will do to you. If the police hit you or shot you , don't cries . You are the one who choose that choice. No body force you.

    This is not a protest. This is vandalism. Molotov cocktail is no way to be peaceful. It is war with bloodshed. You are step-by-step inviting Tiananmen. Your weapons & gears will vanish when you cross the red line. Why not step back now & give peace a chance? It might give you a breathing space to fight another day. Remember president Xi's warning: 'those who seek to break Hong kong from the motherland are inviting broken bones & crushed bodies.' No one wants that to happen. A word to the wise. . . PEACE is the NEW TREASURE. Take it before it is too late. One China, One Motherland.

  4. Have you seen the man who was set fire upon when he dare to challenge and disagree with the protesters ! Evil craze grips Hong Kong people. Foolish.

  5. HK has been built over a long period. I am not discounting the contribution of a 32 year old. But HK was not built in the last 10 years. Interview some older people already. One sided story.

  6. Many Chinese trolls here posting comments. I just returned from Hong Kong. The protestors enjoy widespread support and among all sections of society. The officer who stamped my passport thanked me profusely when I expressed my support for the protestors. This is a war. War is not peaceful. Chinazi must be defeated. These are amazing people and their sacrifice will not be forgotten. Free Hong Kong and Free China.

  7. It's a very sad that the Hong Kong chief is ready to sell out Hong Kong to China. She is not accountable to the Hong Kong people, but to her boss the Chinese communist party who selected her for the top position..

  8. what a bunch of washington post hypocrites. Not all white-collar workers had traded in their laptops. What if I said American middle classes are trading in their laptops for drugs?? which is true, as I know of one middle class idiots had done just that…so what? and that's the proof that all Americans were into drugs? Why don't you sh*tfaces report the unbiased truth instead for a chance???

  9. Something about the government is so wrong that even accountants are rising up against it, may be stepping down and apologizing to the people could end all these protests?

  10. They forgot in a working democratic system the opposition tolerates a full term and use vote to regain power. They are motivated by perceived police brutality and taking the laws into their own hand Their actions only increase cases on brutality and making their wishes come true. Whoever started it is very clever.

  11. Biased media!! The people in black burned and killed all ordinary HK people whom disagree their destruction of the the whole city!! The rioters in black keep lying to media! You support them that mean you support terrorists!!! If these people’s wrong doing happen in your hometown, what reaction of you?!

  12. Hope this kind of beautiful could show up every where in US, everyone is learning from HK protester because even WP is supporting violence,so you hot no reason to stay peaceful.

  13. nice, good to see hong kong being destroyed。 very nice, just burn people, this
    Is way to get Democracy, democracy will solve your housing problem, if you don't have water Democracy will rain for you, suckers

  14. I think let the people in Hong Kong to solve their differences. We outsider do not have the right to condemned or against? We ate not there ? So we should keep our mouths shut! Please respect them right or wrong?

  15. protestors? you guys are terrorist.. burn and beaten up others who dont share the same view as you? stop making democracy into some sort of religion

  16. WP, be careful what message you are passing to your local protesters: when you do not get what you want, petrol bombs are the next choose?

  17. Come on, are your newspaper implying that white collar workers had joined the rioters in mass? In reality these are the white collar workers who answered the call for lunch time protest but they are not the majority by far.

  18. What gave them the illusion that illegal actions would work when even legal actions don’t work… they’ll gain nothing except destroying themselves

  19. These terrorists had claimed an innocent life this week by smashing the face of a 70-year old with a brick. This is the FIRST death that is directly linked to the crisis. The blood is on their hands, as well as all those who harbor, condone, or close a blind eye on such violent acts, including THE PRESS. These people are even guiltier than the actual culprit themselves.

  20. All these delusional terrorists will come up with any lame excuse that they can cling onto in order to justify their violent actions.

  21. How the hell do you justify violence!!
    WP go screw with your own country’s people and not report untrue & propagate violence, shame on you!! You are supposed to report and not take sides! This is what USA does! Serve you right and the retribution your people are suffering because of your actions!

  22. Everyone that goes out there, it doesn´t matter if protestor or ploice does so because he or she belives it is the right Thing to do. And if someone belives his or her Thing is the right Thing to do, then i say go for it.


  24. To all those keyboard warriors the reason u can be typing all your high and might comment IS because someone made that sacrifice. Freedom is not Free.

  25. God bless Hong Kong!
    May God protect the young, fearless men and women fighting for DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM against the evil Chinese communist government!!
    I'm so proud of all the brave Hong Kong protesters!!
    Keep fighting and never give up!
    You are all heros and your sacrifices will never be forgotten.
    Love from Ireland 🇨🇮

  26. Doesn't look legitimate. They always work from the shadows.
    This is just an act to the world to convince their government is "peace loving" n the protestors are troublemakers.

  27. I don't support China, but this entire protest is getting stupid. How is making bombs and civil unrest, peaceful? They are delusional at best.

  28. Time to take this one step further Hong Kongers. The police suppose to serve and protect you, but became traitors as long as they have a  paycheck. Your already marked as criminals and some of you go to prison for fighting for freedom. If your going to go to prison for something you didn't do, why not go to prison for something you did do. VIOLENCE is your best friend. Go after the families of police, make them as examples. Play the head game. Put fear into your enemies.

  29. If you wonders why protest are mostly violent in HK these days , because the government doesn't give permission to pro-democracy people to demonstrate peacefully and if they do have permission police will just shoot tear gas and arrest people who wants to peacefully demonstrate and forces people to dismiss before they can gather and rally .But pro-China party can do demonstrations but not getting treated by tear gases and arrests. Clearly oppression on pro-democracy people in HK

  30. Samson, stick substance ( glue, used thick dark vehicle liquid that connect from garage which covered with sandstone.) or grave oil.

  31. Violence demonstrator have destroy many bus station,railway station ,attack police with weapons,Air gun,
    sulfuric acid,some policeman hand is seriousely burned by the acid,but they shoot no one to death..If In USA,the mobs have been shoot 1000 death,in Chile or iraq 100 death

  32. Don't ever let these protestors forget that they have forced the HKG government to release the murderer who killed his pregnant girlfriend. This is a travesty of justice.

  33. I'm an adult!!!!!!!! You can't forbid me from logging in! This is news. No one was killed. Why do I need to verify my age?

  34. Wow, are we encouraging protesters to use violence to get government attention and achieve the goal? Y’all know what to do in future

  35. " These terrorists are fighting for something we Hongkongers never lost, while sacrificing everything we already have. " anonymous. Subscribe to The Washington Post if you prefer biased fake news.

  36. Dude, the white shirts told you not to come back to Yuen Long that night. They put up posters warning you there’d be a battle.

  37. These protestors think they’re rioting because China sucks, but actually they’re doing it because Hong Kong sucks.

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