How to Create a Packing Declaration Document Import Export Business Trade Logistics Supply Chain

Hi. Let me show you
how you can easily create a Packing Declaration
for your export shipment. As an example, let’s say that
I’m an Exporter based in the USA and I have just shipped
a 20-foot container of furniture products to my customer in Australia. So, at the top,
I select the Shipper. I can select from my pre-saved list or click Create to create and save
new company details. Let’s select ABC Exports. Then, I enter the Vessel information. Maersk Emma. Voyage Number.
This is my Reference Number. And the Consignment Identifier
Or Numerical Link. This is usually a reference number
or container number linking it to the shipment. Then, then I have to answer questions
relating to the packaging materials that I have used inside my container
when I have packed it for export. Question 1: “Have prohibited
packaging materials or bamboo products being used
as packaging or dunnage in the consignment covered by this document?” I haven’t used any prohibited
packaging materials, so I will answer, “No.” Question 2: “Has solid timber packaging/
dunnage been used in consignments covered by this document?”
Yes, I have used solid timber packaging. I’ve used pallets inside this container.
So, I will answer, “Yes.” Question 3: “All timber packaging used
in this consignment has been traded and marked in compliance
with ISPM 15, traded in compliance
with Department of Agriculture or not traded at all?” The pallets that I have used
have been traded and marked in compliance with ISPM 15 requirements. Then, I select the Method of Dispatch,
sea. Type of Shipment: FCL. And you will notice that
my container cleanliness statement has automatically been inserted
into the document. This is my statement to confirm
that the container has been cleaned and is free from material
of animal, plant origin and soil. At the bottom, the Place of Issue.
From Long Beach. The Date. Signatory Company is my company, Name of Signatory. Then, I can sign the document
using my mouse or if I have already created
my profile signature, I can click Use Profile Signature
to automatically insert my signature into the document. And that’s it. I click Save
and the document will be created. From here,
I click Download. And the PDF document
will download and display exactly as
I saw it on my screen. And that’s it. I’ve created my Packing Declaration
for my export shipment.

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