How to Export & Import Outlook Color Categories

When you use Outlook categories you may need to backup them, move to another computer, or configure the same list on multiple computers in an organization. ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook is a convenient tool for quick and easy solution to such problems. As you can see, we already have several categories. Use the utility “Export All Master Category Lists of Outlook” to save all categories to disk. This utility works with all versions of Outlook, starting with Outlook 2007. For Outlook 2003 there is another utility – “Export Master Category List” in ReliefJet Essentials. Because, beginning with Outlook 2007 master category lists are stored directly in the mailboxes, the utility allows you to select the required ones. There are two stores in our example. Specify the folder for exported lists of categories. Set “Save category colors” option to export colors. And run the utility. You can see that master category lists had been found and saved from each store. Let’s see the results. Saving is made in commonly used XML format that can be opened with any text editor. For example, we do not want to migrate the “Yellow Category” to another computer. Simply remove this line… … and save the file. Now let’s load the master category list on another computer. On the new computer we have a standard Outlook master category list. To load the new categories use the utility to “Import Master Category List”. Specify the file we edited previously. This utility allows you to load a list of categories in different modes. “Append new categories” will add imported categories to the existing list. “Update existing categories” will update the existing list. “Replace Master Category List” will replace the existing list with loaded from a file. Let us fully replace the master category list. At the end we can see how many categories has been loaded. Let’s see the results. You can see that the standard categories have been replaced by categories from file that we’ve edited by removing “Yellow Category”.

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