How to be successful in your first year selling FE

in this video I’m going to go over
everything it takes to be successful your first year in the final expense
life insurance sales business that way your second third and fourth years are
set up to be a little bit easier coming up after this the first thing I suggest
for anybody is to make sure you’ve got your head screwed on straight you’re
socializing with people if you’re exercising that’s going to help you to
be better prepared to go through what it takes to be successful in that first
year because the first year is tough you do have to work your butt off and
you’ve got to accept that i highly recommend you are in the field at least
two to three days a week selling final expense life insurance from nine in the morning to six o’clock at night and
I suggest a rotating schedule basically work in two days in the field one week
three days the next to in the field the next week three days the next unless
you’ve got a better system but the bottom line is this if you’re not putting in full days it’s
going to hurt you if you think all i can do five half days or four three quarter
days i’m telling you that will only work against you expect to be in the field
from nine to six or later at night on your field days and just make that a
part of your regiment if you can just accept that you’re working two three
days selling final expense life insurance and when you’re working you’re working a nine hour day in the field
that’s just going to make things so much easier so working two to three days in
the field what that means is two to three days on
the phone setting appointments now unless you are really taking up a
limited amount of leads or you’re just terrible on the phone then yeah you want
a door knock all your leaves one of the first things you do need to learn selling final expense life insurance is how
to doorknock that’s very very very important but setting appts up the idea
is you roll through your leads six seven ten times a day and that’s how you’re
gonna book yourself up and i highly recommend since we’re touching on that
topic that you make your calls today for tomorrow try not to set anything up more than a
day out you can if you have to but if you do set up an appointment for the day yeah you got a call the day
before to verify confirm or at least leave a message hey this is just me
reminding you i’m going to be at your house tomorrow at nine o’clock we’ll see
that mr. Jones the second thing is going to be the final expense life insurance sales process you really have
to have your act together on this you’re going to need training you’re going to
need guidance it’s going to be important that when you
need to call someone for an answer that someone is readily available to you so
unless you’re a seasoned pro there’s no reason for you to be going to some big
IMO that only does contracting and like they don’t even know what it’s like to
go out and sell to me that just doesn’t make any sense for a new agent and yet a
lot of agents do that so they can get the bigger contracts thankfully at our
agency you’re able to get those bigger contracts and get the training a lot of
the things you really need to learn before you even go out in the field is
how to set appointments how to doorknock how to make a clean presentation stuff
like that is very important body language if you’ve got the wrong body
language you’re gonna be sending the wrong signals and this all goes back to
that first thing having a positive attitude one of the other things about final expense life insurance sales is that I always
teach my agents is to make sure they’re working in the right areas the right zip
codes what we do for our agents is we pull data to help guide them because
they’re certain zip code you absolutely do not want to waste your time and and
unfortunately with a lot of these big insurance marketing organizations what
they do is they basically say okay where do you want to work what county what zip
codes they don’t help you they ask you so now you with no experience is asking
for the wrong areas to work in the reason I bring this up and I think it’s
such an important topic is because my wife and I basically failed out of the
final expense business in our first six months because of that exact same issue
we were trying to sell final expense life insurance in a very populated area
which common sense told us it was going to be a great area because of all the
retirees what we didn’t realize is that if we just got a couple hours away from
the areas we are working which is where we live we would do so much better which
is what we do now you have to have the right Kari and you really need to know them you
need to make sure that when you go out in the field selling final expense life insurance that you know a lot of
specifics about the carrier’s you’ve been trained on the carrier’s you’re
studying the carriers and to me it only makes sense to really have to really
maybe three carriers to start with you got the primary you got the secondary
backup and then you’ve got the old guaranteed-issue carrier which
personally I like gerber as a first-year agent there is no excuse for you not to
be delivering every single policy if you’re not delivering every single
policy as a first-year agent you are probably not going to be in the business
next year it’s just not going to happen deliver your policies don’t be lazy this is going to set things up your
second year it’s very important the third topic is service work for your final expense life insurance sales you have to
do your service work you’ve got to chase people that cancel you gotta chase people that the money is
not there we call it NSF’s insufficient funds you don’t want to call them and try to
save deals over the phone you want to always go to their house to save any
type of a deal or to do any type of the change if you try doing this type of
service works over the phone in your first year you most likely will not be
here next year guys that’s a lot of stuff and it’s really
just a lot of basic stuff but to me those are the basics that every agent
needs to be successful his first year if you can do this you’re going to be so
much better next year if this video was helpful to you please go ahead and throw
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really helps to set you up for that first year I know there’s several things
that I could have touched on and spoken about that I didn’t talk about but if
you’ve got any questions in other words if you’re on the agent and you really want to get
into that first year or maybe you’ve already started that first year and you
know you need a lot of help go ahead and make a comment below and hopefully we
can help get you straight so you can get good quick and then in
the next couple of years have no problem making a six-figure income guys if
there’s anything you need please you can always email me at UF insurance
@ for final expense life insurance sales training information Good luck making your final expense life insurance sales

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  2. Hello Doug. Great videos. Very informative. I am an agent who is just getting into the FE insurance business. I could use your final expense guide. Thank you for your sharing some valuable information.

  3. Hey there Douglas, I love your videos so far. I am so very new to this. I welcome any advise to set up for success.

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