How to Construct a Triangle When Given the Angles : Fun with Math!

hi I'm drew Moyer and this is how to construct a triangle when given the angles let's suppose I'm told to construct a triangle with angles 50 60 and 70 degrees the first thing I want to do is draw my base and since the base doesn't have any angles it doesn't matter exactly what it looks like so I'm just going to draw a straight line just like this next thing I want to do is get my protractor out and I'm going to be looking to make a 50 degree angle from this point so what I want to do is line up the protractor so that it's in line with the base that I drew and I also want to line up the tip of the base right here with this point right on this protractor and all protractors have this little circle embedded into the bottom so when I do that I'm going to be looking for 50 degrees which is right here I'm going to draw a point right there at 50 degrees and now I go back to my ruler and I simply connect the base through that point and extend it up just like that and it doesn't matter exactly how far I extend it just matters how big you want your triangle to be so our next angle is going to be 60 degrees so again this time I'm going to flip the protractor upside down like this get the point lined up right at the base of the line that I drew and I want to find a 60 degree angle which looks like it's going to be right about here so I draw a little point and now again with the ruler I'm going to connect the tip of the line that I just drew and connect it through the point and I want to extend that all the way back down to the base that I already drew so this angle right here was 50 this one was 60 and the best part about triangle is is that no matter what they're always going to equal 180 degrees so I don't even have to measure this angle I know for a fact that it must be 70 degrees because 50 plus 60 plus 70 is equal to 180 so here we have our triangle with the angles given I'm drew Moyer and that is how to construct a triangle when given the angles

31 thoughts on “How to Construct a Triangle When Given the Angles : Fun with Math!

  1. This was really helpful! I failed my test before this, but now I think I’m going to ace my retake!

  2. Thanks so much I have a test tomorrow about this and I didn’t know how to draw a triangle with given measures and was hoping for a video like this. I wish u were my math teacher

  3. Kind of a lopsided triangle. Try for sixty sixty and sixty…and I'm not talking about an orgy with three elderly ladies LOL. If you add an a you get Lola…she's a trans from Kosovo

  4. Oh my gosh–you just saved me from my misery! My friend explained it all wrong, & the assignment was due today…. thx so much! Now I can just fly through how to use a protractor!

  5. i would have gotten suspended if u didn't teach me this. thanks, really helpful.
    serge i agree with u

  6. Keep it up 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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