How Often Should You Post On Social Media (Insurance Facebook Marketing)

– In this video, I’ll help you decide how often you should post
your videos to social media. Coming up next. (tv static) (snoring) (alarm clock) (upbeat music) (alarm clock) (upbeat music) (alarm clock) (upbeat music) (tv static) – It’s your boy Steve,
helping insurance agents build a trusted brand with videos. So if you haven’t already, consider liking,
following, or subscribing. We would all like to be a creator and an influencer with hundreds of videos for our viewers to choose from, but how do we get there? For example, you could post
a video every single day for over three months to get 100 videos, or you could post once
a week for two years to get to 100 videos. But which one should you choose? I have three factors that’ll
help you make that decision. Factor number one. What is your goal? Now as a video creator,
your strategy will depend on the goals that you set for yourself. So are you trying to make an appearance with a few videos online or are you trying to grow a brand? If you’re just trying to
make an appearance online with a couple of videos, then make a video a
day for maybe two weeks and then you’ll be good. But if you’re looking to grow a brand, then that’s gonna take some time. So a video a day might not
be the best move for you. More like one or two videos a week over extended period time might
suit your goal a lot better. Factor number two. What does your schedule look like? So you might not – [Son] Daddy, I’m hungry. – As I was saying – [Son] Daddy, where my basketball? – Back to the – [Son] Daddy I have to go potty. – As I was saying earlier
– [Son] Daddy, daddy, daddy. – What do you want, boy? – [Son] Nothing! (laughs) – My schedule allows me to brainstorm or come up with creative
ideas in the morning and then record on the weekends. What’s your schedule look like? Some people may have
more time during the day to record and create video. For others, we have to
block out time for creating. Maybe your nights are more
free than your mornings. Instead of two hours a day like me, maybe you only have one hour
a day for creative thinking. Either way, we all have
different schedules and different priorities
that regulate our day-to-day. And how you fill your
schedule will determine how often you should post. Factor number three. What kind of videos are you making? Now this is a big one. Now since I’ve been shooting video, there’s been three
different types of videos that I’ve been creating. Live, normal edited video, and animated. Now each one of these requires a different amount of time to produce. Now naturally, live video
is more difficult to do but it’s a lot quicker and
a lot easier to produce. Usually, I spend maybe and
hour writing the outline, I might practice it once
or twice after work, then hop on Facebook live and record. Once the recording is done,
there’s no editing involved and it gets posted directly onto Facebook. You can even download the
video and put it on Youtube or Linkedin later on. It’s that fast. But live video doesn’t
allow you to be as creative as edited video. Depending on how much
editing you’re doing, it could take you twice as
long or even more to produce. If you’re doing straight cut scenes, then it could take a few hours, but if you’re being more creative, and adding special effects
and things like that, it could take even longer. And as you can imagine that animated video takes even longer to create. Usually on average, an
animated video for me could take a week and a half
to two weeks to produce. So knowing the type of video
that you want to create will give you a better understanding of how often you should
post on social media. Question of the day. What’s your content goals for this year? Type in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you have to say, and until next time, I’ll see you around.

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