65 thoughts on “How To Build A $1 Million Dollar Roth IRA 📈 (Step By Step)

  1. Bonds decades before you decide to retire, no thanks, the risk adjusted expected returns for stock investing is a better bet for me. Bonds fall when the market does too and bonds aren't safe either. Corporate bonds go unpaid if a business defaults on them and there are plenty of shading dealings regarding bond ratings too. If I want to diversify away from stocks, it will be with physical real estate, property rentals.

  2. This is great- for the average joe blow.

    But we wanna get rich now! Should I bet it all on red or black?

  3. Step 1: Have a very high salary

    Or, or, or

    Wait a very long time. Nonetheless money is made, so winning ✅

  4. Only contribute to a 401k the amount that your employer will match, not a penny more. Get that free money match and then max out your Roth.

  5. Ryan, great video! It’s easy to set up a IRA account but it’s hard to choose what to invest in. Would it be better if I invest in the index mutual funds over ETFs if I use dollar cost average investment strategy? Some ETFs are more expensive than the others

  6. I understand the part where your money put in in Roth IRA is already been tax but when we have capital gain from Roth IRA, why the government can't tax us? My analogy is, if I use my money which already been tax and went to a casino and won $20,000. I have to file tax because its capital gain. Why this case is different?

  7. Clear with Examples. Thank you👍
    I have been waiting for next vdo of Backdoor Roth IRA 🙂

  8. Hey my buddy Ryan – SPOT-ON!! As someone who is now 65 (but I still think I am 30 max), PLEASE listen to him peeps – please. I never want anyone to make the mistakes that I have made and I want ALL to get there faster than they ever thought possible – and I cannot stress that enough when I lecture. I can NEVER make up for loss of time and compounded interest. I got a super late start. I was fortunate to be able to make up in massive volumes, but I still will never be able to make up for loss of compounded interest. If I only knew what I know now when I was 18, I would give Buffet a run for his money. Things like these AWESOME YouTube Channels did not exist through most of my life. Ryan is awesome and please pay attention! BTW, it is never too late to start!

  9. The TDFs in my 401k were always underperforming the other options available in the plan. I dropped them and haven’t looked back.

  10. Hey thanks for the video ! When u fund a roth ira are you able to trade from one fund to another fund with with no tax implications? Buying and selling? As long as you dont take the money out

  11. So if I have contributed $5,000 over 10 years, and the market drops, can I still withdraw my 50k? 😂😂

    Edit: sorry if my post wasn’t clear, but it was meant as a joke, hence the smiley face. I’ve been investing for 25 years, guess sometimes sarcasm doesn’t come across online sometimes. Thanks for everyone who was just trying to help though.

  12. You can also have a Roth 401k plan from your employer. If your employer offers a company match, make sure you max that out or you are wasting free money.

  13. Hey Ryan, I'm 40 and just started my 401k contribution. The healthcare agency that I work for does discretionary matching. They do 25cent to every dollar I have invested in my 401k in March of every year, not per paycheck. Because I'm starting late, I increased my contribution from 3% to 10%. Do you think I made the right decision or I should cut down my contribution and invest it in a Roth IRA which I'm about to open?

  14. The market has have a return rate of 12% of its existence. Sorry bro I’m not settling for no dam 7% for the life of my investment account & I’m only 27.. Your investments advise is horrible but the concept is true always do the Roth

  15. Ryan: Do you ever get concerned that the government will change rules for contributing and how it may not be entirely tax-free as the years go by? Part of me is cautious about Roth IRA, even though it's ideal to save money and invest through that. Please share your thoughts.

  16. This seems to suggest that tax advantage accounts may yield more with a full allocation to stocks. Cash and bonds seems more suitable for short term savings.

  17. 2019 was a great year for me as well! VFIAX = 27%, VSGAX = 30.8% (with a minimum of $3,000 to invest); VUG ETF = 33%. Others gave a lower numbers but still… Vanguard funds have a very low expense ratio!

  18. I'm not much of a computer geek and I don't know how this works but is there a way you could show a step by step way using M1 finance app in investing using the roth IRA with the example you just gave. And every month I put in 500 dollars in to my roth IRA do i allocate this immediately to the same bonds and ETF that i invested in? Thanks

  19. Thanks Ryan for the video. I have an IRA with Primerica but am regretting because of the high fees. Do you agree I should get rid of using them?

  20. Why would a young person want a bond fund when they can afford to take risk and since the bonds typically are free from taxes which the Roth is anyway?

  21. Well you can still build a million dollar portfolio in ur 30 and 40s if you keep ur allocation higher than ur posted allocations.

  22. Awesome video Ryan – Building up a Roth IRA is one of the steps need for tax-free wealth creation!

  23. Roth is great if you just want your money to sit there and you don’t want to worry about retirement money later. But if you want to build an even greater amount of wealth, forget about a Roth and do a traditional IRA and invest in real estate. I’d rather get a tax break now and still not pay taxes later when I do retire.

  24. So my company puts 5% in my 401k rather I contribute or not. Should I just keep putting my money in my Roth 401k through my work plan or does it make sense to open a separate Roth IRA ??? Thanks

  25. In Canada we have RRSP (401K) and TFSA (Roth IRA) same idea. TFSA showed up in 2009 and is an amazing vehicle for paying no capital gains and compounding yields long term.

  26. Great video Rob

    What would you recommend for a 58 year old? It looks like my mother won't have quite enough for a comfortable retirement. She has never invested before other than the modest whole life insurance policy she bought 16 years ago… I am thinking she can still start and max out the 7000 contribution for the next 5-7 years until retirement. i would like to know your take and possible asset allocation as well, thanks.

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