How Many English Teachers Abroad Kill Their Options in Business and Finance

Hey what’s up I’m here to talk to you today more about guess what teaching
English overseas so I did this video last night where I
was talking about how thankfully certain teachers aren’t willing to do this or
won’t do this or whatever and you know I always get a little bit of backlash from
people and I expect that matter of fact I’ve always enjoyed a little bit of
controversy because I found that when I’m going against the grain that’s
usually when I’m making the right decision and I’m gonna make some money
or something’s good is gonna happen with me when I follow the crowd or I’ve just
kind of done what everybody else did you know that’s when I haven’t really had
that much success in my life or I’ve just you know the results were or
mediocre right so a lot of people will think that controversy is bad or doing
something against the grain is bad getting flak getting resistance is bad
actually for me it’s been a barometer of knowing when I’m doing something right
okay so what I’m trying to tell the young folks on here people just starting
out or whatever is expect to encounter resistance and don’t fight it embrace it
okay I mean I I really don’t care
you know if somebody disagrees with me or whatever awesome you know no matter
what there’s always gonna be oh here’s a cracked screen
you know maybe oh yeah he said he has three hundred and fifty dollar
headphones but maybe it’s just an empty case I mean you can literally poke holes
in anything Photoshop can do some amazing shit qualify who you get your
advice from okay but don’t always just automatically tune something out I want
to give you a message this is a mistake that I feel that a lot of people are
making okay so I hear it again and again especially from my American friends
American co-teachers or whatever I’m done with the US totally done have no
desire to ever go back I can’t even tell you how many people that are like I
haven’t filed a tax return in twenty years doesn’t matter cuz I’m never going
back IRS can suck it you know or whatever
they say I think that this is a huge mistake huge huge huge mistake I think
it is so important to have a credit history in your home country at least
keeps something on the line at least keep something out there okay my credit
right now is really good I am NOT the Dave Ramsey cut your credit card kind of
person for people that you know I have asked me and asked me about the real
estate like how was it possible I leveraged the shit out of everything if
you don’t know what leverage is that means you borrow bank money to amplify
the return that you get from the investment that you make
okay I can go into that in another video drop me a comment below if you want if
you want me to talk about leveraging investments okay so I took out a lot of
bank money I had the credit to do it because I have been very diligent about
doing my taxes I keep credit cards I pay them off consistently and I keep
everything going stateside even if I don’t I honestly probably will never
live there again at this point I have no desire to live there again but I know
for a fact that there are investments in my home country that I want to make I
don’t feel comfortable investing in places where I’m not a citizen I did the
video on the Dominican Republic I was planning on buying something down there
I don’t want to do it I have everything streamlined I have certain areas where I
invest and I work with local banks that are invested in the community that know
me at this point okay my grandfather you know I looked up to him tremendously
he was in real estate big-time and I remember one of the things that he told
me when I was a kid he said real power is not having you three four or five
hundred dollars to throw down and buy something he said real power is when you
can walk into a bank like I can walk into a bank and walk out with a hundred
thousand dollars just by moving a pin because that’s what my name is worth so
that got me thinking from an early age I remember asking the question to my
parents like you know I didn’t understand that cheques were attached to
a bank account I remember asking my mom you know how do you wow you just write a
check for whatever you want you know I little there were like little steps and
things that were you know that I worked through in my brain I didn’t understand
how a person could get a car like how did you have to save up to get
everything and then once I figured out you know how credit works
and how you can leverage certain investments and then I started to think
ma’am how come if I go to my banker and I say I want to buy borrow $100,000 to
buy a house they throw the money at me but if I go to the same banker and I say
I want to borrow $100,000 to buy stocks with it they would laugh me out of the
bank why is that you know and then I started working through these things in
my own head so building your credit and building these different things that
will allow you not necessarily you know to go back to your home country
but just to be able to make moves and have access to money and be able to
invest this is so incredibly important I don’t ever recommend anybody just say
you know what I’m not gonna you know have anything going back home because I
don’t plan on living there again I think it’s a mistake so that’s my piece of
advice for you today if you’re following the rules you shouldn’t be paying taxes
anyway if you’re doing it correctly unless you’re just making an absolute
shit ton of money which may become an option at some point for some of you
that’s it for today if you like this video please drop me a comment and like I hope you’re doing fantastic see you next time

16 thoughts on “How Many English Teachers Abroad Kill Their Options in Business and Finance

  1. Building an empire requires you not just to save money…. but to expand your foundation, options, connections, and knowledge base.

  2. Yes keep your credit good. But video could of been better if you showed a link or two of banks that lend internationally.
    I would say make good connections with banks you do business with. I travel the world but Korea and Vietnam service me worldwide with my needs.
    5 to 11% savings accounts.
    Good info to invest in their stock markets.
    Ironically kr does give foreigners a credit score now. Mine is high.

  3. I think investment is great advice! I do not plan to live in the USA, but plan to save and invest in US dollars. I would love to see a video on how to invest if one: someone is receiving a disability income and teaches online for some supplemental income to live on the side and two: at the same time living a country that cheaper to live in to be able save and invest (which is my plan). Thanks for all the advice Ben. I appreciate it!

  4. Great video as always! Would love to see the investment video too, because being a good successful english teacher can get you only so far, but good investments with the money you made from teaching English is the key !

  5. don't understand esl teachers that live abroad don't have a travel credit card that rewards them for all the stuff the buy/ places they go

  6. If a person is trying to break away from his old country there is no reason to maintain a credit score. All a credit score does is measure a consumer's willingness to accumulate debt. Who benefits from credit? The lenders.

  7. Saw your videos a couple years ago, and rediscovered them again. Big improvements! Great video, I would love to see you talk more about starting RE as an ESLExpat. I do everything you talked about in this video, except I’m in paper assets trying to diversify into RE. I know there are REITs, but the cash flows ain’t the same.

  8. Great video! I have a leveraged rental condo in the US, but I send 50% of my salary back home to a taxable account into index funds. A bit boring maybe, but I find managing property while abroad tricky and prefer the passive income approach. It is so important to maintain all of your credit and investment options back home! Particularly because many overseas options are quite risky and expats often do not have the same property rights as locals.

  9. Hi ben. Been consuming your videos like its candy. Great content man. Myself and my family are moving to China within the next 2months. Are u still selling your book(training manual) ? I would like to buy it asap. Please assist me in this matter. Highly value your knowledge and would gladly pay for it man. Thanks for using your time helping people make better decisions

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