How does Zulutrade work? How to Start Trading Using Zulutrade – Helps for Beginners

hi and welcome to John Zulu trading what we're looking at here is obviously the home page to Zulu trade now there's a few things we're going to go through today and I'm gonna guide you through those and that's going to be opening up a demo account the other thing I want to quickly look at is on the main page here that a lot of people will be interested in and it's one of the top strategies that we will cover in more detail at a later stage but for now let's have a quick brief look at it now what it is it's it's following the top five traders on the performance table and we'll go through that later but if you were to follow the top five traders on Zulu trade for the last 12 months you can see the performance and the performance charts here now if you had $10 per pip following the last the top five traders in the last 12 months you would have finished with over three hundred and fifty six thousand dollars now that's incredible again we'll go through that strategy later but for now what we're going to do is open up a demo and we're going to do one of the easiest strategies on here that does produce a lot of profits so what we'll do is we'll go to register and here you can see it takes us to the next page for now we'll leave a live account will click on demo so let's go ahead and click on demo now this takes you to the part where you can log in with your Facebook account if you want to with the blue tab there so go ahead and click on that if you have facebook and you want to log in doing that otherwise put in your email address as it is with your first name last name country and phone number now the base currency is something you choose if you're based in Australia you don't have Australian dollars you can choose USD leverage is five to 100 which most brokers have anyway balance is going to be your practice fund so this isn't real funds this is practice money that you can keep realistic as possible if you want the benefits of that if you're going to fund with a live account with under 3000 then click on 3,000 keep it as realistic as possible otherwise ten grand is the one I've chosen put in the verify image and click create my demo account this will take you to the next page you can see there I've already been assigned to user name from ZuluTrade now what we're looking for is an email from Zulu with our activation code so what we're going to do is we're going to check our emails we're going to copy and we're going to paste the activation code into this field so let's have a look at your emails now now this is what I received from ZuluTrade I can see my activation codes there so I'm going to copy that now and also I'm gonna have a look at my credentials so they've sent me my username and my password so now let's go back to the other page where we can now paste that activation code in and click on activate my account this takes us to our actual main page now we've logged in we've got an account it shows a few things the risk meter bar is something we'll go through later but for now what I want you to do is say thank you I do not need the wizard because I'm actually going to guide you through now here you can see this is your main profile remember I chose $10,000 in my account we're going to do a few things the first thing I want you to do is go to mode and I want you to go from simple to advanced now this opens up a few options once we've done that I'll explain but what we're going to do for start is we're going to go to traders so here we are in the performance table now it's important for you to know that the top-ranked traders always here in the performance table whenever you want to follow a trader this is where you come if you want to deselect a trader this is where you come so essentially what you're doing is you're managing a portfolio of traders for you based on your strategy and we'll go into strategies later but today we're going to cover a very basic strategy that works very well obviously we have more strategies so we can go into more detail in other videos but for now what we're going to look at is some of the top five traders here you can see number one is Phoenix Seven number two is New Wave now what I want you to do is make sure that up here the mode is set to advanced because it means you can see more of these details and when it comes to details the more you have the better it is because not only is it return on investment it's return on information so we're going to look at a few things now you can see that the chart performance is here for example New Wave hizmet he's made over 8,300 pips in the last 17 weeks he's on average in a trade for 13 hours his success rate is 81 percent his return on investment is over 1,800 percent he's made 790 trades in those 17 weeks and he makes on average 10 pips per trade now the other important figure here is that there's over 9 million dollars worth of live money following this trader which means there's people out there like you and I who have allocated money towards him that totals over 9 million dollars so he's he's trading with a lot of our money but doing very well he has five thousand five hundred and eighty-five people following him so let's actually have a look at this guy in a little bit more detail so let's click on his name and that will open up his profile so here we are we've clicked on new wave and it's brought him to that's brought us to his profile and here you can see a bit more information on him so we're going to cover a few of the most important things now the top one here is the strategy description now keep in mind that these guys are professional traders they're not going to give away everything because it's not in their best interest to but they will give away their basic and general lot you know general knowledge of how they trade so you can read a bit about that there if they're not based or they're not English English speaking there is a translate button over here now you can see that this guy is because he's from America whatever the flag is there is basically where these traders are located around the globe now we're going to look at a few things and the first thing is going to be that their performance chart here is going in the right direction obviously that's an important thing for you guys to follow and you can see here that this guy is very very consistent over the period he's been trading now we're going to look over here the amount following and we covered this before but you can see there it's almost nine million dollars worth of live money following this trader he's made eight thousand two hundred ninety one pips in 17 weeks now let's put that in perspective what that basically means is that if you were trading if you are following this trader with $1 per pip you would have made eight thousand two hundred and ninety one dollars now it's also important to know how much money you need to follow this trader so we're going to cover that in two seconds firstly we're going to look at a few other things you can see the followers their return on investment a lot of these things we've already covered but it's important for you know for you to know what they mean obviously the average trade time there is 13 hours maximum drawdown is only 10% which is fantastic basically what that means is if you had $1,000 towards this trader trading on your behalf he would have only at some stage being down in open positions 10% which is about 100 dollars so that will give you an idea of how safe this trader is now his maximum open trades at any one time as so far has been 6 his there is his worst trade that's his best trade has he got live followers yes he does and this is a real important thing here his necessary minimum equity is 221 dollars basically what that means is that you need 221 dollars in your account to follow this trader at 10 cents per pip now what that means is that if you had 10 cents per pip on this trader then you would need 221 dollars in the last 17 weeks you would have made 829 dollars so your return on investment was over 400 percent based on the fact that you started with 221 dollars so you can see there what kind of returns he's had now the other really good thing you can check out is that you can see how much profit are the trea other people have made off this trailer so here you can see that this guy here has actually made $42,000 off this particular trader this guy you can see is made over 13 thousand dollars of this trader so it's always good to see what are the trip up but what other followers are doing and how much profits they have made as well what you can do is you can always jump down as well and see their trading history so this is well you've got a demo count you might have not even be signed up to him but you might want to have a look at a few things and one of them is the trading history it's always important to know how well this guy's been performing you can see that here there's a lot of green which is always a good sign there's two losses there now if you have a look at this 10 pips 10 pips six point six eight point six he trades well he looks like he might be kind of in and out he's looking for about ten pips on average you can see some of the pips are a bit higher at twenty two point six but then he's had two losses and obviously more wins in a row so he's doing very well now the other thing to check out is the open positions here you can see if he has any open positions he does have one at minus 88 pips the other function here is you can see all the live followers and how well they're doing from this particular trader so here as we've already covered this person's up $42,000 from this particular trader now the other thing you can look at is the performance it's good to get an idea of how this guy goes on a monthly basis here you'll see that in January 2013 he had a pretty slow month of only 244 pips however in February had a very good month with over 2100 pips in that month again March over one and a half thousand pips so this will give you a really good idea of how this guy performs on a monthly basis so now let's get actually stuck into one of these strategies so what we're going to do is we're going to go back to the main page there by clicking on main account and here we are so let's get stuck into the strategy which will be following the top trader at all times so to give you an idea when we follow the top trader at all times we have to check this on a daily basis when someone falls outside of the top being the top trader we need to replace them with the person who therefore takes over the idea behind this strategy is that you're always following the top trader at their prime so basically their strategy is working very well in the muck the current market conditions and that's what we want to do we want to focus on someone who's hot to go when he's trading very well so the first thing we're going to do is I want you to click on settings and here we're going to change the lot size to standard make sure it's on standard if it's not you can change it here so go to standard and click on save account settings now what we're going to do is we're going to go back to the traders and we're going to follow the top guy now remember there's a certain amount of equity you need in your account to follow these traders so let's have a quick look and just get an idea how much it would cost to follow this guy with real money and then we can obviously move forward from there but it's always good to know so here you can see necessary minimum equity to follow this guy is a hundred and ninety-nine dollars in your account to follow him now that's based on 10 cents per pip now remember here we've already seen the pips he's made in the last 52 weeks say he's made over almost let's say six and a half thousand pips now at one dollar per pip that would have been a profit of six and a half thousand dollars but keep in mind that for a dollar per pip you would have made close to two thousand dollars in your account now 10 cents per pip you'd need close to two hundred dollars in your account and that would have made six hundred and forty six dollars so you've made quite a lot of returns there in 52 weeks and a lot more than your five percent in the bank so we're going to follow this trailer now what I want you to do is click on follow it's going to give you an option if you want to confirm that you'd like to follow Phoenix seven using Auto allocation modes to click on follow now what we'll notice is that he will now be in our perfo in our account so let's go back to the orange tab let's click on the main button there so we go back to our main page and there you can see he's now in our portfolio so Phoenix 7 is now part of our portfolio when he starts to trade his performance will go in this box here if you ever want to see performances you can do it by day 7 days 1 month 3 months etcetera and now easy now pour for it now he's in our portfolio that's all we want from him now what we're doing is we're going to be trading this guy at point 2 5 Lots which basically means $2 50 per pip now for 10 cents per pip we'll be quoted as 0.01 now that's for you with a live account but obviously there's more videos on that anyway so what I want you to do is go over to traders and this is how you're going to manage this portfolio your demo account will last for 28 days and what I want you to do is check this on a daily basis now we've got this guy in our portfolio as you can see here these orange buttons is to follow someone if you want to remove them click on the unfollow button but for now is in our portfolio so what I want you to do again is check this on a daily basis if for any reason Phoenix 7 is not number one click unfollow whoever moves up to number one click on follow and that there is the strategy if you're ready to take action now please click on the link below this video for more information

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  1. I chose AAAFX because I trade with zulu-trader, because of zero commissions and no spread markup. So far so good, I have very close results compared to the providers I follow, other people using other brokers say they get too much slippage, but I am ok. 
    Got my 10% bonus when required lots where completed with no problems. 
    Also support is really friendly and willing to help.

  2. I recommend it but investors especially newbies when start trading choose top ranking 1-5

    And make sure you don’t exceed the o-meter 100% between—50%_70% it’s up to you how you manage your money as for me 80% Risk and plan to invest for 5-8 years for example 2000 $ each year you win 50% -80% profits of the money so at end of year your capital increase to 3000$ -4000 next year 4500 -7500 then 7000 -9000 and so on good luck hope this helps

  3. Zulutrade guvenilir mi hesap acan var mi nasil hesap aciliyor,yada trader olmak icin illa gercek hesap mi olmasi gerekiyor

  4. Excellent video. However, it is based on the older version of ZuluTrade. Do you have the newer version?

  5. Immediate costs are 2.5% for card fee, then exchange fees and withdrawal fees. So reckon on 5-10% costs before any transaction.
    Have others made any money on withdrawing all their funds?

  6. does anyone knows why so many good traders stop sharing trades there despite earning a lot on commissions???

  7. your strategy of following the top trader at all times. Does that mean you change daily based on who is winning today, or is it winning this week, or winning last month? are you switching every day based on who is winning today?

  8. It sounds like ZuluTrade might be a great place for a truly professional trader to provide signals. It could take a few years to build a following returning ‘only’ 20% or 30% ROI annually (with very low leverage) and a max draw down of -20 or -30% once every 5 years… but after people realize you are the real deal and won’t be losing their money they might start to think 20% a year sounds pretty good. It could be an alternative for a professional system trader who is not yet wealthy and who would love to start a hedge fund but can’t for whatever reason.

  9. I want to say thank you to Mr scott Adrian for helping me become a great and successful trader today, with his awesome strategy i can boast of $19k weekly, am grateful sir.

  10. Dude listening to you talk comes across more clear than anyone explaining the system period. You make it simple and not complicated

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