How Long Does It Take To Launch Your Product On Amazon?

g’day guys Alex Ron here welcome back
the question of the day is how long does it take to get your products onto Amazon
you may be asking that right now you may have a shop you may have a retail store
you may be selling stuff online but you’re selling physical goods and you
want to jump onto Amazon but you’re like hey man how long does it take to get
your products onto Amazon is it something takes six months isn’t
something that takes six weeks what’s the deal does it take six hours right is
it six minutes right no it isn’t right so in this video we’re gonna be
answering that plus much more so stay with me we’ll be back in a second welcome back guys it’s good to have you
here so what is the deal how long does it take now I’ve got a team that do this
sort of stuff for my clients if you were to do this yourself right you need to do
the following things right you obviously find out which products you want to put
onto Amazon you’re a tester market find out what their stats are right you want
to be taking good photos and and basically making it look fantastic you
probably already have those already or you can take them right quite cheaply
then you basically you’ve got to figure out what you want to do whether you’re
gonna fulfill it yourself and send them out directly to customers when you make
the sale or is Amazon gonna do it for you right and again that’s another thing
you want to do right if you want Amazon to do it you have to send the goods to
Amazon right if you want to set them out to refuse your customer then you just
set them out when the sales come in all right how long does it take well it can
effectively I’ve listed products for clients in 24 hours we’ve actually
listed products for clients with taking the photos optimize the photos added
copy written headlines written description copy written bullet points
right then the SEO did the keywords backend front-end keywords right we’ve
actually looked at the competitors keywords what they’re using ripe have
set up PPC campaigns we’ve actually done that for one product in under 24 hours
under 24 hours right sometimes a lot less than that depends of course on the
product right because sometimes you know you gonna make sure that you know you
might be a question about the quality it might be a question about the product
you know there’s always questions sometimes so how long does it take you
can actually have your product up and running on Amazon quite fast but it does
come down to you knowing what you’re what you’re doing essentially right
because there are some traps with setting up at your Amazon listing right
do you get you got to know about barcodes you’ve got to know about UPC
codes or SKU codes or what we call if an SKU codes right you’ve got to you have
you actually got to create those right you got to create the barcodes stick it
on your product and send it to Amazon warehouse for them to sell it out to
your customers right so then they scan it they know exactly who it belongs to
and what the product is right you’ve got a packager correctly right gonna make
sure this the mainland China sticker is there cellophane right is it a baby
product well there’s gotta be a suffocation sticker all this sort of
stuff I deal with on a day-to-day basis but you guys got to know that if you’re
Lee see your product at Amazon you actually
have to know that right so just be aware you can get your product up and running
on Amazon fast but if it’s done improperly it can get quite costly
that’s why you kind of it kind of does pay to go out and get someone to do it
properly for you and there are people out there you know who sort of like well
Alex I want to do it myself and that’s fine that’s completely fine you can go
out there and do it yourself but sometimes no people buy you know they
jump on YouTube and they’re trying to figure out how to go about doing
themselves a lot of stuff and you Chi let me tell you guys it’s old or it
simply does not work anymore alright so you can either do it yourself the free
courses or the cheap courses are usually end up being the most expensive courses
down the line because you’re going to make mistakes most people do kind of
make mistakes and it does cost them in terms of time and in terms of money and
getting it fixed up later on so just be aware of that guys but you can list your
products to answer the question of today you can list your products quite fast on
Amazon but you’ve got to know what you’re doing and you want to really do
it you don’t be going in there and tweaking it later on and testing and
gosari going in there and just changing things around right you kind of want to
set it up properly to begin with if you have a thousand products you don’t want
to set it up and then go in and make those changes later on you want to just
set it up properly it’s basically set and forget I hope you enjoyed that video
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