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content guys all right guys let’s go ahead let’s dive into this so we’re
going over these cold-calling conversion strategies for 2019 all right oh right I
gotcha you know I’m gonna take care y’all thanks for coming out taking our
time out of the day to actually learn these strategies okay so I’m gonna keep
you quick but this is how you’re gonna know the numbers and be able to track
your results when you’re cold calling your real estate leads okay so let’s
start off with how you’re gonna get the leads okay that’s the first step how do
I get these leads well what I recommend is heading over to motivated seller
leads org they got the best leads on the internet period so you head over there
you fill out a short form you can get skip-tracing to go along with it it’s 30
cents per lead flat fee or you can head over it’s a prop stream I’ll have a link
for all of these sites down below as well you can head over it’s a prop
stream and for they have a 7 day free trial and after that for $99 a month you
can get access to cash buyers motivated seller leads pretty much everything with
comps analysis everything is absolutely amazing so check out the link down below
for that you can also check out lists source lists source com you know a lot
of people talk about Liz source list source you know I used it for a long
time myself I personally switched over to different
services therefore I can you know just be different from the competition I like
everybody’s going to list source so I don’t want to be
one of those getting the same leads call them same people that everybody else is
calling okay then your next option is going to be REI Pro that’s another site
that’s somewhat similar to prop string but I’m much prefer proxying better than
REI Pro and then you got our tww okay so all of these sites are great for getting
leads I highly recommend them all I’ll have the links down below okay so you
get your leads like that from there and you’re gonna need to skip trace those
leads you’re gonna need to get these people’s phone numbers so you can
actually start reaching out so okay so what I recommend for that like I said
before motivated seller leads or you can get
the leads and the skip tracing done two for one so that’s kind of just easy so I
recommend that you can also go over to true people search calm or fast people
search comm batch skip tracing comm or up work comm to be able to
get your lead skip trace now on the first four sites is nice and simple what
you got to do is just go there and order they make it simple for you on Fiverr
and up work you’re going to be looking for freelancers who are gonna do the
skip tracing for you okay alright so you’re gonna go there get your lead skip
trace now you got leaves they’re all skip trace okay so here’s the numbers
that you need to keep in mind when you’re whole seller that you’re known
performance indicators these these different numbers right here then I’m
going to show you next are the numbers that are gonna make the biggest
difference and your whole selling business if you’re primarily Co calling
to bring in your leads okay so pay attention so this is how the funnel
breaks down so how many people are on your list how big is that list how many
people did you get on that list from motivated seller leads or list source or
wherever you got your list from okay from there how many of those people came
back with numbers after you did your skip tracing some of those people won’t
have numbers maybe something will come back as LLC’s they weren’t able to get
the phone number whatever it may be from there how many people are you calling
okay that’s very very important number how many people you actually on the
phone with from there how many contacts have you made with those people
how many motivated homeowners have you actually talked to they’re from there’s
like how many leads have been created from those people how many people have
actually given you an opportunity to go see the property okay or yeah and then
from there how many of those people have turned into contracts how many of those
people have actually signed a contract active you’ve been able to analyze the
numbers and actually go view the property okay how many contracts are
good sigh and from there the number that we all like the most guys how many
closings are you attending this month or have you been to okay so keep all of
these numbers in mind here’s another way to kind of break this down okay so how
many calls you making as you see it’s kind of just like a flowchart guys it’s
wash rinse repeat you should be able to constantly do this
process over and over and over if you pay attention to your KPI is your known
performance indicators so how many calls contacts contracts and closings are you
getting on a monthly basis and you’re gonna be washed rinsing and repeating
this process so I want you to be making at least 50 but preferably 200 or more
calls per day and that’s just if you’re manually dialing so if you’re on a on an
actual dialer like mojo then you really want to be making 3 to 500 calls or more
per day at least honestly I say you know you gotta have those least skipped rates
you gotta have them available keep that amount from there how many contacts are
you reaching out to so like you really really need to pay attention so how many
people are you calling and how many people are you actually getting in
contact with how many homeowners are you actually getting in contact with because
that’s really determining the quality of that list you need to actually be
talking to people okay from there’s how many contracts are you getting like so
like within 48 hours of seeing that of talking to that seller you want to have
already done the analysis as far as running the numbers and you want to
already have went out to see the property speed is the key guys if you’re
going to be doing five plus deals per month you’ve got to be
than fast as you all know it takes time everything takes time so you got to be
moving quickly so how many contracts are you getting signed after you go out and
view this property analyze the numbers and your sheet the seller out and offer
from there how many closings are you getting how many deals are you whole
selling monthly and you’re gonna tweak all of your other KPIs to actually
increase that number of closings so I think that you all can kind of get the
gist of how this all works out this is all a numbers game and this is how you
break down the numbers okay so here’s how you implement these strategies some
things to kind of keep in mind when you’re making these cold calls first you
know you really want to be using a script it’s gonna help you immensely
when you just begin it I can’t stress that enough you can get my scripts on my
website Brent Daniels has his scripts for free on his website so you can get
scripts guys okay and just get yourself a script block out two to four hours to
call per day you want to make that time sacred you don’t want anything to come
between you making these phone calls on a daily basis okay and then you want to
listen to something motivational you want to get yourself pumped up before
you start making these calls so I motivational something relaxing
something that’s gonna get you in that mad state that you know that you need to
be in to perform at your peak potential then you’re gonna want to get up and
move around don’t just be sitting around like you’re
gonna sound so blah blah blah like you want to be up you want to be active you
want people to feel that energy that you’re letting off okay so get up and
move around then don’t get distracted by nonsense turn your phone on silent don’t
or like like like turn the notifications off of Facebook and Instagram doing the
time that that you’re making these calls don’t take any calls from anybody else
make it this time sacred whether it be you know 9 to 12 10 to 2 4 to 7 whatever
it is make that block of time sacred ok and then just go one at a time
master it over time but just take one call at a time don’t stress yourself out
thinking I gotta make 150 calls just go one call at a time and you’ll get better
over time just be confident and be persistent while you’re making these
calls and you got this you got this okay all right so here’s our something here
are some of the most common bottlenecks that I see people face over and over and
over again when they’re starting to build up their cold-calling pipeline
crank so here’s a lot of mistakes that you want to avoid they just said this up
here here’s the mistakes that you want to avoid not making the college itself
you got to get on these phone calls y’all you can’t just be sitting around
hoping that someone else is gonna do before you could put it in the hands of
a v8 but then you’re drastically gonna reduce the quality of those calls being
made no one is gonna appreciate your business like you do okay I’m not making
enough calls that’s another thing you gotta be making these 50 to 200 plus
calls per day like and if that’s just if you actually want to succeed I mean if
you don’t want to get wholesale pills don’t make no cuts make make five ten
calls a day but don’t get me wrong even if you make a 5 10 calls per day that’s
way more than what most people are making that’s just sitting back watching
videos thinking about making cold calls instead of actually doing it as soon as
this video is over guys start taking action you don’t want some videos you’ve
watched enough start taking action immediately after listening to this
video okay you don’t want to be freestyling phone calls neither so you
want to be using a script you don’t want to just freestyle and be making it up as
you go along especially if you’re just beginning then just don’t give up too
easy like if someone’s like oh yeah I’m not interested well hey do you have any
other properties that you’re interested in selling or you know like maybe the
time isn’t right okay well would you like for me to call you back in maybe a
month or so like you want to be getting a follow up call you want to be getting
to the next stage in the sales process on every single one of these calls and
then you need to make sure that you’re following up with these leads you have
to be you have to be following up with a net goals and so the next step
organization you’ve got to be organizing your leads properly so you want to be
using a CRM or even just like Google sheets use something to keep track of
all of your leads so they don’t just end up on lose scraps of paper all across
your property okay all across your house you understand what I’m saying like like
make sure that you hold onto these leads get yourself a CRM like asana is what I
use and I’ve also used Soho I like that a lot and copper is also another one
that you could check out so and then don’t doubt your capabilities guys you
got this you got to be confident you got to be passionate you got to know that
you’re genuinely calling people to help them and then the process you’re going
to be making some money but come with that feeling of like I’m about to change
somebody’s life today okay if you’re talking to buyers on ok
if you’re talking to sellers you have to genuinely feel like you can help them
excuse me you have to genuinely feel like you could help these people they
need to feel that energy that confident that confidence and that comfort ability
from you to really feel comfortable with going along with you proceeding with you
to be the person who’s gonna help them sell their property understand ok so
let’s just keep it moving guys so what to do next right what to do next
you already know what to do start taking massive action okay guys all of the
links for what I was just telling you are in the description of this video if
you’re listening to the on the podcast is going to be in the description of the
podcast but make sure that you start taking massive action okay like if you
need leads head over to motivate us elderly’s org get the leads get them
skiptrace start making these phone calls then just start tracking your KPIs you
know how many calls am i making how many contacts am i kidding
how many contracts is not sending out from that and how many cousins am i
going to every single month all right guys I know that y’all ready to start
taking this action let’s go hit let’s get it yall already know what to do hey
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  2. With motivated seller leads. Org, how did they know what city you are in? When I try to purchase a list I don't see it.

  3. Thank you! This video was so helpful and motivating. I'm in Southern California so I don't feel like it's a good market. But the more calls I make the more I feel confident. I listen to your podcast as well and it keeps me going. I really appreciate you for giving us the real.

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