How to Export and Backup SMS and iMessages

Hey friends! Welcome back to my YouTube Channel. If you’re new here, don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button. Today, I’m showing you how to backup SMS
and iMessages on iOS devices. Come on, let’s get after it. If you’re anything like me and you have
the tendency to keep messages on your device forever, it takes up a ton of space. Here’s how to free up that much needed real-estate
without saying goodbye to all of your messages. Allow me to introduce you to iExplorer. Just download iExplorer and connect your iPhone,
iPad or iPod – if you still have one of those. iExplorer allows you to transfer all kinds
of files, selectively, to your computer, to create backups. Meaning, you don’t have to sync your entire
device each time, to transfer and backup files and media. So, know that with iExplorer you can backup
anything and everything from your iOS device, but today we’re only focusing on SMS and
iMessages. So, from your iExplorer window, click on ‘Data’,
then click on ‘Messages’. Choose to decrypt the backup. All this means is that you’re allowing iExplorer
access to read and copy your info stored in your device backup. You’ll have to allow this in order to backup
the messages. Give iExplorer some time to load all of your
messages. Now, you’ll have a couple different options. You can export individual conversations or
you can export all conversations. You’ll also have the option to export as
a text file, a csv or a pdf. I like exporting as a pdf. Something else cool is that if you just want
to save photos or attachments your contacts have sent you in your conversations, you can
do that too. Protip: after you export your messages, copy
that file onto an external hard drive so that in case something happens to one, you have
a backup of the backup. Now, don’t be shocked, but iExplorer is
not free. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty cheap, so I’d
never recommend purchasing something unless it’s absolutely worth it – and iExplorer
really is. You’ll have different options depending
on the number of licenses you want. The basic will cost you $40.00, but the family
plan is $60.00 for 5 licenses. Meaning, you can load it up on five different
computers. I hope you found this video helpful, let me
know in the comments below, as always, give this video a like, a share, and don’t forget
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30 thoughts on “How to Export and Backup SMS and iMessages

  1. New subscriber but long time fan.

    Is there a way to back up SMS messages from the phone directly to a cloud storage source (drive, dropbox etc)?

    Example/use case: if I'm travelling and only have a phone but not a computer, and want to back up messages to free up space on the fly.

    I am your new subscriber by the way 🙂

  2. can i restore this ONLY SMS backup to my iphone ? because i have forget my restriction passcode so apple going to recover my from online .. so i am going to loose my all itunes back up thats why i am taking back of my every files … after creating new apple id i want to restore ny sms back up

  3. Do you know if you can access text messages and iMessages from an iCloud backup using iExplorer? From my understanding you can access messages from an iTunes backup but I haven't seen anything about iCloud. Thanks!

  4. wow… you directed me to a site where I have to pay for it. $40 to back up one message is ridiculous. Thanks for nothing

  5. Subscribed. Nobody has a video on this. Keep doing videos on stuff like this and you will become the best channel on youtube.

  6. hi there, I bought and installed this software, I did not have time to wait for all to be backup so I cancelled it, now it is telling me that "this back up is damaged"! Is there a way to redo or correct this? I cannot back anything up now…..please help if you can…thanks

  7. When I open the file, while running iTunes as suggested, I continue to get a message: "Iphone Listener failed to initialize." Customer service at this company is nonexistent.

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