How NOT to trade Forex Market. *BONUS: GIVEAWAY*

Come on the dollar! Come on dollar! Come on, you can do it dollar! Ugh!!! Japanese Yen. Got me again! Now, if I told you trading was going to be like this. Would you aspire to be a professional trader? Let’s discuss! Come on! Come on! Yes! Hey darling! I’ve just made 500 dollars on the dollar yen. Hey, call Peter. Tell him I won’t be at work next week. I’m now gonna be a full-time professional trader. Hey darling! Can you call Peter back, tell him I’ll be at work nine o’clock Monday morning. Bright and early. I’ve just lost a thousand bucks on the dollar Yen. Oliver? Oliver! Oliver! Yes! Okay, so I hope you’ve enjoyed those sketches there. I intended them to be funny and light-hearted. However, as funny as they may be, it is in fact a sad reality for most of you traders out there from around the world. Especially, when you consider that it’s your hard-earned money on the line. Now, I’m gonna be giving away a great tool. They will help you dramatically improve the way your trading. Now, if you’re really impatient. You can download it now from the description tab below. But for those of you that want to learn the ultimate solution to this problem. Stick around with me because I’m going to show you how you can change the way you’re thinking and more importantly, change your Forex game. Come and join me now in my live trading room and I’ll show you exactly what I’m talking about. Now, the question I want you to think about is this… Are you a trader? Or are you in fact a gambler? And does it really matter? Well firstly, yes it does matter. It matters a great deal if you’re doing this to make a consistent profit. Look! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with gambling. In fact, it’s a very popular pastime enjoyed by many. That’s why there are so many casinos around the world. People love to go horse racing. It’s why the sports betting industry has taken over massively over the last ten years or so. And since the uprising of the digital age is now possible to open up with ease an online casino and play poker with someone the other side of the world. Someone you’ve never met and never even spoken to. It’s fun, yes? But for the vast majority, that’s all it is. It’s not a money-making venture. It’s not set up for you to win. The casinos, the bookies. They have an edge and that edge will always play out over time unfortunately in their favor. But the problem is these days is that the first market has become a breeding ground for gamblers too. People think they can take on the market with ease. And it’s the same ignorant that’s often found in the casino. And then again, I guess it’s much more glamorous to call yourself a trader, right? Much better and more respectable than calling yourself a gambler. But believe me, there’s a big, big difference. Firstly, you’re not behaving like the house, the one with the edge. Look! Ultimately, there are two different types of aspiring traders, and the subsequent learning curves. One person will dip their toe in the water and quickly learn it’s a steeper learning curve than they might have initially considered. What’s the other over trades taking lots and lots of trades because they’re especially driven by their emotions. So, it’s the semi-rational versus the completely irrational. Whichever type you are, sooner or later, you’ll be asking yourself whether you can make a consistent living out of trading the markets. Here’s the solution of what you need to do first: Take a step back. The social norm in our society conforms to this thinking. The more hours you spend at work, the more money you expect to get paid. Well, this is not true for the Forex market. In fact, it’s more about the preparation and patience than the screen time itself. And to feel prepared and patient, you need to remove all those extreme emotions like the one I depicted in those sketches at the beginning of this video. So, how do you do that? Well, first you need to become a professional at the higher time frames. Now, a lot of you might think that in order to make a lot of money in the market. It’s all like getting in and out of the market on a regular basis. However, simply put “this is not true”. You can make just as much money, if not more, by picking these higher probability setups like a sniper. Now, this will make you much more calculated, it will slow down your thought process and you’ll be thinking every trade setup through much more thoroughly. Thus, you’ve been learning the art of preparation and patience which is so crucial. Now, the expert advisor in the description tab below, will assist you in finding one of known as “Naked Trading Setups”, and these are on the daily timeframe. Now, you can download this for free now and it can be used with Annie Boca Not only will it show you which pairs you should be most interested in trading… but, it will also send you a notification to your smartphone… should you be away from your computer and not want to miss a trade signal. Now, let me show you the crux of how it works on the screens. Okay, so the indicator is looking for two types of trade setups at reversal points. A “Reversal Point” is basically where the market is potentially likely to change direction. So, if the market is trending up and then reverses down, that would be known as the “Bearish Reversal”. If the market is trending down and finds a level then trace back up, that would be known as a “Bullish Reversal”. First one we’ll look at is the “Bearish Engulfing Pattern”. So here, you’ll see the market is trending up creating new highs, higher highs, higher lows, okay? And then you see this type of setup here. These two candles here. Basically, you see this candle completely engulfing the previous candle. Has a higher high than the previous candle. A lower low than the previous candle. And the main body of the candle. That’s the difference between the opening price and the closing price. Again, completely engulfs the previous bars open and closed as well. This is known as a Bearish Engulfing Pattern and has the high probability of the reversal back down. Here, we have the Bullish Engulfing Pattern. Same thing as the Bearish, but just in reverse – market is trading down. And then you see this formation here as well. So, you see this candle here completely engulfs the previous candle and has a higher high, a lower low. The main body of the candle completely engulfs the previous main body as well. This has a high probability of a move to the upside. This is known as a Bullish Engulfing Pattern. Okay, next up we have the “Pin Bar Setup”. Another very powerful high probability setup. Here you’ll see market is trending and trading up. And this pin bar here is developed. This basically shows us the market was trading higher. But, then close battle lower than the previous bar inside the previous bar. But, also the difference between the opening and the closed is in the bottom third of that candle. This is a Bearish Pinbar. This is a high probability setup that could indicate a move back down. In that direction, that’s the Bearish Pinbar. This is the Bullish Pinbar. So, the market is trending lower. Okay, then puts in this pin bar at the bottom here. You see we extend to a new low. But, then closes back within the previous bars main body. And the difference between the opening price and the closing price. The main body of this pin bar is in the top third of that range of that candle. That’s the Bullish Pinbar. So what this indicator does, it basically monitors the market for you constantly throughout the trading day or looking for particular high probability trade setups. Now, you can see here from the screen that I’ve selected the currency pairs that I’m interested in. This is fully customizable. You can add in more currency pairs, you can take some away, that is your choice. Now, you’ll see here in red the expert advisor says monitoring, that basically means it’s monitoring all these different pairs for you, looking for a potential trade setup. Now, if a potential trade setup is developing throughout the trading date. This will turn orange and say “setup building”. Now, the end of the day and the start of a new day. If the advisor has found a setup, it will turn green and say “opportunity” as you can see here. It’s as simple as that. You would then go to that particular currency pair chart and do some simple analysis. Now, for those of you that are already familiar with what naked trading is about.
You’ll note that it’s not a matter of taking every trade setup blindly. You need to analyze where these setups are found. Are they key to port and resistance levels? And of course you need to apply a sound risk management as well, which is so critical. Now, another great add-on that comes with this expert advisor is that you don’t need to be at your machine all day long. You’ve been away from the desk. You can set it up that this will send you a push notification to your smartphone should you wish to have that selected. So you can see when a set up has indeed been triggered. Okay. That’s a brief look at the set ups that the expert advisor is looking for throughout the trading day. Now, I do have further support videos Which are intended to help you more with this strategy and much more information is available once you download the expert advisor. Okay, I hope you find this tool useful. If you’re already a naked trader, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on it. It will save you so much time. Sitting through the charts and trying to find a qualifying setup. But for many of you out there that are struggling to get out of the gambling mindset and into a professional one. Then a simple pivot to the higher time frame will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Using a naked trading strategy will help you remain objective and focused when it comes to consistent gains over the long run. Because what we’re all here for, right? Now, I really hope you enjoyed this video and taking some value from it. Give you a thumbs up if you liked the video, give me a thumbs down if you don’t.
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