13 thoughts on “How To Earn Profit in CRUDEOIL|Intraday|Tamil| Commodity |Share|Zerodha|Aliceblue|CTA

  1. I am following your video for the past one month.. you are explaining really well… thank you so much… pls continue to do that…. i have some quires.. i asked that in another comment.. kindly reply sir.. expecting your reply

  2. Supertrend & CCI is giving false signal sometimes… how to avoid those false signals?? i am checking all commodities with Supertrend, CCI & MACD… but many times false signal coming in live market.. and later its going in the reverse direction… it disappears from the chart.. so if u do backtest those false signal wont even appear… how can i avoid or find those false signals?? any recommendations pls sir

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