How to be an Entrepreneur

Many of us want to become entrepreneurs. Starting your own business is one of the biggest dreams of our times. But how do you get to be an entrepreneur? Most of the advice focuses on the practicalities: writing a business plan, raising money, finding staff, marketing and PR. We’ll go down a different route. In our eyes at the heart of successful entrepreneurship lies something oddly more abstract: an accurate insight into the causes of human unhappiness. To be an entrepreneur means, essentially, to become an expert in the things that make life difficult for people. That’s because every properly ambitious business is in some way trying to fix things for other people. And the bigger and more original what you’re trying to fix happens to be, the more successful your business can be. Because consumer society is now well developed, it may be easy to think that all the big problems out there already have thousands of fixes anyway. Think of all those car companies, or pizza outlets, or news websites. We surely have enough of everything. What could we possibly add to what’s already out there? But to get a sense of the vast opportunities that still remain in capitalism all you need to do is ask yourself: where and in what areas you’re unhappy in the course of an average day? Every unhappiness is really a new business waiting to be born. Your frustrations are a nearly inexhaustible source of raw materials out of which the businesses of the future can be built. So while there may already be plenty of breakfast cereals, and t-shirts, and cell phones, and cab rides for sale, there’s so much more that frustrates and depresses us: think of how difficult it is to get on with one’s partner, educate children, cope with anxiety, discover what you want to do with your life, find a nice place to live, calm down in the evening. One could go on and on. Our griefs and irritations are endless, thankfully for the budding entrepreneurs. The biggest first step to take towards entrepreneurship is therefore to learn to study your own unhappiness and what might possibly heal it for you and others. When profits decline in businesses it’s really the result of too many people throwing themselves at trying to fix the same area ’cause they can’t think of anything more innovative to do rather than start a new airline, mobile phone company, or supermarket chain. And by contrast, healthy profits are a reward for understanding and mastering an area of human distress ahead of anyone else. Of course ideas aren’t enough on their own; you need to take care of practicalities and money but they won’t help you if your original psychological insight into human unhappiness isn’t sound. And by the same token, if your insight into what makes people unhappy is razor sharp, and your solutions bold, then however difficult the journey, your business will stand a high chance of making money and benefiting humanity too.

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  1. any good entrepreneur knows that a business is solving someone else's problems and the greater the problem the more money your going to make.

  2. And serving humanity too. Can I ask to explain why only people? What about animals, plants? Why psichology and philospohy is so egocenfrically narrow? We are not alone here.

  3. WHO ARE YOU???? SERIOUSLY! I've never heard it said like that!!! Thank you so much!🤗 soooo eye opening. Can't wait to sit down and answer those questions for myself🎎. I'm sharing this with people I know.

  4. Any teen age entrepreneurs here comment down below yes and your telegram account ,cuz i am trying to create a telegram where young entrepreneurs can help each other and network

  5. Someone who doesn't listen to their family and friends who tell them to get a real job. This is good.

  6. I stupidly sacrificed my work to pursue being an entrepreneur. My gf left me because i took 3month+ to plan and execute the idea. I was doing this to get more income to be able to marry her. Help, what routines do i have to make?

  7. Well industry and the populace crave raw resources to process into refined goods… Rare materials are used in batteries and electronics, such as Lithium and Platinum.
    It's simply supply and demand in action

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  9. K No one should be working a 9 to 5 job unless they want to. Take control of your mind is the #1 step to mastering your talents. I honestly believe college is a scam and a waste of talents because they will never teach you how to use your God given talents. They teach you to earn $50k or even $100k a year after 4 to 6 years of schooling, not how to have freedom and earn $100k a month. You are talented and gifted

  10. you want to start a business by listening to a non-business owner in a non-business channel. You guys have not probably heard of blue ocean strategy. it's like you are going are sick and you had to seed advice from the teacher. this is why most people are not willing to be successful.

  11. I actually have my own product idea ready to go. It's simple, eliminates a lot of problems and there's products similar but mine combats problems even those cannot. My problem is I haven't a clue where to go from here.. I'm not sure how exactly I would get a finished product since I only have a prototype , and then from there I'm unsure on marketing and selling .. anyone been through/going through the same?

  12. I sold comic books when I was in elementary school. My principal didnt like it so much so he took me in his office and told me to stop selling stuff on his school property or I will be suspended. This motivated me so much to go against the grain as a young kid and has shaped me into the person I am today. I make Videos about running my business and sharing business insights for those who are looking to get into entrepreneurship. I hope I can inspire you!

  13. Im 11 yrs old now , I feel like i wanna be an entrepreneur cuz it fits me so well
    Im so ready for this kind of stuff!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. People laugh when I say imma create something incredible and it makes me sad sometimes but just remember the name Nikaela Bernard it'll be everywhere in the future 😉

  15. You just do it. You will get things wrong. You will get tired. But you’ll never fail so long as you learn.

  16. I remember that when I was young I told my mother that I was going to make a Electric car with a big battery to save the planet a couple years later Telsa came along I was so disappointed 😔

  17. The school of life , pls can you tell which software you used to make such CONVINCING video like this ???

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  19. The nice thing about having a great idea is that the idea you have, while likely similar to someone else's, can still have its own place in the market. Local solutions can mean a lot more than global ones.

  20. main challenge ,it mean capital and remoteness education so as concerning enterpreneuship especially in poor nation.

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  22. Great content!! Started an Amazon FBA business and been killing it ever since. I also started a YouTube channel and your content has been very inspiring! Keep it up

  23. Nowadays you’re either employed or an entrepreneur. Everyone is an entrepreneur or a businessman. FOH

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  26. Entrepreneurship doesn't even have to do with creating/innovating a product, it could literally be reselling a limited product for a higher price than the original.

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  28. Short summary for all this:
    And get loads of reward in the end.

  29. I am very happy… I am exuberant I am oppulant I am mindful I am divinely guided and last but not least I am love because love always wins and I shower 🚿 the world with my love. ❤️

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  31. Hey Everyone, I'm reviewing the potential of starting a channel all about entrepreneurialship and going through the grind of starting from nothing and building a brand, providing services and hopefully an empire. I would be looking to keep a constant set of videos on 2 daily basis and cover a weekly / monthly rundown of how each venture is doing and what they're making. Is this something anyone would be interested in?

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  33. Brother
    First of all thank you posting such an importent topic.

    But you must get one thing Stright.
    The difference between an ENTREPRENEUR and a BUSINESSMAN.

    Search, Re – Search and Research.
    Make the next video based on that.
    It will make you BETTER.

    Asanka Waidyarathne.
    Life Coach

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