How to Buy On Myntra (really easy)

How are all you wonderful people? I trust
I am finding you enjoying this lovely day wherever you are. A little something which
is on my mind today, is How to Shop on I recently created two videos on a similar
topic, Which is for Amazon and Moreover, those videos are useful internationally. But
today’s video is mainly created for the Indian viewers. Because, is an Indian
fashion e-commerce marketplace, and they will only deliver their product inside India. But
don’t worry guys our next topic will be for all of you. So stay tuned. Before we starting the instructional
part, please notice that this video is both applicable
for Myntra desktop Site and The Official App. So let’s get started. Open up your browser
and go to Or if you are using Myntra app on your mobile device, you can
open that instead. Once you are on Myntra, the first thing you have to do here is, Create
an account, if you don’t have an existing account on Myntra, and for that you have to go up here, and click on the signup. Then you will get to this page, and from here you can see, we have to
option to join Myntra. We have here the easiest way, That we can signup using our Facebook
or Google accounts, with just a click of a button. Or you can fill up all these things
in order to create an account. And that is the conventional method. If you interested,
let me explain that second option in more details. Once fill up these column, click on this register
button, then they will send you a verification mail on to your associated mail address. So
open your email inbox and click on the verification link, and your done creating your first Myntra
account. However once you get signed up, or if you already have an account on Myntra.
It’s time for login. So let’s click on login. And now enter your email id and password,
or just click the Facebook or Google button, if you signed up that way. As you can see,
we have just logged in to our Myntra account, and it’s time to shop something. Don’t
worry I will do all the process in real time. So that you can follow me easily. You have two ways to search for an item on Myntra one is you can can
go through this category menu. For example, if you are looking for, shop
some Men watches. You can go to Men section and click on watches and wearables. And you
will see thousands of watches from different brands. So you can find your one by searching
through this giant list, or if you are looking for something specific. You can set your preference, by going to the filters. And find you products more quickly. And on the filter section, you can filter your result
by, Categories, Brands, Color, price range, Discount and so on and so on. So all together,
let say, this filter section is a great tool for hassle-free shopping. Otherwise, you have
to go the search box and search for the item randomly. And they will provide best and accurate
results if you searched for the right keyword, For example, let’s search “Fastrack watches”
And there you can see the result, Now I have to set a price range because I have a minimum
budget to do the video. So let’s do that. Now let’s search for an item to buy. And yes, I just found the one that I looking
for. Once you found a product, just click on it, and it will bring you to the product
page. And If in case you are here to shop some kind of clothes, things are not that
kind of easy comparing to shopping a watch. Because, the clothing measurements must be
accurate, when you choose. Or else it is almost worthless, shopping dress online. So I have
to give you some tips on that as well. No matter whether you are a Men or Women, or
boy or girls. It’s work the same for all of you. Once you choose you desired clothing,
you have to choose an appropriate size from here. This product is available in small,
medium large, and XL sizes. But, if you even know the size of your dress. I suggest you
to go to this size chart and reconfirm the measurement. Because different companies measuring
their product in different scales. For example a companies Small size, maybe another companies
large size. So this chart will help you to overcome those type of issues. Because you can compare
your Clothing’s measurements, with the item measurement, using this size chart. And by
doing that, you can avoid the risk of, buying an oversized or undersized clothing. Now choose
a size and click on add to bag. And that’s all the basic stuff, that you need to know
before shopping any clothings online. So let’s get back to the watches page and start the
buying process, the part which are most people finding difficulty! But don’t worry I’m
here to solve all your doubts. Once you found the right item, you can click on add to bag.
And the product will be added to your shopping bag or cart. So you can continue shopping
for other products as well. And later you can find them all in the Bag, my shopping bag. So let’s go ahead and buy two more items, which I already selected. The first one Is a ladies watch, So let’s
add that to the bag. Now the second one is Danel Klein another watch, and let’s add
that as well. Once you added all the selected products to the bag, you can click on the
Shopping bag icon. And it will bring you to the “My Shopping Bag” page. And here you
can see all of those products, which we added. And you can see here the order subtotal as
well. The amount which you have to pay. And if you have a coupon or promo code this is
the place to apply that. You can do it by clicking on this apply coupon button. And
enter the code here, or they will automatically show you the coupons here, If your product
is eligible for one. However, once you entered a coupon code, You can just click on this
“Apply coupon” and it will add the discount to your subtotal. But Unfortunately, my items
are already at it’s best price, and there for, we can’t apply any coupons. Now I have
to show you one more thing, before checkout. That they have the Gift wrap facility as well,
so that you can Gift wrap your order. And it will only cost you a few bucks. So click
inside this box, very next to the Gift wrap, to enable Gift wrapping for this order. And
you can, type in the recipient name, add a message, sender name, then click on save. And
you just done your gift wrap request for this order. And let me say, It is a great facility. If you
need to gift someone, I definitely recommend this. Now let’s continue shopping. Once
you verified your order, click on “Place Order” button. And it will ask you for your
address, If you already have a saved address, like me. Then all you have to do is select
that address, and click the “Continue to payment”. Or in case, if you are a new customer,
or you have to change your older address to a new one. Just go ahead and click on this “Add a new address”. And add your address here, appropriately, then save it. Now you can select that address and click
on continue to payment. And it will get you here, Here you need to choose a payment method.
You can pay via credit or debit card. Net banking, Cash or card on delivery, E-Wallets,
gift card and so on and so on. But the method we are choosing today, is The Net Banking,
because I prefer so. So let’s click on the Net banking, and choose our bank from here.
For example I’m using Federal bank, so let’s select that. Now click on Pay Now.
and it will redirect you to your bank’s net banking login page. So just log in to
your net banking account, using your net banking username and password. Now you can see the
total amount here, the amount we need to pay. Once you verify the amount, click on continue.
Now it will show you the Transaction Details, So click on submit. And finally, it will ask
you to enter an OTP also known as one-time password. So get your phone and check for
an OTP message. Once you found it, enter the code here. And click on submit. Now you can
see, they are processing your request, So let’s wait. And finally it’s done. You
can see the “Order Successful” message is just appeared. So we are successfully paid
and placed the order. Now all you have to do is, wait for the order to be arrive. But
wait, we are not stopping there. I have show you couple more things. I will show you, how
to track the order, and hopefully at the end of the video. I will show you the product
unboxing as well. So wait for that. To track the order on Myntra, you have to go to the
orders page, And here you will find, all your orders and their status. If you changed your
mind, you can cancel the order anytime, by clicking on this cancel order button. then
they will send the money bank your account, Via the same payment method, that you used
to pay for the product. And you can see they are split our order into, two order, I think
that because, the Fastrack and Titan, is from the same company. And the other one is from Daniel Klein, it is a different company. So maybe they’re decided to send it separately. Or else, those products
are available on deferent warehouses. Or maybe some of the order are coming for a longer
distance, the reasons may very. Let me say it’s only my assumption, there may be other
reason to happen so. Anyway let’s leave that aside, And wait for the order to be arrive.
And hope we can track the order status until its came. So see you guys there. I will be
back. Hey guys this is day 2. November 19, 11:42 PM. And you can see the order number
1 is shipped. And the order 2 is still wait to be dispatched. So let’s check back tomorrow. Hey guys this is day 3. November 20, 6:41 PM. And you can see the order number 1 is
still showed as shipped. nothing changed. And the order number 2’s status is just changed, and it is now
showing as shipped. Hi guys this November 22. And we passed to more days, And I have
a happy new for you. That I have just received my first order, on today’s mail. And here
is it. As you can see It is packed in a nice plastic bag, branded Myntra. And I feel some kind of bubble wrapping inside. So let’s open it and have a quick look. And we have got the Daniel Klein,
from the first package. So hope we have the other two watches on the way. So let’s wait for that. Hey guys this is, November 24. and we have passed another 2 days, I just received
our final package, sitting on my desk, and ready to get unboxed. So let’s go and get
it out. It is packed in a Myntra branded plastic bag, similar to the other plastic bag. So let’s not waste any more time and start the unboxing right away. And here is the other 2 watches.
Have a look. Now I will show all of the items, which we received. So overall they took up
to 7 days to get all these products delivered. And that’s how you can buy anything on
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  1. Worst experience with Myntra : I Anilprasad Golla had ordered product from myntra online bearing order number 1071177-5861695-3776703 of RS 754 and was ordered by cash on delivery, Collateraly I have two orders placed the parcel came and the i handed four 500 rs note to the delivery boy, the delivery boy was not having even a penny in his pocket to give change of the remaining amount. He asked for any debit card, i Handed him my debit card and swiped the card with password, he said that the transaction is not successful, i arranged exact money to him.In the evening i Got a message that the amount of RS 754 was deducted from card and the delivery boy aslo carried the cash with him, next morning i called myntra executive, what kind of executives are appointed i dont know, He asked for account statement of the month while i said i can give u Mini Statement of seven days( Please note Mini statements are generated by Bank ATMS not homemade) Though he was stubborn, I escalated the matter to escalation desk(Neha), same experience, although i am providing the mobile number of the delivery boy and the POS number even then they are not willing to know from their delivery team.This was too Disappointment for me.IS this the kind of Service myntra is providing?? Unstatisfactory and poor class of service.

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