How to export or save a .csv file from Excel

in this video I'm going to show you how to save an excel file as a CSV file or comma delimited file as it's known and the file that we will end up with has a dot csv extension in it and that's the kind of file that you will need to upload into connect and is often the kind of common currency to move data between different platforms so what you see right here in front of you is just an excel document that i created so ever standard contacts excel it only has this many fields but you could have as many fields as you want and all I'm going to do and I'm in office 2010 but it is generally the same for all the various versions of office I'm going to go to file save as down here under save as type I'm going to choose comma delimited dot CSV I'll just leave the name example dot CSV and I'm going to click Save now it's important to note you're gonna see two dialog boxes pop up just warning you that the format is different you're gonna click OK on the first one and you're going to click YES on the second one and what that's going to do is now save that as a CSV file let's take a look and there's our example dot CSV file now let's go ahead and quickly import it I'll click on more options click on browse I'll choose custom format first click on browse click on example CSV that formed that file we just created I'll just double click now make sure that all of the tags the seeit that column in the left is your CSV file and on the right are the connects fields make sure they match I'm going to say do not import on the middle name all the other ones match automatically and then I will click import and here we go there is Count Dracula thanks

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  1. Can I only make First Name , Last Name and Email column? Only these three columns because I do not have any description of other column like Mobile Phone etc. as you showed in the video.

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