How I Find the BEST Penny Stocks to Trade

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  1. Thanks Tim, working my way through all your videos etc, been studying hard. Can you cover "the rules" in detail? Am working to build knowledge account before I start trading, and am writing down "rules" as I distill them from you videos etc. Got "cut loses quickly" as #1 and have a few more but what would you say are the top 5 (or so) "rules"? Cheers

  2. Thanks for all your videos ! I am studying very hard penny stocks which was unknown for me 2 mouth ago. Can't wait to start trading !!!!

  3. Such a beautiful reminder. Thank you I held EDIT too long with hope alone big mistake made it out before I lost but if I would have lost I would have deserved it. And not a penny stock so different rules completely I showed up to the wrong court for the wrong team in the wrong game. Love this reminder!

  4. Tim.. May Our Father Bless You.. you have helped many people.. So here is my gift to you.. PLEASE watch it.. just as you teach your students to never stop learning.. here is TRUTH !!

  5. Good reminder…but i got to swing trade this one. Haha small position. Do you have any dip buy strategies with PDT rule in mind? I've watched a lot of the videos and the only problem with dip Buying opportunities is that you don't seem to be able to hold those overnight. Maybe spread capital between a couple of accounts to get more day trades for dip buying? Kind of like Grittani when he started? I tried sure Trader and got raped by their fees.

  6. I had a dream about you last night… it was crazy…. the Universe must be trying to tell me something… about you perhaps?

  7. Hey Tim, how do you "long term short sell" doesnt the broker end up buying to cover for you if you take a long time with borrowing shares? Thanks!

  8. perhaps one should seek stocks that have remained flat for a considerable period of time ..if they start fluctuating up buy to sell off higher and if they fluctuate down suddenly due to stop losses ect. buy on the dip..many patterns perhaps show that stocks first are artificially pumped up and come back down or they take a dip due to a panic and again regain their value…but this is to trade on penny stocks it seems these folks are asking which stocks to invest in …as you say hope and hold?!?!

  9. You said there has been a shift recently in opting for longs rather than shorts compared to previous years, can you elaborate on the cause and history of this shift? Thanks,

  10. I think you are missing the "idea" behind the question. The question people really want answered isn't how do you find a penny stock before it gets hot. The real question is how do you find the best hot penny stocks? The stocks that you trade before you trade them.

  11. How do you feel about NLST?I’m a daytrading bull but never buy under $1.00 but might change and try going long for the first time just because it’s so interesting ,It has had 45mill volume with a 600-800 mill settlement in the works for patents with othe suites to follow.I got in after it shot up from .15 to .37 some say it is really going to be a great ride to $6-$8. Should I load up ?

  12. I’m sure this man will change my life and my family I will continue watching his video and when we ready to start with real money we will I want this not just for me but i want my 14 years old and my 9 years old to learn this lifestyle i don’t want them to go through hell like I did

  13. I love the straight forward, no nonsense approach…. This is how you teach… I hit my first base hit today…. $20 bucks, don’t laugh everyone, it’s a start….😂😂

  14. Following the rules and understanding this is a marathon rather than a sprint keeps you patient to wait for the best opportunity! Are you patient enough? Or do you just need action! TRADE LIKE A SNIPER. Cut loses quickly. High odds of success. R to R

  15. Thanks Tim! Understand patience and follow rules! Wait for the the best opportunity. Not necessary for ACTION. Marathon not sprint. Don't be forced out by ONE DUMB TRADE. Go for singles.

  16. Geesh… I sat here through this whole video and I'm just wondering if I'm losing my mind or did he really NOT answer the question?? What is life right now? I must be sleep deprived…. .. .. So confused.

  17. CLICKBAIT BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Definitely ain't buying what you're selling, you love the sound of your own voice, and you literally explained nothing.

  18. Tim, you forgot to answer the question "How to Find the BEST Penny Stocks to Trade"… How-To-Find, and NOT how not-to-find, how not-to-trade, what-not-to-trade…and so on. I think that you should talk with someone who will not take any profit from you, or go meditate dude. It seems that you have enough stress around you. Take a trip in nature, alone. Where are no people, be alone with yourself a little. You deserve it. And stop being so sad, oki doki?

  19. I’ve been doing stock for 3 years and this guy is right and wrong. There is lots of potentials out there that has the capability of real growth. I’ve held some for 3-4 months and boom 100 percent or more in return. You must do your due diligence very thoroughly. Once you feel confident then look at the technicals and see where is a good price to buy for the stock. Once both are established, then you can buy and hold. Different Strategies work for different people. Swing trade, long term trades, short term trades are normal.

  20. Tim – get to point vs telling your success stores always. I like your suggestions but get frustrated waiting for you to get to the point.

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