How much traffic do you think is generated by marketers searching for their own target keywords?

Today’s question comes from Zac. Zac, you
had good luck because whenever I loaded up the Google Moderator page, it was right up
top so let’s go ahead and jump into this one. Zac asks, “AdWords keyword tool gives an estimate
of the search traffic for a specific or broad keyword. How much, percentage wise, of this
traffic do you believe are search marketers, SEO’s, analysts, and even business owners,
etc. searching for their own targeted keywords?” Really interesting question. I think it probably
is not all that much and I’ll give you a reason or two for that. Number one, take a look at
how many people follow, I don’t know, me or Danny Sullivan on Twitter or people that subscribe
to my blog and the numbers that you end up with are about 50,000. So 50,000 people follow
Danny, about 50,000 people follow me, about 50,000 people read my blog so what’s that
telling me is whether you look at any popular blog, SEO related, there is you know, 50,
maybe 100,000 people that are interested in the SEO aspect of things but compared to the
millions and millions and millions of people who are searching everyday, that’s still a
relatively small percentage. The other thing is that the AdWords keyword tool and I think
a lot of tools within Google can do a pretty good job of stripping out, you know, queries
that look sort of artificial, that are repeated, or you know come too fast or for whatever
reason looks like bots so I think that even if we don’t strip those out, it’s a relatively
minor effect but I think that we do strip out those relatively well. Now, in certain
fields, like you know maybe the query search engine optimization, that one might be a little
bit skewed by people checking the rankings or you know various things like that but as
soon as you get away from those head queries, more towards the tail, I think that they’re
relatively accurate and I don’t think that they’re that skewed by the various search
marketers and SEO’s and rank checkers and bots and all that sort of stuff so it might
not be perfect but I think to within, you know, a relatively good percentage that stuff
should be quite accurate.

5 thoughts on “How much traffic do you think is generated by marketers searching for their own target keywords?

  1. I agree… just don't go spending money chasing terms like 'seo consultant' … its a waste of time/money. Exact match can tell you 10k searches a month, but this will just be SEOs searching on the term.

  2. Hmmm………So, more or less 100,000 SEOs are out there.

    Hi, everybody. Let's have a competition to find out top 100 SEOs of the World. I am proposing the keyword for this competition is "qwer gbnoi urjhtlz".
    At present qwer gbnoi urjhtlz – does not match any documents.

    What do you say?
    ……………..Of-course I wanna be the moderator not one of the competitor. 🙂

  3. @sumonrn The way to do that would be to announce a time and place (url) that the "key word" will be announced and to do so randomly. But even then it is a flawed contest unless the key word is a real key word bc a big part of rankings is what the user does after they reach the content from google. so "afg uyde" would be useless as a target word. The only way I could think to do thid half way fairly and accurate would be to pick half a dozen or so key words and then see who consistently pops up.

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