How to Convince Other Sites to Send You Free Traffic

If you’re just starting your online business
and you want more traffic and sales, what should you do? Well, you could try paid advertising but that’s
expensive. You can try SEO, but that takes a long time
to kick in. The easiest way to get way to get traffic
is from other websites that already have it. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m
going to teach you how to convince other websites to drive you traffic. The first thing you need to know is that it
has to be a win-win situation. If you just ask someone randomly to send you
traffic, why would they do it? That’s like asking me, “Hey Neil, can you
give me money?” Funny enough, I actually get that email quite
often. You know what I do when I get that email? I ignore it. I also get the email, all the time, from people
saying, “Can you link out to me? Can you send me traffic?” What do it do? I ignore it. Most people will say, “All right, we’ll send
you traffic but it’s going to cost you X dollars,” and when you’re just starting off you don’t
want to pay money for it. But, if someone does drive you sales, sure,
you’d give them their percentage for each and every single sale that they drove you,
right? What do you have to lose? If they drive you zero sales, you don’t pay
a dollar. This is called affiliate marketing. So, you have to first create a win-win situation,
and the way you do this is, you tell them, “Hey, every time you drive me a sale I’ll
pay you money.” If they drive you 100 visitors, or 1000 visitors
it doesn’t matter. You don’t pay him a dollar for that, instead
you pay him money for only sales that they drive you. The next thing you need to know is, big websites
won’t do this right away. They’re going to want to see some proof that
when they drive you sales it will work, but they don’t want to do it with their traffic. That means you need to convince these smaller
websites to promote you. Do whatever it takes to convince them to drove
you traffic and when they drives you sales, you will give them money. As you get some of these smaller players to
promote your products or services, then you can walk up to medium sized sites. Once you’ve got the medium sized sites, then
you can walk up to the bigger sites. No, granted there’s going to be a lot of websites
that just drive you visitors for free because they may want to promote your content, because
they like it. Or they may want to link to it because they
want to cite some information on your blog, but what will drive you sales is when another
website or business says, “Hey, you need to go buy from Neil. You need to go buy from John, or you need
to go buy from whoever.” Those websites already have trust with their
visitors, so when they tell them to go do something they’re much more likely to go and
do it.

10 thoughts on “How to Convince Other Sites to Send You Free Traffic

  1. Awesome tips here, Neil. But what if you're just starting out with no product? So you literally can't use affiliate marketing.

    Simon Zaku.

  2. Let's say if you are telling your users to buy from me and from that traffic I am making money (Generating Leads that is) So how would you know that I just make quite a few bucks out of that?. A one can betray you too. I am confused a bit, What say?

  3. Neil you're the best! I would very much like to know when you will come to Brazil, because then we can, depending on the financial possibilities to make a partnership. what do you think?

  4. I recently setup affiliate on WordPress using WP affiliate. But in our industry there are one big players similar to Amazon. We are also giving more % commission.

    But no one is replying on our mail.

    Can you please suggest a good pitch with a best subject line.

    Thanks a lot for your daily videos guide, it took me to next level 🙂

  5. Hi Neil, do you have a template for affiliate marketing email requests? It sounds good but when I've tried blogs abd youtube channels they respond with requests for upfront payment for a link? What gives?

  6. Hey, Neil, I saw your videos and subscribed your channel just now. You seem to be master in your field 'SEO', while giving small tips free to the viewers, its great. I want to know the sites that could promote me and I will reward them on conversion. I have the big ticket products in Banking & Credit Consultancy.. .. I help the large defaulted bank loan accounts (NPA accounts) to save their mortgages from the Bank and revive the business, settle the loan at less and also arrange high value loans to the NPA accounts, their CIBIL score is bad and no body else provide them loans. I have monopolist 'Financial Consultancy products' charge them fairly and afford to pay my affiliates fairly who can refer me sales. Can you guide to which web-sites should I approach and how for recruiting them in the army of my affiliates. Please accept my regards for your excellence professionalism in your field.

    Shakti Kumar Jain
    (Ex-Officer SBI SAM Branch)
    Credit, NPA Resolution & Sarfaesi Act Consultant

  7. Hey Neil . I have been following you lately and all your tips are working for me. I have a question to ask . If we give link to other bog or website with similar content to ours which is more informative to the reader then should we give a dofollow or nofollow link. and what are merits and demerits of those link does it hamper our SEO score

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