How To Create An Online Business That Makes You Big Money And Runs Automatically With Advertising!

So today I have a great video for you. Today I’m going to show you how
to make money from ad campaigns. Most people run ad campaigns, but they can rarely make money from it. They advertise on Facebook or youtube
or Google or some other platform. They spend some money, they won’t make
any money. They’ll try a new campaign, a new ad,
have somebody write them a newsales page, design a new landing page, spend
money. Again, doesn’t change anything. They hire an expert.
Still nothing changes. And I’m going to tell you today
why after you finish this video, you will have a very good idea how
people make money from ad campaigns. You will identify the mistakes you’re
making and why you’re not making money. And you’ll also learn new things
that you did not know until today. And once you start executing them, you
will be able to make money from your ads. See, most people don’t even understand
how ads work and money is made from it. So they keep spending money,
but they don’t make money. And that’s where you’re
going to learn today. You’re going to learn everything
there is to know about it. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to run successful ad
campaigns and make big money for yourself. Obviously, I cannot promise you, but
90% you will because most people do. I do, lot of my clients do, so you’ll
be able to do that and the campaigns, I’m going to show you today. That’s the
Formula I’m going to show you today. This works for most industries.
I mean I have run in many, many different industries.
Fitness, dating, healthcare.
I had relationships, so many, so many other places. You know,
I’ve even run them on ecommerce. It works every single place the same way.
It makes you good money coaching, consulting works everywhere.
Now, I don’t know your industry, so you might have to make a few tweaks,
but like I said, it should work for almost everyone.
So with that, let’s get started. Now for every ad campaign,
there are two parts, right? One is you have your spend, your ad spend is the money you spend
on advertising and then you have your revenue.
What happens is normally, most people spend $100 on ads and then
in return either they get nothing or at best, they get some money back.
So we just take $50 for example. Now I’m making these numbers here.
These numbers are not real. They’re not coming from any calculations.
These are just from my experience. I’m trying to simplify some using
average round numbers, okay? So now what happens is you spend
$100 and you got only $50 in return. So obviously you’re operating
at a loss of $50 here, and this where most people are stuck. This is where most people
spend their entire time, okay? They keep spending more money. Sorry I am spitting now they keep spending
more money and they keep losing more money and they keep tying element outside,
nothing works. And then they give up. Okay? Now if you are in stage, there
are only two ways you can increase. You can change anything and
put more money in your pocket. One is by reducing the ad costs and
second by increasing the product cost. So what will happen is once you start
running the Ad, after, after a while, you would get some number. You will find
out that every time you spend 100 bucks, that’s when I get $50. For you it could
be a different number, could be 20, could be 120. Whatever you find
in every time you spend 100 bucks, you’re getting $50 back.
So now you know, this is the number you have to play with.
Whatever you do, you have to do with this number. So the first thing you do is you
start playing with your ad copy. Okay, I should put it right not a cross.
And with ad copy. You tried different ad copies,
tried different headlines, different headlines, different
images, you know, video ads, quiz Quiz is One of my favorite
things when it comes to running ad, in almost every industry,
it has significantly dropped
my cost of acquisition. My very first time that I tried quiz, I was collecting leads for $3 30
cents or something at the time. And with quiz I was able to drop
it down to 38 cents that’s massive, massive difference. So try a quiz,
if you haven’t in your industry, it works really great. So you’ll
find something here to drop the cost. So now if you were spending $100 to get
a sale, again, I’m just making this up, you know, maybe now you’ve
spent only $80 to get the sale. So now all of a sudden instead of $50
you’re at a loss of only $30 at the same time. You increase the price
here from $50 to $97 again, I’m just making this up. You have to test these numbers and see
what works for you. In my first business, like I said, I went from 50 to 97
and my conversion did not drop. So my um, my first product was being
sold or offered at $97. So let’s just say now you’re going
from 100 to 80, and 50 to 97. So now you’re spending $80 and you’re
earning $97 now you’re at a profit of $17. So now your ad has become profitable
just by making changes to these two you have become profitable? Now, if you keep
running ad this, we’ll keep working. There will be times it’d be more or less,
but that’s to that, but this is not enough. You can’t survive with this number. I
mean how many think, how many products, how many offers you have to
sell to make money from this? If you want to make even $1,500 you have
to sell about a hundred products just to make 1500 if you want to make in
fifteen thousand seventeen thousand you’ve sell thousands of them that month.
That’s a lot. This is not to say you shouldn’t be
selling thousands or that’s a big number, but this is not a big money.
This is not going to make you rich. Your goal is not just to sell products, your goal is to become rich with the
sales. This is not going to do it for you. Okay, so we do something. At this point,
what you do is now you have your number. You know that every time you
spend 80 bucks, you’re gonna
get one sale, 100 bucks, you’re going to get one sale. So we
know that one sale right now it’s $97. What do you do? Is you add something called an upsell an
upsell basically is an additional offer to your origin offer. So somebody comes
and buys your first product and you say, Hey, thank you for your purchase.
I have one more offer for you. And since you bought this right now
I can see you’re ready to take things further. I have a great product
that can get you faster, results, improve your experience,
and because you committed, you already bought something from me.
I want to give you a special deal. I give it to you 80% off
for Just for 20 bucks. Okay? So let’s just say this person now
ends up buying that product. Okay? So right now you are the
profit of $17 they pay you, $20 and now your profit is $37. So we went from losing $50 to
a profit of $37 right here. Now again, in my last business, the
dating businss that I used to do, my, I had about seven upsells and the
total cost or my upsells was about $770 including original offer. Meaning if a
customer bought every single product, they would pay me a total
of $770 my average cost per
new customer or my average acquisition,
my revenue was about, I can’t remember exactly if it was
425 or 455 something like that. We just go with 400 let’s
just say on an average. Every customer who bought from me
gave me $400 that is a lot of money. That means I think spending up to the
$350 on ad and still have a profit of $50 that’s the power upsell.
Okay? So you can add as many upsells as you can, as long as it relates
to the original product, as long as improves their
experience gets them faster results, and it’s something that makes
sense to them, works great. So I hope this is all making sense to you.
Okay? So what we did is we started running ads. We were at a loss then we tried
to drop the value of the ad. We tried to increase the price, got
into profit, added some upsells, and now we have started
making good money for upsells. But this is also not good enough for us.
We don’t care about this money, who cares about this money I don’t. Usually what I do is I hire
people to run this for me, right? Sometimes I have inhouse people, sometimes outside because I don’t care
about this money. Every money I make here, I reinvest in my company
because this is not my end goal. I don’t want to make this $400
per sale and be happy with that. That’s not my goal.
That’s what average people do. So every money I make here, I
reinvest, I hire more experts, I have people design things from me,
write New Copies for me so this is all
just to get traffic fromhere. And this is why I do that. So here I don’t want a penny in my
pocket from here. It doesn’t help me. What I want to do, focus on
is this. This is my goal. So right now what happened is we
spent $80, $100, it doesn’t matter. And from that I got a hundred customers, not leads,
not clicks. 100 customers these are people who
bought from me or spend whatever money I spent because $80 is a wrong number but
lets just say I spent $800 and I got a hundred customers. This is what
I’m focusing on see until now, in order to get these customers,
I had to pay Facebook. Now I don’t have to pay Facebook
because I already have these customers. This is my list.
I have direct access to them, so I don’t need Facebook for this.
Anything I sell to them is my money. That’s my focus.
So everything I did before, all the ads I ran was so
I can have my own people, I can have my own list to
market to. Nobody’s competing
with this list, just me. Okay? That’s it. Now I
start doing something, which is also to take you to the
next level. But this is also an area, where I don’t care about money.
So now when I have these people, I can sell them a second product.
Okay? So whatever I sold, I can create a new product, I can create as many products and I can
keep selling them and I can sell them some kind of coaching,
some kind of service, right? I can also sell them some
kind of an affiliate product, right? So if there is something that I know,
you know, will also work for them, I can offer them. So one of my affiliates he sells products
which is height increaser for men. And then he knows that those men usually
you could also use dating advice or any offers from my side, that’s where he
makes money. He sends traffic to me. So we can do things like that.
You can make extra money by selling, making more sales. So this could
make you another, I don’t know, let’s just say $50 per
customer. Okay. So until now, we were at a hundred and uh, we were at fifth 97 and 117 and
so $37 profit and now anothr $50. So now we don’t have the proper of
$87 when we sell this per customer, we’re making $87 profit when we sell this.
Okay? But once again, I don’t want this
money. What I do is even for this, I hire experts to run all of this, but they can make money and
they can do extra job for me. What I want from these customers is
the next part, which is this part, this is where what I focus on I,
when I had this list, I really focus on selling them
special products, special services, special something that starts at $3000 and goes all the way up to $200,000. It can even go beyond that.
But until now, I have only succeeded
to sell up to $200,000. In my last business people
would then buy coaching from me, which would actually start at $3500 not
$3000 and then I had different packages, $5000, 10,000, 15, 20, 25, 50 and $200,000 this is
what I’m focusing on. See everythig up to here takes a lot
of work and I don’t want to work? That’s my whole approach in life. I only want to work in areas
where I can make big money. So what I do is I only run ads to create
this automation so I can have people bring people in, running ads from me,
creating copies from me doing work for me, writing posts for me, bringing people in and when they bring
them in and people are ready for this, that’s when I take over. This is the area I want to
work because think about this. If I can make just one sale of $3,500
a month thats a lot of fricking money. If I mkae just one sale
of $200,000 a year, I don’t have to work for
the rest of the year. One sale of 100,000 is double
the money that most people make, one sale of fifty thousand,
twenty five thousand, that’s what I am focusing on. And this
is how you make money with Facebook ads. What do most people do? And most
people run Facebook Ads. Okay, this is where they’re stuck and they just
keep fighting like I need to create an ad, I need to increase this, I need
to make money here, make money here, make money here. They keep keep getting stuck at this
when they should be thinking, okay, I know this is the most I would make here. So I should stop fighting this battle
and figure out how I can add profit to this, how can I turn this negative
number into a positive number? When you turn them into a positive number,
how can I add more profit to it? Once you have more profit to it,
how can I make more profit to me? And then finally,
how can I make ultimate profit from it? Now you have an automated business system
that’s capable of making you a lot of money, it’s capable of paying for your staff
and capable of lasting forever because it’s a whole system. There’s some
machine that’s working for you and once you do this,
you start running ads with one channel. Maybe you start with Facebook’s,
okay? Once you run with Facebook, this becomes profitable,
then you add youtube then you add Google, then you go and find more channels. Now you have 20 different channels
from where you’re driving, paid traffic and all of that
is making you big money. And you have a team who is
doing all the work for you. That’s how you make big money.
Now, I don’t want to go much into
this. Okay. Because this one is, this video is more about how to create
ad campaign or how to make money from the Ad Campaign,
but if you want to learn how I do this, how do I make this big offers?
This is what it is. Go and get this book The Book For
Big Money. It’s a very simple book, very easy read. If you go through this,
I put a lot of images designs, funnels, everything in it. The most important thing in this book is
I put all the funnels that tell you how I sell customer, these, these
big products. I basically
tell them how I get them. Then after the optin how I lead
them to buy the first product, the second product, and ultimately how
I convince them to buy these gig offers. I put all the images, all my sales pages,
all my copy, text, ads, everything. So when you go through this book, you will know exactly how I set this up
and how I make people pay me big money. But even if you’re not here,
even if you were just up to here, you don’t have to get this book.
You’re going to do that group here. Now you know how to set up ad
campaigns that are profitable. Now you know that, okay, but if you
want this, I will put a link down there. You can get it from my website. You can
get it from Amazon. If you have a kindle, this is free on kindle is also
used to be Amazon bestseller. Okay, so you’re getting a good book. Do you
need that? Go and get that. If not, what run with what I told you
now what I told you today, majority of people out there
will not be able to teach you. You can spend thousands of dollars and
people still can’t teach you because majority of people don’t know this is how
ads work or this is how you make money from ads.
Now you do. So go use this start making
some money for yourself. If you like this, you are happy? Share
some love, write me a nice comment. Give me a like, follow me,
subscribe to something. Give me some love so I can also benefit. And if there’s something
else you would like to know, you have a question about this. He wanted me to make a new video on
a different topic. Just write it down and I would do that. So hope this
helps, now go and make some money.

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  1. I hope you a good idea now on how to start online business and make money. Now you know the steps you need to take. You have a blueprint to follow. It takes years to learn thin on your own. So save yourself the effort and just model your business after this and you will thank me 🙂 Let me know if you have a question and please write me a good or bad comment 🙂

  2. This was an excellent video. Thanks for taking time to explain the entire sales model in details. This will really help me.

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