How This Six-Figure Student Picks Stocks to Trade

– You got a 5% gap, you
get a 10% morning spike. Your risk reward is just so good. (intense music) – What is your, a lot of newer traders, be like what should I be looking for? So, what is your favorite setup. Not that they should
trade it, but, you know, this Monday, what are
you gonna be looking for? What’s your dream setup? – Basically, from April,
for my first red month, from until like now, I’ve struggled and I’ve just made a couple grand a month. Like, back to when I
first started in 2018, and it’s basically because
I’m trying to do too much. I’m trying to long NASDAQ stocks, I’m trying to short NASDAQ stocks and that’s really just not my forte; that’s not what I’ve made
the most money doing, that’s not what I feel
the most comfortable with, that’s not where I can achieve the highest risk-reward for me. And, what I’m getting back to right now is where I’ve made all my money. And that’s through mostly OTC longs. And what I would look for is a
stock to have a morning spike and then go sideways throughout the day, proving that it’s holding a review ops. So, the buyer’s in control,
the sellers are not in control and when it starts to perk up late day, I like to go long into that
perk and if it’s a stoff I can just sell immediately because the consolidation is right there and you have a good level to risk off of. But, if it starts to go,
then maybe you can add into your winner a little
bit and raise your risk up. And then, if that closes
up near its highs, you get a 5% gap, you
get a 10% morning spike. Your risk-reward is just so
good buying that volume perk and then just adding in
and having your risk tight. Because, a lot of people
like don’t understand that your risk really isn’t tested
on these kinda late day plays, when they start spiking,
because it’s not gonna spike up break high day and then
immediately dump back down under VWOP and then finish
at the high of days. Usually, it’s gonna be
something really clean. And that’s something that
you can capitalize on. And those are my favorite setups. One of my other favorite setups is LOW PRICED PENNY STOCK BREAKOUTS, because there’s not a
lot of competition there and I can– – What’s low priced to you? – Low priced meaning one cent to 10 cents. – Okay. – And, I can by two 300,000 shares and slowly average in
50,000 shares at a time, as it keeps working for me. And (coughs) those setups,
I can make two three cents and basically have a break
even stop too if it fails. And you can make 30, 40, 50% some of my best gains on those. And those have massive volume, there’s no algo shorting
those or anything. – Right, right. – It’s just basically buyer’s going nuts. – Yep. – And hop on the train of hype and I hop off when it gets too crazy. – So, you mentioned kinda your
goals, heading here forward, kinda what’s the future for Jack? What’s your plans? – I just want to keep
trading and gettin better and maybe travel a little
bit more next year. I’m gonna go back home
to Connecticut with Dom. I was in the office for a year, ya know. I’m gonna go back to
Connecticut for a little bit and then, might go out
to California and Arizona to visit Huddy and Roland and
then I don’t know maybe go to Europe or something. – Nice. – Just be free next
year and have home base be my home in Connecticut. Keep working at my trading
and see if I can just keep those profits going. Maybe hit 250,000 / 300,000
by the end of next year is probably my monetary
goal for the amount of money I want to make trading. And really just focus
on having good trades and not blowing up,
staying humble, that’s it. Just keep the grind goin, ya know. – Yep, yep. And that’s
again, I mentioned it in the beginning, that’s the biggest thing I respect outta you. Is your mindset, ya know that
you’re the furthest thing from a “Get rich quick” guy
I’ve ever seen, ya know. You just want to kinda refine and grind and you’re willing to put in that effort. And I think that’s the biggest thing the viewers should take away from this, is to have that mindset
because, in my opinion, I mean, I don’t want to get you too cocky. But, you’re almost guaranteed success, if you keep that mindset. – Yeah. – That work ethic and that mindset is perfect for this niche. And if you just keep doin that, I mean– – Just slowly keep grinding
up, you know what I mean. – Exactly. – Not gun-slinging, not going
through these huge draw downs, and these huge upwards spikes. Just keep slowly grinding it
out and I enjoy the process. That’s why I can keep doing it because I like waking up in the morning. I like waiting for my stocks to set up. I like trading. And then, I don’t have to work
or do anything; go to college and party and waste my life
away doing a frat or anything. So, just slowly keep
grinding trading that’s it. – And that passion, that
passion is what you need. You talk about those dark
days and those red months, but you love it enough that you’re willing to keep showing up even though
it’s bad, it’s bad, it’s bad. But if you’ve got that passion
and if you really want this and you stay at it, you can
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  1. He said the key words i dont have to work or go to school jist wake up and wait for set ups to form itself is the gateway to financial freedom!

  2. What would you say to someone Tim if they for past 2 years learned what to do and did it (patterns) but the inbetween times lost it all back due to being bored.. Finally this year ive realized i was forcing setups that wernt mine but now the market doesnt really give me any opportunities like years before, so its like im waiting and waiting and waiting and nothing is happening and im not sure if i need to find a new setup or what i feel like just as i learn a new one my old setup will begin to work and ill not be as sharp or whatever etc.. any tips or just anything you can say to me please?

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