How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling

– Let me get something straight. I don’t like your company. I don’t like your products. I don’t like you. Don’t let the door hit
you on your way out. – Gee, I wish I had 100
prospects just like you. – Perhaps you didn’t hear me correctly. I said I don’t like your company. I don’t like your products. I don’t even like you. Get the hell out of my office. – I heard you the first time. I still say I wish I had
100 prospects just like you. – Okay, maybe I’m missing something here. Why on Earth would you say
you wish you had 100 prospects just like me? – Because I know that I’m that much closer to my monthly sales goal. Let’s say your closing ratio is 25%. It means that you close one out of four. You’re pretty darn good, right? A 25% closing ratio. And let’s say you want to
close 100 deals, 100 sales. What does that mean? It means that to get that 100 sales, to get 100 yeses, you need to get 300 nos. You will not get to that 100
yeses without the 300 nos. I remember in the beginning of my career, I was selling and closing my
own services on the phone. And every single time when I’d get a no, I would be so disappointed with myself. I would be very frustrated, right? I would get very upset. I would get angry. Why couldn’t I close that sale? Then I would beat myself up. I would have a lot of self-doubt. But you see because I didn’t understand what I’m sharing with you right now. You cannot get to those
yeses without the nos! It is part of the game. That’s why we do what we do. To get to those yeses, you
must go through a lot of nos. So I would have a lot of this, emotional ups and downs,
kinda like a rollercoaster. You know what I’m talking about. Comment below if you’re in sales, right? Some days you feel like I am the champion. Right, I am the man! Next day you’re like oh
man, this is so hard. Next day you’re like this is it! Look at me, right? I’m so good! I could close anyone any time. And the next day you say to
yourself, I’m not good at this. Maybe I shouldn’t do this. I should just go get a safe, steady job. You know what I’m talking about. But if you’re smart and you stick with it and you are self-aware, and you ponder and you reflect. You know, am I being too obnoxious? Am I being too rude? Am I being too aggressive? Am I asking the right questions? Am I discovering my prospects’ needs? If you can self-reflect and
you ask those questions, you’ll learn more about yourself. You’ll learn more about
the prospect, the industry. And that’s how you get good, right? That’s how you raise from
failure to success in selling. It is the only way that you could do it. You see one of the
things I started doing is when I couldn’t close a sale, I would be very, very
straightforward with the prospect. I’d say, “You know what, Mr. Prospect? “It doesn’t seem like we’re
gonna be doing business today. “Can I ask you just one
question before I go?” And they would say sure. And I’d ask, “Is there any reason “Is there any reason
that I should be aware of “that why you don’t do business with us? “Why you’re not buying from us today, “why we’re not moving forward today? “Is it anything that I could help? “Is there anything I could improve upon?” And very often they would tell me, well you know I don’t like
this about your company. Or I don’t like about this feature. Or sometimes they would just tell you, hey, you know, nothing
against you, just bad timing. Maybe three months, six months later, we can talk about it again,
but nothing against you. Just we don’t have a need right now. And that’s perfectly fine. I guarantee you the
most successful closers in your industry right now,
the highest paid professionals in your organization right now, they experience the
highest number of failures. They are the ones who
experience the most amount of rejections, the most amount
of emails being ignored, the most no shows. Why? Because that’s the only way they would get to the numbers that they get to. You know why I’m Dan Lok? Because I have failed way more than you. I’ve made more mistakes than you. I have lost more deals than you. And that’s why now I run the
largest virtual closing network in the world. There is no objection
that I’ve not heard of, I have not seen. There is no mistake that I
have not made in my book. It’s very, very simple. I have been there and I’ve done that. I have sales scars all over my body. I have been burned. I have been lied to. I’ve been cheated. I have had no shows. You name it, I have experienced it. Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is part of success. So don’t fear failure. Fear you have not failed enough. Fear that you have not failed fast enough. If you’re not afraid of failures and you’re not afraid of hard work and you are serious, I
mean very, very serious about becoming the best sales person that you could be, to
become the best closer that you could be, to become
the best version of yourself, I encourage you to check out
my four-part training series. I’m gonna walk you through exactly how do you close more effectively, how to deal with rejections, how do you handle objections,
how do you redirect. And you want to go further,
you wanna study with us, you wanna join our global community, feel free to do that as well. Right I wanna add value
to what you do first. Check it out. See what we do. There is a reason why we have been able to produce over 3.5 billion dollars for companies and brands
from all over the world. – I just earned my 20th boom, woo! (cheering) And that’s how closing should go. It’s so much fun when you get to help people actually do
the things that they wanna do. Of course, I love my HTC family, thank you for everything that you all do. It’s incredible! – That’s only one reason
our methodology, it works. It just works. So click a link here. Click a link here. Check it out and see for yourself.

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  1. What is the biggest problem you’re facing

    in your life right now?

    Comment below. I might just make a video

    and solve that problem for you.

  2. Now I have the same with girls!!!!! But I think even if you did know about it, you would anyway struggled with it. Because you needed to learn how to cope with it on practice, but not in theory.

  3. hey Dan, may I use that quote in a book I'm writing: "Failure is not the opposite of success, is the path to it" I just loved that phrase

  4. I want to buy your training, but I'm afraid that my knowledge of English is not enough. I want to spend 1 year to improve it and then buy your training. But I don't know how to assess it on whether it's enough or not.

  5. Wow Sifu, after years of hearing this say, finally I get it. I'm now going to double my effort so I can fail fast. To get 100 Yes, I need to hear 300 No's. I need to make 400 calls to get the figures above. This is very Profound. #HTC4LIFE

  6. Hi Dan,

    The question that is in my mind for a long time is "is HTC techniques can be applied in any industry or country?"

  7. Its almost like picking up chicks , you will get shot down 90% of the time , after a while you wont be phased by a chick saying no , then you will get more chicks because your confidence will go through the roof …and chicks love confidence ….right ?

  8. Dan lok you are so inspiring this Gid economy generation it's so different from the older teaching even in the school you still see the and hear the go school get a job an you have open many eyes including mines a little more. Thanks a lot I mite not be a HTC yet but once I finish stocks I'm sure to squeeze my self on the HTC team (Knowledge is not power but APPLYING knowledge is power) Dan Lok I can never forget those line

  9. Master has failed more times than the apprentice has even tried. Thank you Sifu, I really needed to see this video today.
    The biggest problem I'm facing right now is that I don't have a purpose, without purpose there is no drive. So I am currently working on that.

  10. This concept is so simple and yet profound. Thank you for formulating it out, SIFU!
    Now I feel more motivated to search for influencers

  11. Hi Dan I hope your having a good day. I am finally watching your videos from my new computer. I have worked hard and saved almost every cent of my salary to get want I needed. the little I had i made the most of and never took it for granted. i thank you for all that you have done not only for me but for all the peoples lives you've changed, thank you sifu Dan lok. i loved the great new video.

  12. • My name is Islam, I am 23 years old, from Egypt. I have finished my studies at university. I want to start my own business but I do not have the money to do so. I learn from the successful in e-marketing, selling, closing deals and developing my skills., I need to build my brand, what should I do ?!

  13. Am doing E Commerce Network marketing 160+ … How build network.. am not adding people adding value.. how to start! After Rejection WT my role!?

  14. Hi Dan, I'm Julio from Philippines and I just bumped in with one of your best mentees, Emmanuel Cabrera. I'm in the best Real Estate Industry here in my country and I do experience a lot of what you are sharing about failure stuffs. It's really like a roller coaster ride and sometimes it feels sad and depressing. I met Emmanuel in our showroom (Alveo-Ayalaland) last week. It all went great and the talk just got more deeper when he showed me things that he's one of your mentees. I just cried out of nowhere in front of him because I'm following you for years and I couldn't imagine that I can meet a guy like him. I knew that day will be special for me and yes it did when he drop by in our showroom. Watching your videos are really great because we can apply it in ourselves but hearing it in a one on one conversation is really different and more exciting. I just wish that I can digest all the things that I've watched through your videos and the learnings that I've got from Emmanuel. I'm really serious on what am I doing and failure will not be an excuse for me to quit no matter how much "No" will I receive to have an "Yes".

  15. Hi Dan Lok, Can you make a video that explains how to invite prospects to an appointment because I'm a Franchise Consultant.

  16. Dan, I'm a NEW Digital Marketer for Small, I would like to serve Affluence client, where is the best way to find affluence clients?

  17. Hii Dan lok (my mentor) I want to buy your book Unlock it but I live in India and on your website there is no option for shipping in India.
    So when it will release On amazon so that is can buy it and use it.

  18. And most of all were humans thanks Dan only Him can be perfect so thank you Dan; God bless you sir that's why I always fail than my sisters and friends and I already understand why.

  19. This is a bit off topic, but I'm curious… Dan, do you get ASMR? Do you get tiggles from certain sounds and if so which is your favorite?

  20. Negative influences of people that just look it and are not it, to keep away from negative people pays!🐩

  21. i fear staying not successful. i fear staying not wealthy. i fear handing these over to my child/ren, like my ascendants did.

    i naturally fear failure, but fearing the above things, plus watching this video, has made me fear failure a lot less. Thank God for Dan Lok, generous guy who isn't afraid of sharing with what he has, I hope more blessings will go to this guy.

    for those who didn't understand what i'm talking about, everything in this universe is a transaction, action reaction, debit credit, buy and sell, give and take, firing and recoil, thrust and drag. if you give a value (outgoing value), it is inevitable in physics (and in karma which i think is the higher application of physics) to also receive something in return (incoming value), usually something of same value, but sometimes it also carries interest (or mark-up value, or gain). my point? if you're aspiring to be like dan, follow his example, be initially generous AND grateful, for the things you are about to receive, as if you have already received them. then, with a positive mental programming in place, work your butt off, i estimate the effort will be maximized, exponentially better than ordinary (imagine achieving 100% with around 25% effort just because you're working smart due to correct mentality, 80/20 rule man, the financial sniper at work). these vlogs are his way of giving back for all the blessings he has received, he is giving life even more life, he is helping people like me achieve better lives.

  22. 7 years ago I came to France from Bulgaria and now I don't know where to start from..what to study first for to integrate. I can't find my place under the sun here and my french is still not great.

  23. I've been doing cold emailing for a while, and the worst reply I ever read was someone wishing me a painful death. It's a little disheartening for a while after reading all the rude replies, but I know it's worth it so I'm still going on!

  24. You're so good at CLOSING that you CLOSED my mind to always look forward to your content and I'm here to stay.

  25. Ever looked into high pressure sales? Along the lines of timeshsre sales. Basically in my line of work I meet a client and must go through the entire warmup, presentation, pitch and close the deal in an hour

  26. Bill Nicholson said "Failure brings us closer to echoes of past glories" You're right Dan failure is an important part of success, however we can only succeed if we exhalt failure as one of our supply teachers in life, a teacher we also need to use less of aswell if we get it right.

  27. Thanks for this! It gives me so much clarity on why I haven't seen the success I've always wanted – I haven't even put myself out there enough to get the failure pre-requisites

  28. I love this. It is all about numbers and understanding how they work. Knowing that you may get a no but it is not a "failure". I have had the roller coaster feeling. It is truly a ride. I do like how you put in there that you have to be self-aware because if you never self reflect you cannot improve to get your yes number higher. I also love how you basically do a customer satisfaction question at the end. Genius!

    Failure is apart of Success. This is a concept I still struggle with but have to come to terms with. I used to take it so hard but after a while it gets easier. Mostly because I build confidence in what I do.

    I am so glad that I get to learn from my mentor Dan Lok and love the HTC community. That's just my two cents.

  29. Really great video. I have never seen success calculating the amount of failures you need to succeed. Very true.

  30. WOW. My heart felt so ELATED at 36 seconds!! Thank you Dan Lok… Failure brings us closer to our achievements. I find the term "you are closer than you think" ringing so true right now! 🙏🙏❤️🔥

  31. Hi Dan, can you provide your opinion about how to handle about getting fired. Have you been fired yourself?

  32. Some minutes ago, I cried out of frustration. Then I watched your videos and found myself laughing. Thank you Dan! It nice to know someone had gone before me and I'm not alone.😊

  33. omg this was so me sifu when i didnt understand the number game 😂 😂 i though i was wasting cold calling listing hahaha

  34. Blue face mentality. The more no’s you get to the more yes’ there will be. 💥

  35. Dan. You are amazing and you are a true hero. Sharing your knowledge and experience is very unique. Please create more videos on real estate sales.

  36. Failure is NOT the opposite of success. Failure is PART of the the success! Don't fear failure! Fear that you have not failed enough. Fear that you have not failed fast enough!

  37. I know what you are talking about —
    Sales !!!!!
    The only way to rise Good, is to fall at first!!!!!!👈👈👈👈👈 😀
    Tank you Sifu Dan Lok👍

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