How To Fix Kinemaster Export Error

If you're watching this video I bet
you're getting this error message in Kinemaster right well in this video I'm
gonna show you how you can get rid of that error export problem in your Kinemaster video editing apps so be sure to stick around until the very end so I can
go over all the problems that may be causing this error what's going on my
name is Devin Street helping you build your online presence and today we're
gonna be going over how to fix the Kinemaster edge when exporting but if
you're not already subscribed go ahead and click the subscribe button there's a
new king and master video every single Wednesday showing you how you can edit
and Kinemaster all kinds of tutorials it's great if you really want to be a
pro at this app so you saw that error message at the beginning and you're
probably seeing it when you go into your Kinemaster app so today we got to talk
about how we're going to remove that error message and there's many things
that can cause this error message so let's just go over all of those and talk
about each one and how we can fix it the first issue could be too high of a video
resolution input now this could mean that you're using something like 4k
video in your video when you're not supposed to your phone can't handle that
so go into your Kinemaster app and check the highest max video resolution
settings for importing and make sure that your videos that you're putting
into that project are not that high of resolution over that resolution you want
to have it lower than that if the videos are higher than that what you simply can
do is just go and take those videos and convert them to a lower resolution
through an online converter or an app or anything like that the next problem
could be unsupported chroma key now your phone may not be able to handle the
chroma key feature yet you're trying to use the chroma key feature in your
project in some way shape or form this can easily be fixed don't worry you
don't have to just get rid of your chroma key completely what you simply
can do is the part you want to do chroma keying you can go over to the PowerDirector Pro you can stick your video in there and
the chroma key should work fine there and then you simply just take that
chroma key export from PowerDirector and plug it right back into Kinemaster and
you should be able to export your project perfectly the third issue could
be that you're using too many video image text layers all those things it's
usually when you see this it's too many video layers that you're using but this
could also show up if you're using too many image or text layers and simply
you're just using too many layers at once and the project cannot handle this
issue simply all you have to do is just pick out the layers that you feel you
don't need in this project that it's too excessive and simply cut those out and
then you should be good to export your project from there another issue that is
similar to the last one is unsupported video layers many phones can't support
the video layers so simply all you have to do is just go in and remove any video
layers you have and if you really want to use these just like with the chroma
key you can go into PowerDirector and add these and I should be fine through
that if all the things I said still don't work here's a couple things you
can do to troubleshoot the issue you can try updating the app maybe the apps just
not updated to a new feature that needs to be updated so simply just go to the
Play Store or the App Store and simply update the app and then try it from
there if that doesn't work try rebooting your device simply just go and hold down
your power button and restart the device and then try exporting from there also
it's advised not to use a screen recorder or have any apps in the
background while exporting so make sure all of that is closed out before you
click the export button and then the final thing is you may just have to try
exporting this on another device just remove all the project files onto a new
device and try it from there because your phone may not have enough RAM to
handle the exporting project I used to see these all the time on my old Samsung
and LG devices but now that I have the Google Pixel these problems have not
shown up at all I've never seen this error message and I used to see it so
much when exporting projects so it might just be your device
is not able to handle this exporting so those are all the ways you can fix the
exporting problems in the Kinemaster video editing app let me know if these
work in the comments below and if they didn't leave in the comments what your
problem might be I might still be able to help you or someone else down there
might be able to help so go down in the comments no matter who you are and see
what you can do but if you want to know how to edit in Kinemaster like a pro
then go ahead and click the subscribe button and then check out all the video
editing tutorials I want to thank you for watching until the very end of this
video and I'll see you in the next video

30 thoughts on “How To Fix Kinemaster Export Error

  1. Great video but….

    You say kinemaster, Ki-ne-master?

    I pronounce kinemaster, kind-master



  2. Nothing worked 🙁 I really need to save this video I edited for my channel but it just wont export no matter what i try!!

  3. Thanks I was wondering what was wrong cause now it won,t load I waited 2 hours it finally already got done loading then it said there was a fricking error!!!!! 😠

  4. After a few hours of messing about, I realised the audio track was throwing this error for me. Wasn't anything to do with the video. Worth checking!!

  5. Well I’m not getting that message but I do need help.I usually go on KineMaster and put my vid or something. But when I put my layer in KineMaster and its screen recorded, it says that I reached the limit of layers when I put one. it won’t play the layer and I need to do my vid since I’m starting a YouTube vid. help please!

  6. I have a problem with the storage,I deleted all my pictures and videos free up storage but it wouldnt work…my video it about 9 minutes.Any advice??

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