How does Commodity Trading Work? | MXT Global Education

what are commodities in the trading world the key commodities and precious metals include gold silver crude oil platinum and palladium what classifies these as commodities is that their basic goods that can be easily substituted for another good at the same time for example one barrel of oil is the same as any other barrel of oil regardless of where it comes from when you trade commodities with MXT your trading what's known as a CFD or contract for difference this means you aren't actually purchasing a physical commodity like a bar of gold or a barrel of oil instead you're speculating on the price movement of that asset because you're only trading in a price direction you're able to profit whether the market is rising or falling and with commodity markets open almost around the clock that means there are always opportunities to trade with MXT you can practice trade in commodities in a 100 percent risk-free environment with our free 30-day demo account you

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