How to Create & Export a Square (1:1) Video to Facebook in Adobe Premiere Pro

I don’t know why but I feel like talking
in a Russian accent it’s no offense to Russians it’s just quite interesting
accent for me to do and maybe one day I can get job as voiceover actor for
Russian woman Hey everybody its Premiere Gal here and today I’m going to be
teaching you the best export settings for Facebook
now Facebook today is a platform of discovery and entertainment as well
right you’re on your phone you’re scrolling through and videos are auto
plane most the time with the audio off if you’re not aware of that usually
see the captions and you follow along also you’ll notice that square videos
are quite popular on Facebook in addition to the standard 16:9
video and the great thing about Facebook is the player adapts to the size of the
square format it doesn’t have the pillar boxes like on YouTube and Vimeo when you
would upload a square video so in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to
create your own 1080 by 1080 square preset to use when you want to create a
square video for facebook so let’s go ahead and dive in okay guys so we are
inside of Premiere Pro here and I have this video that I exported yesterday as
you watched it was on the Vimeo export settings right and so what I want to do
is create a derivative a rendition of this video for Facebook because I don’t
want to upload the full video to Facebook right I just want to make a
short teaser you don’t want to make it more than 30 seconds right and like the
maximum length of video that you can upload to Facebook is a hundred and
twenty minutes I don’t know who you are if you are uploading 120 minutes but
nobody’s going to watch the full 120 minutes people can barely get through 3
seconds sometimes on Facebook and the largest file size for Facebook is 4
gigabytes so that’s the maximum I think we’ll be ok I just want to do a short 10
to 15 to 20 second teaser I’m not quite sure how long it will be but it’s
definitely not going to be longer than 30 seconds and I’m
show you how to do this by creating a square version of this video the first
thing that I have to do is create a new sequence that’s in a square format okay
so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go down to new item here in the
project panel and you’re going to select new sequence and then it’s going to open
up a new dialog box called new sequence and here is where you’re going to select
a preset which you can make a custom preset from so let me show you what I
mean so for the 1080 by 1080 Facebook video we’re going to select a 1080p
preset from Digital SLR and I’m going to choose the preset DSLR 1080p 30 frames
per second because 30 frames per second is what I shot in now before I press ok
you’re going to go to settings and all you’re going to do is change the frame
size horizontal to 1080 okay so now this makes a square video you can see the
aspect ratios one-to-one here okay and Facebook also prefers on 44 100 Hertz
so we can go ahead and change that here and then what you’re going to do is hit
save preset and you’re going to call it Facebook 1080 by 1080 so you can use it
for the future so go ahead and save that and it’s just going to take a second to
load up here and now the preset that you just saved is here as Facebook 1080 by
1080 in this custom folder now you’re going to hit OK so now go ahead and
rename the sequence just to keep track of it Facebook 1080 by 1080 and now you can
see I have two sequences here the original the 16:9 video that
I want to make into this square format this one to one so what I’m going to do
is create a pancake timeline so I’m going to take this I’m going to drag it
down by clicking and dragging the sequence and now I have the Vimeo
sequence literally on top of the Facebook sequence it will make it easy
for me to drag and drop and it will automatically copy the clips for me
so I’m just going to make this a little bit bigger here like so and I’m just
going to drag this first portion here down into the Facebook sequence now this
dialog box it’ll say uh oh the video footage that you were just taking from
the other sequence is in a different format do you want to change it to match
their format what you want to say no I want to keep the existing settings
because you want it to be in the square format and I will show you right now
what will happen so you can see now here that it’s cropping image right so you
can keep it like this right you can keep the image and you can change the
position in the in the effects controls which is what I’m going to show you so
you can either leave it like this if you’re happy with this crop but I want
to actually but I want to actually scale this down and I want to have text on the
top and the bottom you’ve probably seen this on Facebook where people have you
know some sort of text on the top and like a website or a hashtag on the
bottom that’s exactly what I’m going to do here so what I’m going to do is scale
it down so it fits perfectly in the square horizontally so there’ll be a
black bar on top and bottom so you’re going to select this first clip here and
go up to effects controls and if you scale it down to 60 the 1080p will fit
exactly inside the square see so it almost looks perfect I’m going to get
rid of this on Vimeo sequence here just so we have more space since I won’t need
it anymore okay so now I have more space to work in
right just make this sequence bigger so now that that looks great what I’m going
to do is just copy this and paste the attributes pasting the scale you can do
this by hitting command C on this clip and I’m just gonna shift and select
these two other Clips here I think I have three clips here okay just these two and
then I’m going to highlight both of them and then right-click and go to paste
attributes and I’m going to paste the motion okey
so now even this is inside of the frame right and see here as well so that looks
great so now that we have the video in this format you can add a text layer if
you want to if you go over to the project panel you can go ahead and
create a new title tool I’m just going to call this Facebook text and here
it’ll open up and if you hit this I button it’ll show the background which
is great and you can add text like new video tutorial and you can change the
font get FuturaT now don’t hit command C inside of the title tool because it is
a bug and it will cause Premiere Pro to shut down so I found a workaround and
actually if you hit option click and drag down you can duplicate it without
having to press command C which life savor otherwise I don’t know what I
would do and then down here you can put a website or a hashtag or something else
I’m just going to put my website here and you can Center it
horizontally so it fits okay so this is like a very popular way of doing
Facebook videos right so I’m just going to add this text here and I’m just gonna
expand this out just by pulling the end of it here and so now you can see that
as I play it it’s going to be all across the sequence it’s going to be on the top and the
bottom throughout the entire teaser and then you know at the end I would
probably say you know watch the full tutorial on YouTube I’ll put it in
another title box and then I’m ready to export so I’m going to go ahead and
render this and then I’m going to show you the best export settings inside
of Premiere Pro for Facebook so what you’re going to do is you’re going to go
up to file export Media and then you’re going to keep the
format at h.264 if it’s not selected already make sure you go ahead and
select that and then you’re going to go ahead and choose a preset you’re not
going to choose the Facebook preset that’s here already right here it’s the
720p HD we don’t want that we want to create our own okay so I’m going to
create our own Facebook one from scratch so go ahead and just choose match source
medium bitrate okay and then you’re going to save the file into the correct
folder just call it Facebook teaser hit save
okay and now you’re going to go down to the video tab here and you’ll see that
it’s already matching the source right which is what we want if we had this
unchecked we can go ahead and uncheck this and adjust the width here to be a
different size but we want it to be the same as the sequence so make sure that
that’s 1080 by 1080 the frame rate is good now let’s go down to bitrate
settings so this is where I want to change a little bit okay so just like
YouTube and Vimeo the best quality is using the variable bitrate to pass so
select that and then I’m going to have a target bitrate of 6 and you will see
that it brought up the estimated file size to 18 which is fine if you wanted
to share this on your mobile phone and save it to your phone you may want to
reduce the target bitrate a bit to let’s say like 4 so it’s a little bit less but
because I’m just saving this my computer I’m just going to keep it at 6 and I’m
going to have a maximum bitrate of 12 so this is what I found this the best
settings for a bit rate okay and then you can use maximum render quality if
you would like and then if you would like to auto publish to Facebook you can
go to the publish tab here and if you scroll on down here you can go ahead and
select Facebook one thing I did notice with the publish tab here is it’s only
letting me publish to my personal account and it won’t let me
select the page but I do have some good news
Adobe is working on something right now it’s in a private beta right now it’s
called the social publishing panel and it will allow you to publish directly to
a page with a custom thumbnail and all of that and so hopefully soon it will be
released to the public but I’m really excited to share more information about
that but I can’t right now so if you want to auto publish it you
could do it that way but because I don’t want to publish to my personal I’m just
going to uncheck that and then I would just hit export and that’s it I hope
that you guys found it useful and if you did please do share it with somebody
else and give this video thumbs up be sure to subscribe and go to and make a new request because I want to know what you
want to learn okay so I will see you guys next time bye DSLR 1080p 30 frames per second then
hit settings tab then change 1920 to 1080

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