How to Buy Nukes on the Black Market

SHANE SMITH: We came back from
Bulgaria blown away by our biggest story that we’d ever
done, feeling like we were 60 Minutes or something. And we gave all the footage
to our editor Jake. And Jake was confused
and saddened and freaked out by it. So what we’re going to do is go
through the whole editing process with Jake. JAKE BURGHART: Did you go
to Varna or Bapha first? SHANE SMITH: I don’t
know what Bapha is. I think Bapha is Varna. That’s sort of like that’s
phonetic and that’s English. So we should start there. We did an article in the
magazine about a French journalist who went to Bulgaria
and bought a warhead on the black market. We were so fascinated by this
that we decided to fly to Sofia and research
it ourselves. And when we were there, we met
this guy who’d written the first article about
it from Standart. He’s an American dude,
but he’s been living there for 10 years. MATTHEW BRUNWASSER: Every big
arms scandal that happened in the world had a Bulgarian
find some box which said, these bullets were
made in Bulgaria. SHANE SMITH: He’s the guy who
helped us find this Ivanov. It’s not his right name,
Ivanov is like Smith. It’s like, you don’t
want anyone to know, like me, Smith– Ivanov. MATTHEW BRUNWASSER: I first
heard about Mr. Ivanov in 2001, a couple months
after September 11. He is a former military
intelligence colonel. He went into private business
finding construction workers for the building industry
in Saudi Arabia. The bin Laden family’s one the
most powerful in Saudi Arabia. And if you’re going to do
construction work in Saudi Arabia, you’re going
to work with them one way or the other. SHANE SMITH: We’re interviewing
this dude who sold a warhead on the
black market. We’re here in Sliven, which
is in eastern Bulgaria. It used to be a Russian military
base where they have some arms dumps. Sliven is important because
it’s the place where the French journalist bought
the warhead. It’s where everything
went down. So we went there and are
researching and checking things out, and we get word
that Ivanov is actually in Sunny Beach. We just got to Sunny Beach. We’ve been driving for six
hours, we’re on the Black Sea. Apparently, Ivanov is here doing
a construction project for retirees. To him, there’s no difference
between making Beverly Hills condos on the Black Sea
and selling warheads. Because it’s all just
capitalism. It’s just buying and selling. JAKE BURGHART: He’s just out
in the open doing normal business now. SHANE SMITH: Definitely. JAKE BURGHART: Why would
he even talk to you? I mean, he’s got his own
stuff going now. SHANE SMITH: Well, because
we gave him money. Again, everything’s
very simple there. It’s capitalism, it’s
just like you want anything, pay for it. The mentality is selling women,
selling drugs, selling guns, selling condos, selling
cars, selling houses– it doesn’t matter. And the attitude, too, is this
is your system, it’s your capitalism. How can you look down
your noses at us for selling warheads? That’s what you do. Warheads are worth money, and
therefore we sell them. EDDY MORETTI: So what’s better, capitalism or communism? SHANE SMITH: And would you say
this is the largest investment of foreign capital in
Bulgaria right now? SHANE SMITH: What’s
the property tax situation in Bulgaria? Once you buy, you
have to pay tax? SHANE SMITH: As we’re talking to
him about his construction project, which actually has
a lot of Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian investment, the topic of
the Bin Laden Construction Company came up. And he said look, if we’re going
to talk about this any more, we have to go back to your
hotel where we can film in private. And I want my face blurred
and my voice distorted. And we said, OK, let’s go. SHANE SMITH: Not the daddy bin
Laden, Osama bin Laden. SHANE SMITH: And what
did he want? SHANE SMITH: So what they asked
him for was to set up a waste management company that
would get the contract to deal with the radioactive waste from
Kozloduy, which is the big Bulgarian nuclear
power station. They asked him to get this
waste management company, he’s like why? And they’re like, well,
we want to get waste. That’s me being an Arab. And then he said, but why? Why don’t you get
the real thing? And they’re like, real thing? And that’s how the French guy
found out that real thing, meaning the warhead. SHANE SMITH: So they brought
in Fedor Patchenko, who was the ex-Vice Director of the
Soviet atomic program, to verify that it was real. SHANE SMITH: When you actually
see the footage of the detonator, you’re like, they
don’t need to get shitty radioactive waste. They can buy a plutonium
detonator on the black market. So that’s when you’re
like holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. JAKE BURGHART: So is it called a
dirty bomb because it’s made with waste? SHANE SMITH: Yes. So let’s say you set off a dirty
bomb made out of cesium or something, some radioactive
material, in New York. It wouldn’t kill that
many people. Maybe it would kill a couple
thousand people. But it would irradiate all of
Manhattan, so everyone would have to leave New York. Because the chances of getting
cancer would increase 100% day-by-day. Obviously nobody wants to get
cancer, so they leave. You can’t come back for another
30 or 40 years, and you can’t clean it up. So New York ceases to exist,
it’s done, which would kill America, right? JAKE BURGHART: So where’s
the bomb? SHANE SMITH: Well we said,
where’s the bomb? And he said oh, I buried it in
my mother’s garden in Varna. And we’re like, well, hey,
we’ll give you money. Let’s go see the bomb. He was like no, no, we can’t. We tried to find out, but the
bomb’s still out there, which is kind of terrifying. Or there’s other bombs. I mean, this was part
of the old Soviet arms dump from Sliven. There might be 10 other bombs. God knows who the hell
bought them. JAKE BURGHART: Wow. SHANE SMITH: Yeah. So if you can go buy one of
these things on the black market, that’s it. JAKE BURGHART: Which you guys
just went and found. SHANE SMITH: Yeah, we found
the dude who sold it. Then that’s it, that’s
the end of time. Because it could be Osama bin
Laden, it could be some white supremacist dude from Arkansas,
it could be some guy who hates your football
team, whatever it is. I know, why don’t
we know this? Why aren’t we being told this?

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  1. no it is not you stupid idiots nobody gonna sell you a nuke in bulgaria this guy is gathering inteligence on morons stupid enought to belive he will its dans special operation to infiltrate stupid retarded terorist that will belive in this bullshit i bet they even put some testing element for calibrating geiger counters emiting gama radiation just to make it belivable and the expert is there to convince the retarded morons that is the real deal the only nukes we had were given back to russia all of them and they were a lot biget then this suposed nuklear bomb triger they were for medium and long range balistick missles and weighted several tons like SS 23 roket im not an expert but this one looked like element from shell based nuke for somthing like pion artilery sustems and we never had those i mean you do realise bulgarian counter inteligence canot make operation based on selling real nuklear waste from аец козлодуи its to dangerous but then can eazy fabrikate fake nuke triger if this is bulgarian counter inteligence for all i see this guy wanted to make some money from retards and burn them whit usless lump of metal they pay milions for

  2. Bulgaria doesn't have nukes …..
    If Manhattan ceases to exist it would kill America ?
    The French guy got ripped off …..
    No nuke was sold ….
    No dirty bomb ….
    Vice lies ….. We aren't being told this , because it isn't true …..
    Where is the nuke You bought , Vice ?

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  5. The Elite have them all now, because they have the most money. Spook-for-the-Elite (doesn't matter which country, they're all buddies behind the scenes) to 'Ivanov': "Whatever price you're offered, we'll triple it; but we'll be able to check that it was a genuine offer, so don't try and screw us, because we know where your children play."

  6. Idiot this is garbage really a white supremacist going to get a nuclear warhead that’s what you’re worried about this is some fake number one if this person had any access to even former Soviet nuclear bomb parts detonators Switch coils or even dominium line canisters just transporting it alone would cost millions there is no way they would be riding with it in the backseat of a car not only would it kill the person but anyone that were coming contact with.

  7. im shocked no one has smuggled one of these into an american city and set it off.

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    The Zionists, with over 200 nuclear weapons themselves and the will to use them, have long been conditioning people to believe Iran is a nuclear threat.

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