How to Earn Money From Home | No Investment Business with Meesho

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel and Thanks for
watching Myuz. I am Annapurna and I am here to share with
you an excellent business idea, where you can earn, directly from home. you can earn money starting from 30000 to
1lakh rupee per month. what if I tell you, you can earn this from
the time you spend on WhatsApp and Facebook Now I think this is a special opportunity
for women who are stuck at home due to priorities and students who are in colleges or school. All you need to do is just use your fingers
to tap on your mobile screen and no other physical labor. Let me let you the details about it… It is called MEESHO, which is an online app. Now you might tell, there are already local
shops, online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart which provide the same opportunity to earn But no. MEESHO is different from those. let me tell you how. the local shops get their products from the
manufacturer or the wholesaler, for which they invest a large amount of money. they add their profit and sell it to their
customers. this is how local business works. For Amazon and Flipkart, you need to have
your own product. you need to have a store how, you need to
invest your money and after al this, a part of your profit will be taken as a commission
by these platforms. With Meesho it is different. Number 1 ->
with meesho you need 0 investment All you need is a mobile phone with an active
internet connection! Number 2 ->
you don’t need extra time to earn. The time you spend on Whatsapp and Facebook,
you can use it to advertise your product, take the orders and get your profit Number 3->You do not need to move out of
your house to sell a product or earn the money you can sit at your home, lie on your bed,
use the cell phone while you are cooking and make a profit out of it. Number 4->The profit you get is all yours
meesho doesn’t ask for any commission from you. Instead of you reach a certain target, you
will be getting a bonus, which meesho will give you. Number 5->The Meesho app is very easy to
use. let me walk you through it. now to get started, go to the link in the
description below, to download the application into your phone. when you go to the link in the description,
you can see the app review. it has a rating of 4.5 stars and More than
10 million people have downloaded and are using it, while I am recording this video! This shows that you can trust this meesho
app completely. Download the app from the link and here are
the options you can see… Start with signing up using your phone number. now you can choose the language you want for
the app. this is one of the amazing features of meesho
app. chose your language, and proceed… grant the permission
and you will land on teh home page You will get a tutorial on how to use it…
you can skip that coz I am gonna show you all the details here, in action. go to the accounts tab,
update your profile with all the details. and next you should enter your bank details,
where the profits will be credited..this is 100 % safe because you have not entered any
details using which the money can be taken from your account. and once this is done, go back to this for
you tab. Here is the list of items that you might choose
to sell. all categories and filters can be seen …
now let’s say most of your contacts in WhatsApp are women. when you chose the department for women, the
categories will be changed accordingly. I will apply the filters here. and this way, al the items for women come
to my home page. now let’s say, your contacts are asking for
Kurti. now you get a list of all the available Kurtis… let say you want to sell this Kurti. you can share the item directly on WhatsApp
from here….by clicking the share now button, here you can share on Fb, directly if you want to see the entire catalog for
this item, click on the item. Here is the list of all Kurtis, of the same
pattern in different colors.. You can share one particular Kurti or the
entire color catalog from here… on FB, WhatsApp…. Hit the share now button and send the product
to your group or friends or any broadcast list that you have here is the product description which you
can easily copy and send with the product for detailed information on the product… here will be the images of the products and
you can paste the description : this was Whatsapp…
as you can see, there is no mention of meesho anywhere on the images so the customer will
never know about meesho yu can share on other platforms as well, like
this…. hit others…more… Now let’s say you get an order for this green
Kurti… All you need to do is, go to the product and
add it to the the size and quantity…and the product is added to your cart… go to the cart and select the payment option
which your customer wants to use… Next, you will be asked to review your order…
review it properly and proceed… now this price is meesho’s amount… add your
profit margin and set the amount here… the profit you want is your choice…you might
want to sell it for a higher price if the product looks worth the price. lets say here you chose to sell it for….499 so my profit on this order will be 130 rs
for this 1 particular order proceed add your customer’s address…select and proceed… you will have to enter your details for the
invoices I have already added it, proceed…. you will get the order summary… check and place the order… your work is done… you can check all the orders and it’s status
from the orders tab here. after the order is placed, MEESHO will take
care of the delivery, return exchange, anything that is asked by the customer Now speaking of the profit you should start
with, I would suggest you start with a low-profit
margin of 100-200 per product. doing this will reduce the price of the product
and hence help you build a stronger customer base your customer will start trusting you and
your price when you make a profit of 100-200 per product,
let’s say you are able to turn 5-6 customer to order per day… this way, your per day income turns out to
be 1000-1200 rs per day, which is a profit of 30000-50000 per month. Generally, it takes about 10 days for your
profit to reflect into your account. This is because meesho provides 7 days window
for the product, to be exchanged or returned from the customer. remember I had said meesho will give you a
bonus when you reach a certain target. when you reach a target of 5000 rs in one
month, you will get a bonus value of 6% THE NEXT target will be reaching 10000, where
you will get a profit of 8% on reaching 20000, you will get a bonus value
of 10% and if you reach a target of 50000 in a month,
you will get a bonus value of 12%, which becomes 6000rs straight. if you want to learn and get more information
about meesho…you can go to the learn tab and get all the tutorials for it. to contact people at meesho, you can easily
get in touch with them from the contact us tab… now, how can you publicize your products? you can use your WhatsApp groups that you
are already in…. or you can create groups to sell your products. you can create a broadcast list or use facebook, you can join the groups which allow
such business…or create your own page, call it a shop of the name you like and it will
be a business of yours No one will come to know that meesho is behind
this, the images that you share will not mention
meesho… the parcel delivered to the customer, will
not mention meesho. the business will be all yours. so all in all I think
This is one of the best and easiest business opportunities i have come across lately All you need to do is go to the link below
download the app and register yourself and get started I want each of you to give it a try and let
me know how it works for you in the comment section below. You can also connect with me on Instagram,
Facebook and twitter. I am gonna go start my business. What are you waiting for? Go start earning, keep smiling and all the

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