How I Export WordPress Database from phpMyAdmin

hey we'll come to plug that web six dog into the video we are going to export our database in SQL format from our PHP myadmin now i've already show you how you can pick up your database automatically by sending to your e-mail in my last video but picking it up or exporting it manually sometimes is important because you know that you pick it up yourself and you know that it works so let's get started so first you going to your website which you want to pick up the database so this is it the site that I want to pick the database up and then going to hit to type slash and in cPanel to log to log in to your cPanel and it will redirect you to the cPanel I'm going to type in my username there so once you are in cPanel scroll down until you find files and file manager click on that and then here choose on document root for your domain and then hit go then we are going to find WP dash config dot PHP select that file and click Edit of you let's go on view here it will show you the configuration when you install WordPress for the first time and what the most important part is that the database name to note your database name so in my case my blog has this database name so I could go back to our cPanel home again and then scroll down and then we look on databases and then PHP myadmin click on that so as you can see I have now two database and if you have just one database you will see something like this when you click on this page so you will see something like this and then the rest it will be the same step then because we just take a look at our wp-config.php that our database name is this so we know that this database is ours so just click on that database tables and let me close this thing first and once you have your database tables like that make sure that the database name is correct and they're also and then you're going to click on check all button here and then either you can go to export pattern on the top or we to select that and then click on export and then you will see this page and you can export with two methods actually but I always do with click method and it's always work so leave everything here by default if you choose one quick and then make sure that the format is SQL because you can actually choose any format here but we choose on SQL from it and then hit go so when it's downloaded to your computer it depends on where you save your database mine is safe in desktop as you can see and then once you have your SQL database to have the best practice you create a new folder and name it to your websites okay for example I use WP how to cite calm then I will create this folder and then inside this folder I'm going to create new folder again and name it as database and then move this SQL file to this database folder now move then somewhere to your documents or somewhere safe where you next time know what kind of pickup that you have in this folder which is in this website so that's it guys it's very quick and easy that you can export manually your SQL file from your PHP myadmin so thank you so much for watching and take care of yourself good bye you

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  1. Very helpful video. Would be nice to have the "wp-config.php" file name show up on the screen as I couldn't read the file name shown. Other than that, it was great. Thank you!

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