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A global retail collection needs a whole
team to make it a reality. Here’s how to plan and bring your vision to life with
the help of Dropbox Business. Roll up your sleeves and start designing your
collection. Open up Dropbox Paper, a collaborative
document where everyone in the team can work together, from merchandisers to
designers and directors. Time to start stitching together a mood board to house everyone’s ideas. Simply upload files and comment, all in one space, then
drop in videos from YouTube or images from Instagram to get the team talking.
To keep everyone on track simply add a timeline or assign people tasks. Keeping
everything in one place means you can collaborate and sound out ideas together.
Landed on a concept? Share your ideas with the print, graphics, and apparel
teams. Now it’s time to find a manufacturer…but who? Send off your specs and wait for the quotes to come in and take your pick. Use the file request
button so the right person for the job can upload it to the right place.
Dropbox connects with all your favorite signature tools so you can easily sign
manufacturer’s contracts, accelerate turnaround times, and automatically save
your final signed copies back to the same place. Now that the paperwork is
taken care of, we’re ready to go to production. When your sample arrives you
take a moment. This is it. The collection is ready and the shots
come in. Dropbox seamlessly integrates with tools like Adobe Photoshop, Final
Draft, and Vimeo so your team can stay on the same page when it comes to providing feedback on your team’s files. When the collection is ready to be seen, share
your assets with the right people. Just upload files to your project folder and
set access permissions. And when it’s time to tell the world, be
loud. Plan your global marketing campaign for the collection all from your Dropbox
Paper doc. Pop assets for newsletters, your e-commerce platform, and social
posts straight into the document. Get the team to review them and then debrief.
Be sure all in-store promotions go where they’re supposed to. Dropbox’s
integration with VMware Workspace ONE seamlessly distributes real-time
promotions across devices right to your stores, boosting productivity and
providing a consistent customer experience. Finally its launch day. You’ve
come a long way and so have your designs. Admire the entire collection from the
Dropbox mobile app. Simply upload and review store window displays direct from
your project folder. It takes hundreds of ideas, a dedicated team, and Dropbox
Business to take a retailer’s collection from inception to in-store. Dropbox
Business – try it today.

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