How to create a Packing List Document for Import Export Business for Global Trade Logistics FCL LCL

Hi. Let me show you
how you can easily create a Packing List
for your export shipment. In this example, let’s say
I’m an exporter based in the USA and I’ve just shipped one pallet of goods
to my customer in Australia. So, at the top, I select the Exporter
from my pre-saved list or I can click Create to add and save
new company details. I will select ABC Exports. The Consignee I will select from my list. Method of Dispatch: by sea. Type of Shipment: FCL. Vessel Name. Voyage Number. Port of Loading: Long Beach. Date of Departure. Port of Discharge is Sydney. Final Destination: Australia. On the right, I can enter
my Export Invoice Number and Reference Numbers. And if I want to,
I can add a Bill of Lading and Buyer Reference Number. Country of Origin of Goods:
United States. Country of Final Destination is Australia. I can add any additional
packing information here. Then I add the products
into my packing list. I can click Create to create
and save new products or just select them
from my list of products. So, in this example, I have shipped
one pallet of goods by LCL cargo. So, in the packing list
I select my products. Barstools and bar tables. Now, these will be grouped together and I enter the unit quantity of each. Bar stools, 40. Bar tables, 15. The net weights are already in there. And then, I enter kind of packages
and the number of packages. I have shipped one pallet by LCL cargo so I enter Kind of Packages, pallet. Number of Packages, 1. Then, I enter the gross weight
of the cargo which is the total weight
of all of these products including the pallet.
750 kilos. The total cubic measurement
of the pallet is 1.7 cubic meters. If I have shipped
more products and packages, I can continue to enter them
on new lines. At the bottom, I can add
any additional information and notes here. The Place of Issue, Long Beach. Signatory company is my company. Name of signatory is my name. And then, I can sign the document
using my mouse or if I have already created
my profile signature, I can click Use Profile Signature to insert my signature into the document. And that’s it. I click Save
and the document will be created. From this screen, I can click Download
to download the PDF document. The document will display
exactly as I saw it on my screen. And that’s it.
I’ve created my LCL packing list.

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  1. dear sir, in india we need to make packing list manually in excel and your example like a putting info in software its very easily just drag down and select the avlaible info

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