How to Export HD Video to YouTube in Premiere Pro CC

from your pup hey everybody its premier gal here and today is the first day of my five days of social where I'm going to be uploading a video tutorial each day of this week focusing on the best export settings for five different social media platforms and today I'm going to be showing you how to export your video best for YouTube how to make it look its best so with YouTube you know the the player does not adapt to the aspect ratio of your video like on Facebook and Twitter you'll sometimes see square videos sixteen by nine videos in the player adjust but on YouTube it's only a sixteen by nine which works best with your high-definition 1920 by 1080 or 1280 by 720 right but it doesn't look so great when you have your square video because you get the black pillar bars on the left and the right of the video so that's why you mainly see sixteen by nine but you will see some black pillar boxes on some older videos that were shot in 480 like some music videos that were shot from the 90s so I just wanted to give that little history here before I dive in but now that you understand sixteen by nine is the player let's go ahead and dive in and I will show you the best export settings for exporting to YouTube so I'm here inside of Premiere Pro you can see I have a great expression on my face here in the program panel and this is a tutorial that I'm ready to export to YouTube I'm gonna go up to file export media so the part that we're going to focus on is right over here on the right side of this dialog box under export settings this is where all of the important information needs to go before you hit this export button okay so the first things first for web you need the format to be h.264 and Premiere Pro is quite smart it actually saves the previous preset that you use the last time the last preset that I used was the YouTube 1080p HD so if you click on this arrow you can actually see all of these amazing presets that Premiere Pro has for you to choose from so they have actually 5 different YouTube presets they even have 480p which is quite interesting to me because I don't know anybody that works in 480p but if you have any older videos and 480 this would be a way that you can export but the most common are now today is 720p 1080p HD and YouTube 2160 which is 4k so I use 1080p so I'm just going to select that preset and then what you can do is you can select where the files going to be saved on your hard drive under output name and actually you can change the name of the file itself so if you click on that it brings another save as dialog box and you can change the name you can call it test go and you'll notice that it saves at a dot mp4 in h.264 format saves as a dot mp4 so you're going to save under basic video settings were good with the width and the height 1920 by 1080 the frame rate right now is matching the source and I was average in this video a shot at 29.97 but if you needed to change that you can just uncheck this box here and you can select a new frame rate okay but I'm gonna just lock that in place okay now the bitrate settings this is what I was talking about as the part of the preset that you may want to change right so the bitrate settings here you can play around with the constant bitrate which just doesn't allow you to have a maximum bitrate it just has one steady bitrate throughout the entire encoding process when you export or you have the variable bitrate one-pass which is what YouTube's the preset in Premiere Pro set as and it has a target bitrate of 16 and a maximum of 6 now a lot of people argue that variable bitrate to pass is better because the first pass analyzes all of the parts of the image that could have a lower or higher bitrate compression so it analyzes all that data and then the second pass compresses it so this usually takes longer right for the second pass but if you want a better image and you have the time I would recommend changing this to vbr 2 pass and then you can you can see that the estimated file size at the bottom is 555 so if you need to reduce the file size you can lower the target bitrate so if I change this to 8 you can see that now it's 283 and I'm going to leave the maximum bitrate at 16 now if you go any lower than this the image quality may not be that great on YouTube I would recommend being the lowest at 8 for YouTube and 9 and 16 is also good as well it just increases the file size so stay between 8 and 16 for YouTube ok so if you wanted to save the to pass you could just go up here to preset and you can save this as YouTube 1080p and you can say I'm vbr 2 pass so you can use this for future and you don't have to change the bitrate encoding each time right so I'm going to go ahead and hit OK now once you save that custom vbr 2 pass preset you are going to go to the publish tab and you're going to scroll down and you can select whether or not you want to auto publish this to YouTube by checking this box next to YouTube if you're not signed in you can hit the login button here it will say log instead of log out you can choose the privacy if you wanted to be public private or unlisted you can add your tags and a description you will also have the option to delete the local file after upload and then you can either hit Q which will open up Adobe Media encoder and you'll be able to still work in Premiere Pro while it's exporting in Adobe Media encoder or you can just hit export and it starts exporting the video and depending on how much RAM you have and your computer it'll it'll vary in time but because I'm using the two paths it's definitely going to take longer than the one pass and so yeah that is how you best export video for YouTube inside a premier pro and before I end this tutorial I want to give weirdo designs a shout-out he was great consultant on the new designs of my Twitter Facebook and YouTube channel art he has a great you know vision and advice and I'm sure he'd be more than willing to help you out if you just tweet at him so please give this video thumbs up if you found it useful share it and subscribe to this channel and I'll see you guys tomorrow [Applause]

27 thoughts on “How to Export HD Video to YouTube in Premiere Pro CC

  1. I've been trying out some Premiere Pro YouTube templates from Envato Market (VideoHive) and they are super useful in making quick graphics for your vids. Y'all should check it out:

  2. is 8mbps target bit rate is enough for the videos at 60fps? Anyways Love your vids learn many things from this 👍

  3. Hey Gal, im doing exactly like you Say, but when i upload It to YouTube and Go to watch, the only option that apears is 360p…what im doing wrong? Im thinking i creat the sequence in a wrong Format……??? Help please

  4. I finished exporting a video that I was editing and when it was finally done it split the video into 2 files, one was an audio file of all the audio that was in the video and the other one was a MP4 file that I couldn't watch in Windows Media Player, did this happen to anyone else and is there a way to fix it? I did all the export settings but changed the preset to YouTube 720p because it's what I originally recorded the video in.

  5. hey, i need your help, i export mi video with the settings and i put the bitrate, in the specifications of the video the bitrate is lower than the one i put in premiere, why is that? thanks

  6. Been a still photographer for decades but just started into the video (kinda as a retired hobby) with the purchase of an iPhone X. Playing with (to learn by doing) Adobe Premiere Clip and with Apple iMovie I make video clips using stills since I haven't yet captured any video. Being able to sync from either of the mentioned apps directly to PP then export to varied media is cool (ya, I said 'cool' – it's a 60s thing). Finding your subscription here has been great help. TKX

  7. Thanks for your great informative videos–they are a wonderful help {I also like your "get to the point" professional approach!

  8. Anyone could help me? Can see my videos uploaded today. My video source at 1080p 60fps, edit at 24fps timeline, export at 10bits. When uploaded to YouTube, quality look not clear.

  9. Hey PremiereGal! I am a huge fan of your tutorial.

    I have one question, how am I going to use pre sets of adobe premiere of my computer to another computer?

  10. Hii i love your videos.I want to export high quality video of 720p resolution and 60 fps video to YouTube.So what would be the best bitrate settings for exporting?

  11. Hey PremiereGal! I must say I'm taking a huge amount of value from your content, thank you so much!
    I think a great lesson would be a workflow demonstration of making micro content from one longer video. Thanks!

  12. First Question: if you Queue in the background and not Export immediately, are you affecting the quality of the final uploaded file or the result is totally the same only that you can go on editing other things if you Queue?
    Second Question: I noticed other people recommend to check the Use Maximum Render Quality. Would you recommend it too or would the VBR 2 pass overwrite it?

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