How To Day Trade ETFs For Beginners ($1,400 PROFIT)

hey what's going on team its Ricky with learn plant profit I hope you guys are all having a great start to the morning so I'm gonna start sharing my screen so yes could see exactly what it is that I am looking at I really do appreciate es tune in if this is the first time that you guys have ever tuned in to one of our live trading sessions here with flim flam profit so now one of the things that I'm looking at as of right now and I'll be welcoming you guys in just a little bit is I try to find something if it's like a good deal if it's something is a little bit more in the over X then it's at oversold side and stuff like that I just want to make sure that we focus on you know being a deal hunter and then focused on waiting for that confirmation so oh shoot people probably think that we're still not live yet so yes please oh all right there we go so one of the things that I wanted to pull up is that natural gas natural gas had a huge push up and keeping it super short and simple the way that I personally like to trade is making sure that I'm doing my part to get a good deal but to also not trade against the pattern so one of the things that I want to bring up right away is that natural gas right now is showing signs of a non-stop uptrend it's been validating this EMA line has been continuously been making higher highs and higher lows so no there's no confirmation of natural gas selling off regardless of how overbought it is one of the mistakes that you can make one of the biggest mistakes I think a beginner can make is trying to trade against the overall direction once and if right because we don't know if it's going to if this thing begins to pull back that's that's what I would want right because and why is that attractive now I'll explain that in just a little bit so first I want to once everyone gets all settled in I want us to say what's up and say hello so what we go ahead and just give it a little bit if I want to start tuning in but we should be pretty much all set to go you're young but pretty much one of the things that I wanted to bring up is that you know as of right now natural gases of rock overextended the more that it pushes up the more margin of profit that we could potentially make for recovery undie gas so that should empower you to be if anything a little bit more patient right with your entry point but just think about it this way the more that this thing pushes up the more that D gas will then push down right so why is that a valley well if d gas actually recovers if you're so focused and so sure that D gas is going to recover right well think about you know the more that this thing sells off the more that des has to recover right and if I mean Trading natural gas and have been shinning it for some time it makes sense that it's only a matter of time for natural gas to consolidate up here and then begin to make the lower lows and lower highs and just correct himself I don't I'm not saying that it's going to come back all the way down here but that you know with with a little bit more time than it might begin to pull back maybe to the middle V WAP it may be to the SMA line and then continue that uptrend but this is all margin that it's giving back so this is all margin of potential profit that we can make on D s right it's Friday the markets being that been extremely choppy so there's no reason for you to force a trade there's no reason for you to try to get a little bit crazy with it right let's just keep it super short and simple and focus on you know what showing no signs of an uptrend and then once we get that confirmation to make sure that we feel comfortable and confident with our overall trade so let's go ahead and see ya waiting for confirmation I think that you know I can literally take just one trade today and this could be it meaning that I'm just treating you guys or D guys right so just one trade and I could pretty much be done for the day I want you guys to know that when it comes down to my style of trading I try to aim for anywhere from around 1.5 to 2 percent a day I want you to know that I've been training for a very long period of time I have over $25,000 so I'm not under the PDT rule and is not something that I would recommend for someone that's you know just getting started if anything one of the biggest focuses that we have with them learn plan profit is to you know trade to learn and not trade to profit if you're someone that's just getting started there's a huge learning curve a bunch of things that you're going to have to learn a bunch of things that you're going to have to practice you know it's like when you first begin playing basketball do you expect to be making money right away no because you need to first learn the game before you can actually get to that level right to actually make money consistently as a career same thing when it comes down to trading please if you really want to actually enjoy right and be able to make money consistently in the stock market then ignore what everyone else is telling you to do and just focus on yourself to become a self-sufficient trader and make sure that you just inform yourself if you don't know something then learn more about it if you're unsure of something then practice it and make sure it makes sense but am i literally late no we just started about you know six seven minutes ago so nothing crazy there we go all right all right so as of right now again we're just gonna be waiting a little bit more for confirmation on this checking out /zl it looks like it was trading in between the middle and top view op the the view op indicator is usually something that I tried to you know keep a very close eye on so that's this purple line and this top line and then this bottom yellow line right so when it trades in between the middle and top view op it begins to show signs of an uptrend pattern but then when it breaks below the middle view op it can potentially make and show signs of a descending pattern or it's not showing signs of an uptrend pattern so this is not normally the time right that I'm gonna want to take a position on this so it looks like natural gas is pushing right back up again and that's again a poor another perfect example of just showing you something that is still showing signs of an uptrend so it bounced right off of the EMA line and it looks like it's about to make higher highs right now on the day so here we go let's say there we go so we're just gonna try to stay a little patient I'm gonna set my alert on both sides again it's not about taking advantage of every trade that is thrown at me but it's being selective right the more the way that you can think about it is if you were a hedge fund manager right and you managed other people's money would you be trading or investing in just anything that's presented to you know right it doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense for you it doesn't make sense for your company it doesn't make sense for your clients so when it comes down to trading I think one of the biggest reasons that people are so open to just take any position and throw their money on everything is because there's no consequence I mean you can lose money but it's your money and that's it so again I think one of the things that you can do to kind of empower yourself to be more selective is just remind yourself what you know what you're doing today is that something that your future self will thank you for if it's a position or a day trade or you go in from a holding a day trade into a swing trade and you know that that's not what you originally had planned is that something that your future self would thank you for it's these very small little ideas that you know promote in a sense like just long-term thinking that I think that can really really help you guys and then yeah just when it comes down to practicing and having that specific mindset so give me one quick second here we go a lot of consolidation going on I 100% agree I think people sometimes also manage and I try to make trading out I tried to make it look and be as fun as it can sometimes with the learn plan profit team will try to play music from time to time but realistically it's a lot of waiting for that opportunity to present itself so as of right now I don't see too much work if it looks like gold is selling off I don't know if you guessed all this right here but /nq which is the Nasdaq right this is the Nasdaq ETF sold off below the middle of you up but it's just a lot of consolidation the markets been super choppy one of the other things that I want to remind you guys is at the during this live stream and even after this live stream if you don't feel comfortable taking a position then guess what don't take one the markets been super choppy and if you don't feel comfortable or confident or ready then that's one of the most beautiful things about trading in the stock market you don't have to do anything you don't feel like doing it's that simple right so let's go ahead and I'm just gonna wait a little bit more for that confirmation it looks like one of our alerts might start to get triggered right now so I would want to wait for lower lows I want there to be signs of a continuous downtrend pattern there we go so we broke below the first support or digas broke above a specific resistance that's fine but before I add more to my position sighs right I want to make sure that I have confirmation of a sell-off here we go but again I mean this thing can pop right back up and how many of you guys saw this yesterday with crude oil right it would consolidate it would sell off a little bit and then push right back up it would sell off consolidate a little bit and then push right back up it wasn't until much later throughout the day where it actually sold off sold off and then made lower lows and then actually sold out so one of the things that we also like to remind you is that to be an efficient trader why not just wait till all the action is happening and what I mean by that is instead of trying to get in right away how much easier would it be right so like let's say this for example we didn't know that it was gonna push up but instead of trying to get in here and going through this like rollercoaster of emotions of it going up and down up and down and then finally pushing up you might be fed up at that time and you might lock in profits right away right but if you wait for a good entry and you wait for all the action to be happening so I a you know still focusing on a good deal still focusing on confirmation but you wait for the active sell-off or the active push up you can be so much more of an efficient trader yes sometimes you might be getting in a little bit late but again it just comes down to maybe where you're at as a trader would you rather be someone that is okay going through that rollercoaster of emotion or are you someone that would rather you know just get in and get out and then call it a trade right I feel like when I get in I feel like when I in on the action that's that's happening that's when action goes the other way well I think that's very you know that's why we talked about you know making sure that the margin of profit is the worth it making sure that you still have confirmation of a continuous sell-off and that the resistance or the potential support that's up and coming right it's not so close that it doesn't make sense right so I'll tear that you still want to make sure that the opportunity cost is worth it to take that day trade so is that a support that I see I don't know if you guys could see this over here but it did a lot of consolidation around this general area so it could have built a potential resistance right now it looks like we're trying to build a potential support I'm not too worried about it I just want to wait a little bit more for a confirmation of a sell-off and yeah this thing can 100 cent and again I'm reminding you this thing can 100% continue to push up so please please PLEASE one of the things that I wish I was told is even now I wish I was still a little bit more selective with what I chose to trade and what can you do to change that literally right now as you're just getting started and you're building your foundation and your understanding of the stock market don't be afraid to be selective be selective with where you choose to put your time and your hard-earned money even if your paper trading that's your time where do you want to put that time and just make sure that it's 100% worth it right that you feel comfortable and confident and that regardless if it goes green or red that you'll learn from that mistake what's the EMA range do you use so I use the length all my indicators are set up right here so you can see that the length of my EMA is 15 all right all right all righty I also do you want to remind you all for those that are tuning in right now and that are not part of learn planned profit I don't know if you guys see it right now in the description of this video I put it as the first link in the description feel free to refresh this screen so click like you know command refresh or just refresh it on the left-hand side and you will see that there is a $75 Appa cute but a lot of you guys have been asking for a coupon and rolling and learning fine profit so if this is something that you would like to experience every single day get lifetime access to it the A to Z video lesson library and also the private group chat for learning plan profit where you know cannot work not only with myself but with you know the other members within LPP that's going to be that first link in the description again just refresh your screen and that's gonna be there for you so that's gonna be for the first 15 people who use that coupon and then after that no it's gonna go back to the two full price and kind of go in from there so Rick Ellis I really do appreciate you guys tuning in that are just tuning in if this is the first time that you guys have ever seen me trade live feel free if you're part of our free group send me you know leave a comment down below or send me a direct message about what you thought based off your experience of being able to see me trade so hopefully we'll see some action happen I'm just waiting for confirmation as of right now so yeah let's play a little bit more for that confirmation let's see we're not really do ya see do you see the difference that you know we're not really making lower lows right now so right now you can see that it's building somewhat of a support right around 2.35 4 so not much of a support or not much of a sell-off it's kind of just consolidating and then most likely we will see this thing push up right so is limp land profit a monthly subscription nope it's a one-time fee you have a lifetime access to all the updates as well so and we are working on updating the core so you all get access to the updates as well there's no monthly subscription all right so best dock to trade budget $1,000 I think and again I don't want to spend too much time on that but if you're asking someone what stock you should trade you're not ready to trade you just wait for me to put it at the end of the day right when it comes down to something let's say that we're all kind of knowledgeable right when it comes down to putting on your shoes and tying them do you ask someone to do that for you no because you know how to do it right so when it comes down to trading and choosing what to invest in if you're not knowledgeable enough to understand where to put your money or where not to put it what can you do inform yourself that's all you literally just need to inform yourself it's not about being told what to trade and then I think that's a huge huge mistake that I don't even I don't even want to say beginners make it's just a selective amount of people that just would rather be told what to do at the end of the day I think the goal is not to be told what to do but it's become a self-sufficient trader to be able to do this yourself right when I trade no one tells me what to do so why should you be any different I would empower you to take time to practice and to learn what makes a good deal what makes you good trade what makes a good stock what's going on Tyler welcome to the team HAP now be as a part of the team meant again once you guys get all set up within learned plan profit today for the first 15 people that sign up feel free to direct message me once you get connected so once you enroll the course you'll get access to the course and the private group chats everything is explained in the course send me a direct message as soon as you get signed up please keep it under a hundred and fifty characters and just you know say hello your name I would love to kind of like introduce myself to you as well and just wish you an amazing weekend so just so we're off to a good start off the weekend and then if you choose to catch up on the material during that time great and then moving forward you know you'll be connected for our live stream for our live training that will start as soon as Monday so okay so /co some people are saying that there's a little bit of a sell-off Wow just like we expected right it was trading between the middle and top me Bob do you guys remember it was Shane between the middle and top you up right and then it started to ride the middle V Bop and it made sense on why it would sell off so look at this it uptrend middle and top bebop it sells off middle and bottom of you mop it up gents middle and top bebop and then it sells off so yes do you see that pattern so dwt just push the buff 626 a huge sell-off huge huge sell-off on /zl so I have this on my second screen on over here and it looks like natural gas is trying to push up once once again so we'll have to give that a little bit more time but that is absolutely crazy so what would you guys say what what what is you know what would you do in this instance /zl just had a very aggressive sell-off what do we do start looking at UWT does so do we buy you WT here if you guys don't know whatever see up /zl does so does GWT you WT and DW t those are the university tf's so does this mean that we buy you WT right now I want to I want to see your guys's messages I want everyone that's tuning in right now do we buy you WT right now do you guys see everyone that's coming – no that is so important that is so so end point there we go no because there is no confirmation right now right so let's so you WT must have had a huge sell-off as well do you see this so let's say I buy right now at 1550 what if this thing sells off to 15 20 right or to $15 or to $14 there is no confirmation of an uptrend so again if you want to grow your account then you should trade and invest in patterns that are showing signs of growth so I agree /zl sold off you WT sold off this presents a maybe potential dip by opportunity potential but everything is just you know speculation as of right now until we get confirmation then maybe we can look a little bit more into it to see if this would be something of value and meet your criteria again you are the investor you are the trader does this meet your standards to view as a quality day trade and that's something that you have to determine is the margin of profit worth it is the direction worth it is the pattern consistent enough for you to want to trade it right so as of right now based off where it's at and the potential for recovery not bad one point six percent if it goes back to that middle view up but again it's been showing signs of a sell-off it most likely has been getting rejected by this EMA line so as of right now with words that and that EMA line it's one point six percent one percent might not be worth it for yes especially when the overall direction is not in your favor right but one of the things that we pointed out is that you know it up trends it sells off it up trends it sells off but again that takes that takes hours this takes hours this takes hours there's six hours so don't be so quick to try to jump right in again right let's be selective let's be patient and one of the biggest things is like that builds confidence in my opinion right what builds confidence in my opinion when it comes down to training if I see something with a very consistent pattern right low points high points I can trade it pretty confidently based off previous patterns but when there's all this inconsistency I'm more there's a higher risk for me because there's you know more of a possibility that it won't go according to my plan so what can we do we can simply wait for confirmation and wait for that clear direction and pattern so it looks like it's gonna be trying to push up right now and yeah I just simply want to watch it to see you know it's not it's a descending pattern so I'm not too sure if this is something that I want to partake in right now and /zl has been pretty crazy I don't know if you guys if you're part of long time profit or you've been part of low and planned profit for a while you would have seen all this all week this week it's been out it's been a slower week for me when it comes down to trading just because how choppy the market has been so let's let's not overdo it right let's keep it simple and let's see if we can get that confirmation just make sure you Logan you do have to click like agree to the terms and conditions so just make sure you click that checkmark and then you pretty much should be good here we go all right I have a second screen over here and I'm watching the the futures that we have so we're out I'm watching /zl watching natural gas if it's pushing up if it's pushing down so it looks like I now we're doing pretty good oh excuse me whoo what it's going on welcome to the team I don't have patience well it's something to work on that right if you want to be able to trade well in the stock market then it doesn't matter what you have or do not have it's are you willing are you willing to learn about patience and you know put it out it's like you know you can make it any excuse you want but at the end of the day it's I think it comes down to how bad you want it so how do you stay so patient you just work on it over time right make it habit I think it takes like 32 days right 32 days or something like that to create a new habit take time this isn't a thing where you're gonna you know with a little bit of money that you've got you're gonna make it like make it right away right but over time you will learn the different systems and different concepts how to determine Valley what to do what not to do but no it's not about you know becoming a perfect trader right we've said this multiple times it's working towards becoming as close to perfect as possible right there's no such thing as a perfect ranger but working towards you know as perfect as you can get out which doesn't mean that you'll be in any way any close but you know they'll always be some room for improvement the markets always changing but that's why you know we're trying to build you to become a self-sufficient trainer so you can always adapt to the market learning and practicing again if you're someone that's just getting started you should be trading to learn not trading to profit like you guys all know and I've said this multiple times the dollar amount that you're trading with right now is not what you could be treating with you know five ten years down the road so why are you trying to make it or break it right now why are you discouraging yourself when you know that you're not where you can be when you're still learning so I've been learning for almost a year now still learning I like that Justin and I think that's a great mindset to have if you're someone that's not empowered to learn new things I don't know I don't know if you can make this market I generally don't know but if you're someone that's empowered to you know that's a problem solver that's self-sufficient or that can work on being self-sufficient that can work on being a problem solver I think you could do great things in this market here we go there we go so natural gas very quickly as a yes get see right here as being in to show signs of a sell-off so the more that it sells off the more money that will make right all right all right here we go des pushing up right natural gas with the potential support here or with the potential resistance here so real quick just on /and G do you see this oh there it goes previous support that I had here so just watch out for that that's nice alright looks like we might be getting rejected right on $53 that's the middle view op do you see that so natural gas with the potential support here I think you could sell off a little bit more one of the things that I like to empower our members to do every single day is to lock in profit again you're not trying to make money right now you're trying to prove to yourself that you can trade so at the very end of the day I'd rather have you and the day green and end that position green and then just watch what happens that's just my two cents I wish I was told when I was first getting started that remember that you're not trading right now to profit so an extra five ten fifty dollars even a hundred dollars it's not going to make it different you know five or ten years from now right but what is going to make a difference is if you hold it picks back up you don't cut losses and you go from green to red and then now you're discouraged to ever trade again don't discourage yourself trade to learn not trade to profit so again super super important I'm just here to remind you that if you're green and there's any indication of a resistance do not be afraid to lock in profit that's that's all I want to share with you guys every single time I don't care if it's like you know there's still more margin or anything like that if you feel comfortable and you feel confident to continue to trade great do that at your own risk right but if you're really training to learn keep it short and simple right if you can get in and get out and call it a call it a trade so be it here we go all righty so right now I'm right around there we go so one thousand one hundred and sixty seven dollars and fifty cents one trade one trade a day keeps the bills away like it's still pushing up it's still pushing up so that's great and there it goes still pushing up so we got to get training set up and there goes natural gas is still selling off so I just were approaching this middle bebop which could act as a potential support look at the the MACD look at the RSI there's no question that natural gas oversold yes this can be a potential support so around it doesn't mean at and there it goes Wow 50 Wow holy smokes look how much more pushed up that's literally pushed up another dollar another dollar from where I sold I could have made maybe two thousand dollars again could have should have with it I can't control that well I definitely could have made two thousand dollars now but at the end of the day it's it's not about how much money you can make ten about how much money you you would have made it's making sure that your actions speak louder than your words I don't care about your hopes I don't care about your desires and neither does the market if anything I care about more of your hopes and your desires then the market does just like myself and just like you were irrelevant to the market so it doesn't matter how much money we want to make it doesn't matter how much we're okay with losing it does not matter those those are factors that we have to manage and have to understand that it doesn't matter if I want to make five hundred dollars off this trade doesn't matter if I want this thing to touch the SMA line if it chooses to get rejected halfway to the email line and I don't lock in profits when there's obvious indication of a resistance that's my fault I'm trading based off of my emotions and I hopes and my desires and not what the actual pattern itself so at the end of the day I would rather trade based off of the pattern and focus on that and lock in profits early but be consistently profitable than hope I could have made more money and I'm not not a perfect rating by any means but one of the things that you guys notice off my youtube channel if you've ever watched me trade live with and learn fine profit is why am I so consistently profitable and add something to make huge money right I mean my percentages is I feel good right one point five to two percent a day why teachers had any indication of a resistance regardless of how much I hope something pushes up I'll just lock in profits I'll walk away because I understand that you know it doesn't have to go the way that I hope it does I can just walk away and wait for another opportunity to present itself and I'm okay with that so all together so far on the day is one thousand one hundred and sixty seven dollars and fifty cents and yen that was all caught during the livestream I sold yes in a sense a little bit too early and he yes could see that right here so if we click show trades yes could see the buy buy buy and then the buy as you confirm that uptrend right and then ended up selling at one five three two zero but it hit highs of about almost 155 it hit highs of 154 eight so that was my trade for the day and literally I'm okay with that if anything I can take another trade once I get that confirmation on maybe crude oil crude oil is trying to make a reversal right so it's trying to reverse back up this might be something that I want to take into consideration let's look a little bit further back but yeah it's kind of just been consolidating for some time so it might be something that I might want to trade maybe once we have that confirmation right once we get that higher high confirmation on crude oil and on uwt as of right now it's still getting rejected so probably don't want to partake in it and looking at natural gas again just like we expected it's trying to build the support right around the middle Vblock how do we know this can we predict the future how did we know that it was going to sell off it's not about how or what it's about just waiting for confirmation and when there's something that can potentially happen to take action so when there can be a potential support and a bounce here right and that will you know infringe on my trade with Diaz I'll lock in profits because I don't want this to shoot back up because this could be a potential support so that was my trade for the day I hope you guys enjoyed it and yeah I wanted to see if I could answer any questions for those that are watching for the first time about you know maybe a long time profit again I do want to remind you that for the first 15 people that use the coupon code the first link in the description if you don't see the coupon kit refresh your screen but for the first 15 people its $75 off the learned plant profit course that's the biggest sell that we will offer so if you've been waiting for a discount again it's a one-time fee for a lifetime access or again that is that first link in the description so what is the four line indicator so it's not so it looks like four lines well it's actually it looks like five right one two three four or five but this is the EMA line this light blue line this is the middle view up the top view up and the bottom view whop and then this is the SMA line this is all explained in the course how do we send you a private message you can direct message me within the tech blip solutions discord chat or but you have to be a part of tech but solutions first on Facebook and then it gives you access to our discord chat so should I buy your course or can I learn from your videos at the end of the day I want you guys to know like do you have to buy my course to be successful heck no 100% you don't it's being super like getting straight to the point you don't have to buy anything to to be successful the whole purpose of the course is think about it this way is first of all you have to work with me on a daily basis right that's the live cheating you get to see what I you know talk about in the course implemented every single day so it's not just that I can talk about something but it's that I can actually do it on a consistent basis so that's what I'm here to show you to do and to answer any questions along the way on top of that the course is designed to you know from A to Z in my experience to teach you everything that I know about the stock market and if there's anything that comes up then you can simply message me within the learn plan profit private group chat so can you learn this over time watching videos and practicing of course but it really comes down to you know when one time is money right are you willing to dedicate three five years to learn everything that you can learn and you know maybe just a couple of hours within a course my whole purpose with learning plan profit is to provide you all the missing pieces of the puzzle so you don't have to go searching for it right and after you complete the course and after you begin to practice and if you still have questions you have my assistance to help you overcome any obstacle so it really comes down to you know know do you need to go to school to learn about history no but they provide you the structure and the curriculum to do it in an effective and efficient way so um how long does your course take to go through so this course that we have right now for learning plan profit it takes a little bit over seven hours we're updating the course which if you enroll now or you've enrolled before you'll you'll have access to the update so it's not like you're gonna have to do anything different you'll have access to the update and that's gonna be about eight to ten hours of information so we'll just update it and then you'll have access to all the new stuff so now Ricky the man the myth the legend what is going on Jake what's up what's up thank you your courses amazing what's going on Denise welcome welcome welcome so I've watched al faqih four times now and I'm on the third day so I'm on my third green day in a row Mars it's because you're an absolute beast here we go so we got now you WT pushing up right let's see what we can do here can we break above that oh no you're good Ricky I just wanted to say thank you for all your knowledge that you should have been following for your question oh wow appreciate that I fell happy to have you as a part of the team please if you can do me the biggest favor Raphael message me with in the learned plan profit disk or chat once you yet can I did yes but I would still encourage you to pay per trade first it's not about that if I think or I think you can or you can't it's about proving it to yourself you know just because someone else has done it doesn't mean that you will do it in the same exact way and again that's why we like to remind you that it's not about trying to replicate or copy someone but it's to build a general understanding of what it is that we're doing right and building off of that making sure that you build and develop your own style of trading but you could only do that right when you have your own general understanding of you know trading the stock market so it is Interactive Brokers good for 18 year olds I've never used it myself there's a lot of reviews online try it out see if it's something that works well for you and and see if it you know makes sense to you for those that are asking for like preference based questions I know is this thing good for me is that thing good for me like as I'm like brokerages and stuff like that guys it's try it out see if it works well for you you know don't put your money into it just yet but if anything if you're just concerning your ass with those questions paper trade practice you have to practice everything that you learned I don't care if you're going through the course practice what you are learning it like how does that not make sense you have to practice everything that you learned we got Mackenzie an absolute monster when it comes down to developing so my tent is like right up here do you think like that right away as he first began to learn how to code right that he just like maybe because my kids is actually were gifted but do you think that he just like started getting paid right away as he was learning no it took time for him to build that experience build that confidence to be able to get to a point where he could provide value for people right and you're working for YouTube right about one or two I liked years ago all right something like that working with YouTube and is probably one the youngest people within the team and I should just graduated one in May they can just I don't like to compare myself to Mackenzie because my 10 is an absolute beast and it's just not fair so but yeah it's it's again just have fun with it being if being powered to learn about the surf market if you're not empowered and you don't have a passion for it then I don't know I think it might be a little bit difficult for you to overcome a series of obstacles I want to see if we can get a nice little push up looks like that middle view up might be acting as a resistance hello Eric you just wanted to say thanks from all the chats been slub and follow you since 30 K followers and you've helped me grow a lot Wow 2% a week hey I wish I could say that that's been made it's been helping you grow 2 to 3 percent a week but let's be honest it's again right it's your hard work paying off and I really do appreciate you being a part of the team it's implementation it's that structure it's that you know being self driven it's not anyone can do it and just being completely honest it's for those that dedicate the time and the effort to do that those that will be successful with that specific you know market it's not saying that you know this market is easy it's not what I'm here to say at all it takes time and it takes a lot of practice to get to that point but yeah here we go guys we're struggling we're struggling with this one let's see Oh George Congrats I like that congratulations man yeah so it's not even this that I like to look at it's this so you could see that the MACD is becoming a little bit more peaked out so this still trying to build the support and one of the things that I was looking at and I don't know if I showed it in the screen there's on the five day five minutes our young patterns tend to repeat themselves they don't have to I'm just trying to understand kind of like where it's at right now it's kind of just consolidating and based off of previous support yeah it does make sense why this could be a general low point but we are still below that overall EMA line and it's not really proving to make higher highs right now so I might close out the position and then maybe choose to get back in a little bit later so I think that's my that might be the approach that I might take yeah because it's beginning to pull back a little bit in there it goes so looks like I spoke to you soon and yeah I'm just gonna close this trade out and again this might be a little early but there you go three two just wait Ricky I'm being a loan patient right now huh oh here we go can we can I get a little running a little run for the boys ah okay so I sold that one 715 73 it's not bad I didn't do very well I didn't make very much $280 so hey still something and there it goes it's still it's now showing a little bit more sense of it pushing up I just don't like that it's below the middle view up right now and I'll just have to follow up with it in just a little bit so so far on the day $1400 nearly $1,500 profit on the day and not that I really enjoyed this livestream I'm not too sure and there it goes it's beginning to be a little bit more volatile again I think it might I think it makes sense on why it could pull back right now before it continues to push up and at the end of the day we have nothing but time so remind yourself that you have nothing but time to learn you have nothing but time to practice and you have nothing but time to have this and get this not all figured out but have a better understanding of it so yeah I mean I really do appreciate you guys this time I thank you guys again so much for watching um so again 1 point 4 K almost 1.5 came and that correlates on over to about almost 1.5 percent which is my daily goal like you guys saw the markets been very choppy for the past couple of days so let's be selective you know if there's nothing that is going according to our plan don't force it call it a day and just enjoy have an early start to your weekend learn something new dedicate time to practice there's no reason to force anything so thanks for the stream today and of course thank you again machine even though I'm in the Philippines I'm still learning millions thank you again Ricky Ivan I appreciate you yes tune in so we're gonna list of words that you guys are you know if you're if you're connected with us feel free to comment down below I just wanted to thank you for your time I know that you know I might be catching you either very late depending where you are in the world or very early I just wanted to let you know like how much I appreciate that so thank you guys again for absolutely everything that is at us Jim if you guys have any questions about you know how to stay connected the link is down below for our free Facebook group right you can join that then you can join our free discord chat and feel free to direct message me any questions you might have please don't message me on Facebook please don't message me on Instagram when it comes down to trading related questions just message me on discord so I just wanna remind you again $75 off the learn plan profit course for the first 15 people it's that first link in the description feel free to refresh if you don't see this screen to refresh your screen Ricky you help me thank you Oh appreciate that so yeah just shown the course and trying to connect to the discord suite sounds good Logan let me know if you have any questions it's the link is provided for you in the first section of the course so 2k dollars for the boys Lorna oh I hope you made 2k because as of right now I'm going to keep it a little slow and just gonna wait for a good set up so yeah that's pretty much it so yeah I'm you guys thank you guys again so much for watching I hope you guys have an amazing and blast Friday yeah continue working hard continue follow James like your passion bo Jackson or success for all those that enroll and learn plan profit just make sure that you guys get connected to our discord chat so you get access to the live trading that begins as early as Monday appreciate you guys time like always let's make sure that we in the year on agree now take it easy team

24 thoughts on “How To Day Trade ETFs For Beginners ($1,400 PROFIT)

  1. Anyone wondering how Ricky sold 700 shares? The video showed him buying 200 shares of DGAZ @ 26:00, but selling 700 shares @ 30:04. Where in the video did he buy the other 500?

    1k is definitely neat profit, but almost believed I could achieve 1k returns with 200 DGAZ shares!

  2. Hi Rick, Great job!!!! couple of questions for you.

    1) how are you trading at 630 in the morning, you are on eastern time right?
    2) on your screen, is that just thinkorswim chart, or a level 2 ThinkorSwim?
    3)do you research for new companies to trades or do you go through your watchlist?

    Thank you so much for you help its great info.

  3. Hey buddy. Great vid. Can you help me out here/??? I'm in UK and we have Spread Betting. Do you know anything about it? Basically the Fee is covered in the Spread. It's pure speculation and not Buying and Selling shares.

    I'm struggling to find a comparison between UK and US traders and how the systems can differ. I learned about Day Trading back in Feb, but didn't know the UK had Spread Betting.

    What system etc are you using? Should I stay away from spread Betting. I have a very small account. £500 GB. Thanks

  4. Thanks for the ETF advice! Ricky do you have an in depth teaching video on ThinkorSwim. I love the program just trying to customize my studies and patterns. TIA!

  5. Video Idea : Honest thoughts on Crypto Market.

    Also I Dm’ed you like you said on discord after joining tech buds sol. A few days ago, would be dope if you could get back to me when you can.

  6. Great videos… If you notice on the DGAZ daily chart the 50 is about to cross the 200 which is called the Golden Cross. Looks like the price is going to fill the $266 gap. Should be a great profit run to $266.

  7. Sorry Google translator in advance, but I hope he will convey my thoughts!)
    Thank you so much for the work that you do!
    My name is Danil, I live in the city of Chelyabinsk, I am 28 years old, my daughter will soon be born ….
    Every day, sitting at work, and watching your new videos, although not understanding the language, but understanding the essence, I am high …
    I study trading for 2 years, while on binary ones, I haven’t even climbed in forex …
    Once again, I thank you for the motivation and charge that you give, I realized that I want to be like you and live like you, do what you love and be happy!
    Good health to you and your family!

  8. Do you know what's ironic. He says trade only after confirmation and he did that with DGAZ 200 shares. But in the premarket hours, without confirmation he bought 500 shares without confirmation. Can you explain.

  9. Hey Ricky! You should do a video talking about margin vs cash accounts. Alot of your members think they are under the pdt rule when using cash accounts which isn't the case. Love the vids!

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